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I was still feeling a bit under the weather yesterday and didn’t get a lot done.  Although I have been reading a lot!  Sometimes I get into a reading mood and spend most of the day reading and not sewing.  Lot’s of time was spent with the fabric bins though picking out more fabric for the Retro Air Ship Propeller blocks.  Stacked as I have them it doesn’t look like a lot but this might be all I need to finish the blocks needed for this quilt.  This is enough for 30 blocks if I do them as planned – first 15 from the pairs I have selected, then mix them up and do 15 more.  I’m not sure if it will be enough but it might be.


Plenty of neutrals taken out of the neutral box, cream tints of yellow, gray and tans.  I have decided to not use the block that stood out in white background – I tried tea dying it, though I had used the same fabric for the sashing I put around it but turned out it was different – and I had two different shades for the white a nice light tan and then some kind of weird shade in the sashing!  LOL –no big deal, I had pretty much decided I wasn’t using it anyway.


For Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will try to finish up this hexie and maybe get more basted? (that blueish green thread is not the color it appears – it is much closer to the same as the blue hexies then it appears).  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework and Tweety Loves Quilting.


The tomato plants are beginning to grow on the window ledge, I surely should have started them earlier – I will let them grow in the house and toughen up outside on nice days over the next month – depending then on how big they are I will either just plant these or get more and plant all of these and bigger plants.  The Romaine Lettuce will go out this week and maybe plant some green peas too.  For those of you that garden I have been hearing great things lately of saving your coffee grounds and crushed egg shells to turn into your soil as you get plants ready for planting – any luck with that or myth?  I have been saving coffee grounds all week and crushing egg shells when I remember just in case it works.  Any instructions on how to use them?  I am a hobby gardener meaning I don’t take it real seriously –  I am not trying to grow enough to sustain us for a year with freezing and canning – Mike likes very few veggies so I really wouldn’t bother all that much with it unless we really needed to for some reason – this is to just enough so I can enjoy a little bit of fresh veggies now and then off and on in the summer – being home for the second summer in a row means I have my 4 raised beds to use and will plant some veggies and hope for the best.  If it all fails there is always my brother’s farm! he will be at the farmers market all summer long with his produce and he is retiring from teaching at the end of the school year and will be working full time on his farming.  I’m sure I can always find some at the market!


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  • Marianne Mar 5, 2017

    Hope you feel better soon although you do seem to get more done in a day than anyone I know, well or sick! I don’t have a garden anymore except some flowers around the house and a couple of veggies in pots. We always start ours around now because they don’t go into the ground until Memorial Day. It’s a short season. But I have heard the same thing about coffee grounds. Not sure about egg shells – don’t they need to be crushed? I put them in the compost bin (there is a communal one downtown that I save stuff for).

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      yes I will be crushing the egg shells. I started the tomatoes about a month ago, I would like nice size plants to put in the garden as I do not want the rain to beat them down too much – surely I have plant them we will get some heavy rains – we always do it seems.

  • Gail Mar 5, 2017

    I have had a vegetable garden for years but last year was a complete bust. I think the walnut tree in the next yard killed everything. I am changing it over to a flower bed this year. We have a wonderful farmers market every Saturday morning so I will get my fresh veggies and fruit there. I hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back to your sewing. Nice bright hexies!
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    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      sometimes the bugs really get mine or else we have really heavy rains than kill every thing by swamping them

  • maxine lesline Mar 5, 2017

    Coffee grounds.. egg shells…and all other veggie scraps.. when composted make the very best fertilizer any where… so easy.. dig a ten inch deep hole.. a foot or so wide.. dump
    the kitchen refuse (no meat or bones) into it.. throw on some dirt.. next day dump more on top.. more dirt.. until almost full… then another hole… and in two weeks time the first hole should produce miraculous compost. With critter problems you might find a big container better with a weighted lid.. but mixing stuff with dirt is the trick… Lots of online info and blogs.. Our Happy Acres is a particularly good blog. Sorry your tea dye didn’t get the results you wanted.

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      If I did as much compositing as you say I would need a container for sure – too many critters around here. I hope to just put some of this in each raised bed as I get it and turn the soil over a bit mixing it in. Everything will be planted within the next six weeks or so – I won’t have time to collect up a lot but will keep on mixing it in the soil for a couple months I think and see what happens.

  • Carole Mar 5, 2017

    Your tomatoes are looking better than mine, I just don’t know what I am still doing wrong there. Great hexies.
    Carole recently posted…Shabby Chic Pin CushionsMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      I’m surprised any came up to tell you the truth – I don’t usually have any luck and always need to buy plants – I tried 3 pots of herbs too but none have come up so far.

  • Jayne Mar 5, 2017

    Thirty more blocks!! Can you see the end yet?! They are all looking great and I’m pretty sure that stack of fabric will make many more amazing blocks too!

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      I would like a big quilt so yes at least 30 blocks maybe more – I don’t usually do much of a border with these type of block quilts so not sure how it will be finished off, would like it to be queen size I think

  • CathieJ Mar 5, 2017

    I hope you are feeling better soon. I love all those pretty fabrics and look forward to seeing more propeller blocks

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      Now that I have gotten into these blocks I want to get this one finished before I get back to any of the applique quilts. I guess I just reached a point of having too many projects going and wanting to finish some!

