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Retro Air Ship Propeller’s

Very little sewing got done yesterday.  It was a day to play catch up returning to exercise after taking a week off due to the head cold.  Then  numerous chores to do – like getting my hair cut and grocery shopping.  Also spent time walking around the yard picking up dead branches that fell from the storm and just general laziness in the house LOL  I know some of you say my laziness doesn’t equal yours but by that I mean little sewing.

Pretty daffodils are still opening up


A pretty close up – 3 different varieties are actually in here


Only 2 Propellers done – I have two more cut that I was going to  continue working on last night after I wrote and posted this blog post and then more cutting well commence.  I’m linking to Esther’s Blog and Sew Fresh Quilts and Midweek Makers and Jo’s Country Junction.


As far as the storm Monday night went – we came out just fine and I slept right through it, dead branches down from high up in the trees – we are still loosing branches that had been damaged several years ago from ice storms that are so high up we can not reach them and do not feel like paying someone to take care of them.  The spring storms have gradually been dropping them all and these are not close to the house and I know where I can walk safely so nothing falls on me while I take my walks around the property.  Melanie had a branch come down out of one of their trees but not next to the house.  My family in NW Arkansas were in the bad storm areas and one niece had damage at her place – a metal storage shed was picked up off of it’s foundation and tossed up against a fence but no damage to the house – a neighbor across the road from one of my sisters lost the roof off of their house – but my sister just had a few things tossed around the yard.  This was not a recorded tornado at the moment but straight line winds.

I’ve been having some trouble accessing my blog and it is easier to answer comments from my email so I will be going back to that way of answering comments.  If I think something needs to be answered on the blog I will so that questions are answered in case others need an answer but now that all my comments are coming to my email again it is easier to do it that way.  If you had trouble accessing my blog yesterday be aware that so did I!!  I hope it will be fixed soon.

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  • Deb Mar 8, 2017

    Lovely airship blocks and such a pretty daffodil bouquet! I actually have ones on the side of the house ready to open which is amazing at this time of year. Not sure if they will survive the return of cold temperatures that we are having now though.
    Deb recently posted…This-n-That & Some Slow StitchingMy Profile

  • Marianne Mar 8, 2017

    The daffodils with the peachy centers are so lovely! I have just King Alfred (all yellow) in my yard, but they won’t be blooming until the end of April. Sorry to hear about your violent storms. It’s nice to take a break from quilting once in a while – it seems you return to it with more vigor.

  • maxine lesline Mar 8, 2017

    Beautiful daffodils.. esp the one(s) with rosy edges.. Storms that spare one are the kind to have.. and this is the season.. tho here the winds are stronger and more frequent than I can remember. .. many days – and nights- of 20 – 25 mph winds..

  • Doreen Mar 8, 2017

    So glad you were spared storm damage………so many weren’t and unpleasant “records” were broken/set. Your piecings are grand and the flowers——well, Spring is knocking at the door!!!!!!!

  • Susan Mar 8, 2017

    Such pretty daffodils! Haven’t seen some of those color combos before – quite lovely!
    Propellers are coming along nicely – thanks for sharing!
    Susan recently posted…Midweek Makers #62My Profile

  • Glenda Australia Mar 8, 2017

    AH HHAAAAA just found your notify me button now I will be able to see what you are up to each day LOL Ive been following your blog for several years Karen and learnt so much from you thanks for always sharing here. Those propeller blocks are looking stunning, just trying to figure out how you are making them up, I love trying to figurer out a pattern its like an addiction to me like jigsaw puzzles are to some people LOL Glad you and your family all weathered that storm,. Cheers Glenda who is having a good year so far finding more time to sew.
    Glenda Australia recently posted…The Secret Garden designed by Esther Aliu 8th March 2017My Profile

  • Astrid Mar 8, 2017

    Love daffodils. They are very common in Norway, haven’t seen any here, too hot and humid, I believe. Doesn’t it feel good to have a lazy day in between? I had a day like that last Friday, haircut and grocery shopping too. 🙂 We need a break from sewing off and on.
    Astrid recently posted…Getting ready to quilt the ‘scrappy green’My Profile

  • maggie Mar 9, 2017

    I’m so glad It is time for daffodils – yours are pretty. nice propeller blocks as well
    maggie recently posted…This and thatMy Profile

  • dj Mar 9, 2017

    I love your propeller blocks! It is a great pattern!

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