Pressing Fabric

Handful of Scraps

For what seemed like hours I was pressing fabric.  Some of these fabrics have been folded for a very long time stuffed in boxes on the shelves and now in big plastic boxes which actually give them a little more room to expand.  I never did get around to cutting out any more blocks for the air ship propeller’s but I sure hope I get to it today.

This is the stack that I started with that I showed you yesterday – at least 30 pieces here and that is not counting the neutrals that were in another stack.  I got through all of these.


One of the pieces I picked was this one – this piece is 16 years old and this is the last large piece of it – about 18×30 inches – and I know just when I got this one – this was bought for my grandson’s baby quilt and he is now 16.5 years old!!  It has gone in numerous quilts over the years – I only needed a little bit for his quilt of this piece and I must have bought several yards for some reason.  I have some of it in the scrap boxes cut in little pieces – I will use this one in 2 or 3 air ship blocks.


These two groupings for the hexies are left to thread baste for the Handful of Scraps quilt.


these six are done.  I will never use this type of hand dyed fabric for hexies again though – I have some scrap pieces in my  bins but have learned that they are tougher to hand stitch through than batiks for some reason.  The blue that I just finished and the purple on the other end of the photo are in that group and several others that are scattered throughout the quilt – many needles have bent while working on them.  I know which ones now are the tough ones and will avoid for hand work in the future.


Rain for the next couple days will put off getting the garden soil worked up and weeds cleaned out – I was going to do it this weekend but I was still blowing my nose too much – it will wait for later in the week.  Linking to Em’s Scrapbag this morning and Love, Laugh, Quilt and Cooking Up Quilts.

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  • Swooze Mar 6, 2017

    Do you I think it’s the sizing making them so tough? I wonder if washing them would make them easier to work with.
    Swooze recently posted…Design Wall Monday March 6My Profile

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      I don’t know if that is it – I won a bundle of scraps several years ago and I don’t even remember where they came from, I found them when I was storing things in the bins a couple months ago – just remembered they were hand dyed, they feel a little rougher that I have seen over time. I should have at least soaked them and didn’t.

  • maxine lesline Mar 6, 2017

    Fabric that bends needles could be used to build a shed ! A fabric given to me has a green design painted on.. I learned later… and stitching thru the paint requires effort. Glad I used very little of it in my scrappy lap quilt.. And it wouldn’t be good used in a pin cushion, would it?

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      I should have really soaked it good before starting to work with it, I never really thought about it, I’m not going to bother now – I will just persevere!

  • Rebecca Grace Mar 6, 2017

    I love that you are still using the fabric from your grandson’s baby quilt in other projects! There are several fabrics in my son’s baby quilt that I wish I had bought more of because I would still be using them today. And I love that connection, from using scraps of an older project in something new.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Of Multitasking, Medical Mayhem, Magnolias, and MusicMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      I love that I can still recognize the fabric that I used after all these years!

  • Julierose Mar 6, 2017

    Love your hexagon flowers…so Spring-ey…hugs, Julierose
    Julierose recently posted…LEFTOVERSMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      there is something about hexies – at one time I really didn’t like them – then all of a sudden that changed!

  • Emily Mar 6, 2017

    Sorry the fabric was so hard to stitch through. The hexis turned out great though.
    Emily recently posted…Moving It ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      I think I will try different needles when I start to put the hexies in the big part of the quilt, hopefully that will help

  • Linda Dutch Mar 6, 2017

    How lovely to use that fabric from 16yrs ago! It pays to hang onto to everything, yes?
    Linda Dutch recently posted…fun with fabricMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      it is fun running across old fabric like this – I knew I had some someplace but didn’t realize it was as big of a piece as it is as I know I have some little squares in the pre-cut square boxes that I have.

  • Rebecca Mar 6, 2017

    I hate having to press fabric when I am anxious to start cutting. I am loving your retro propeller blocks. Great progress on your hexagons. I love coming across bits of fabric for quilts made in the past, so many memories.

    • Karen Mar 6, 2017

      I know what you mean and some of these pieces had been folded for so long that I had to get them really wet to get all the lines out – took forever

  • Dee Davis Mar 8, 2017

    Haven’t seen you in so long I have to visit here to see what you are up too !!

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