  • Karen Beigh Mar 5, 2017

    The propeller blocks are popular right now. Have seen a few bloggers working on them. Is it part of a sew-along?
    Karen Beigh recently posted…Shenandoah Botanical Quilt UpdateMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      I know of a couple others making them but do not know of a quilt along – these blocks are also known by the more popular “Steam Punk” by Jen Kingwell – but it is actually from the original 1930’s pattern which is exactly the same and free if you can find the pattern from the old Kansas City Star newspaper that used to publish a quilt block every week – it is from that the name Air Ship Propeller was the original name for the block

  • Suzanne Mar 5, 2017

    I use crushed egg shells in the garden and in the compost bin. I like your hexi-flowers.

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      yes I will make sure to crush them, I don’t have a compost bin though so what I was planning on doing is as I get my small container full just bringing it to the garden and work it into the soil carefully around plants

  • Quilter Kathy Mar 5, 2017

    Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your hexie stitching… it’s what the Doctor would order for you!
    Quilter Kathy recently posted…Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      Yes I will enjoy my hexies – two more to make and I can start “squaring” off this hexie quilt

  • Diann Bottrell Mar 5, 2017

    I often have days where I don’t do much except read! But it does look like you got some fabric “fondling” in even if you didn’t feel like sewing. Enjoy your hexie sewing today – that sounds like the perfect idea!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Play Improv QAL – Week 3My Profile

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      yes sometimes I get in reading moods where it is all I seem to do! then all of a sudden I get tired of it and will take me a week to finish a book instead of two days

  • Robin Mar 5, 2017

    I always love seeing a stack of fabric waiting to begin a project. I think picking out the fabric is my favorite part of quilting. I’ve heard putting crushed egg shells in the hole before you put the tomato plant in makes a big difference but I’ve never tried it.

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      yes going through the fabric is fun – I’m finding fabric that I don’t remember having. thanks for the compost info

  • Jayne Mar 5, 2017

    We compost all of our garbage, and both coffee grounds and egg shells are wonderful additions. I just love your Hexies!

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      I need to start doing it more – I’m going to get a kitchen counter compost bin- they are small but what I am collecting should be ok and then take to the garden several times a week and work it in

  • Clara Mar 5, 2017

    I have a friend who puts egg shells around her plants to keep the snails from eating them.
    I’m going to give that a try this year because snails are my worst enemies! 🙂 Snails especially like to eat my hostas.

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      I have read so many articles on it lately must get started eating more eggs LOL – I had trouble with snails in the garden last year

  • Cynthia Brunz Mar 5, 2017

    Pulling fabrics is one of my favorite parts of a quilt. Soon you will be ready to sew. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : RSC RedMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      love playing with fabric!

  • Sandra B Mar 5, 2017

    I hope you are feeling better, Karen….
    Looks like you are still getting some things accomplished in spite of being a bit under the weather…I really like those fabrics you pulled for more Retro Air Ship Propeller blocks…and I am enjoying following along on the progress!
    I get in reading moods, too…. haven’t had one in a while, though, so I guess I am overdue…. I have lots of books on my Nook, though, so when the mood hits, I am ready!

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      getting better – another day or two and the cold should be about gone – felt much better today. I got a lot of fabric pressed today and hope to start cutting tomorrow

  • Colleen Mar 5, 2017

    My household is only 2 my husband and myself, I have a worm bin for our composting. I do put coffee grounds and pulverized egg shells (I use a bit of water and the blender for the egg shells). The worm been sits under the avacoda tree and everything seems to be doing just fine

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      worm bin sounds interesting – we have lots of worms around the yard in certain areas-

  • Dottie bishaw Mar 5, 2017

    I love pulling fabrics too. I usually find all kinds of fabric I forgot I had! The blue and red hexie is so cheerful. The lettuce and tomatoes look so pretty and healthy. I lost my dear Mom today, so will be gone for a few days for her funeral. She fell short of twelve days of making it to 102 on St Patrick’s day. She had a beautiful long life and we were so blessed to have her that long with us. Take care and enjoy your reading or sewing.

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      Oh Dottie I am so sorry for you – it must have been great to have your mother with you for so many years and for her to have been healthy for most of it. Have good trip and seeing your family – for even though it is a funeral and sad – it is a family reunion also and will be good to see family in your sadness.

  • Alida Mar 5, 2017

    I hope you feel better and the fabric you pulled out for your quilt looks great! I look forward to see how you beautifully combine them!! I also heard great things about coffee for plants, but I don’t have personal experience (I drink a lot of coffee but I don’t grow plants 😉 ) Thanks for sharing your inspiring projects!

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      well I will give the coffee a try and see how it works out – we will see

  • Astrid Mar 7, 2017

    Hope you are feeling better today.
    I have given up growing vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber etc in the garden, too many bugs in this hot and humid climate. Never tried coffee grounds or crushed egg shells to improve the soil, it may work….
    Astrid recently posted…Getting ready to quilt the ‘scrappy green’My Profile

    • Karen Mar 7, 2017

      they say that if you put the coffee grounds and egg shells in the soil it helps the soil and if you put them around the plant it can help repel bugs

  • Katie Mar 19, 2017

    Your hexies remind me to do some work on my own project.
    Your gardening system sounds good. Hardening the plants before you set them in the garden is always a good idea. Your growing season starts much sooner than mine. I often start my seeds in egg cartons. I’m not sure what the coffee grounds do for your soil but I put the whole paper filter and the grounds in the composter. Egg shells replenish the calcium in the soil. Place some crushed shells in the bottom of the hole when transplanting your tomatoes. A friend of mine used pulverized egg shells with water in her potted tomato plants. It seems that because she watered them in the pots the calcium leached out of the soil and she ended up with “blossom end rot”. Our local horticultural group includes a handful of egg shells when you buy tomato plants at their local sale. Good luck.

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