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Thanks for all suggestions on the binding. When I woke up yesterday I had already changed my mind on the binding choices.  LOL I think I must have been dreaming about it Tuesday night as after I had breakfast and morning coffee I was at the fabric shelf pulling out a stripe that I had – yes I remembered it right and I decided it was what I wanted. Some of you might not like it of course – but it is my quilt and I do!  While I was preparing for cutting the strips and getting the ironing board out to press the sky was getting darker and darker, Mike had already left for the fitness center as he goes before work in the morning as he hasn’t been working until close to noon.  I turned the tv on to check the weather and grabbed the phone too – we were in tornado warning – we get a phone alert for our area and the phone had not rung so I knew it wasn’t heading to my house but it was in the county.  Sure enough the tv said tornado conditions and heading to where my hubby was.  Sent him a text and the sirens had already gone off in town and everyone in the fitness center was told to take shelter in the changing rooms which are the centers tornado shelter.  Melanie was at her job at the library and they take shelter in the bathrooms which are in the center of the building – she was doing story time for the children that had already assembled on the bathroom floor keeping them entertained as the sirens were blasting.  No tornado touched down!  Good news  – there were some trees down and power outages, but no major damage.  Out here in the country we had rain all day and thunderstorms and bad wind – enough that I sat in the hallway were I could see the tv but away from windows in case any trees came down for about 20 minutes.

Finally the storms lessen, I came out of the hallway and got back to cutting binding and machine stitched the binding to the quilt – it is now ready for hand stitching.There is a little green in the strips and other colors to go with patchwork – overall I like it better than the two colors I showed yesterday – I didn’t get much stitching done though I was reading most of the day – I have the new John Sandford book – Golden Prey – I am always enthralled with his books and can’t put them down until I am done with them just about.


Now some of you have suggested because I have a big dining room table I need to make the dining room my new sewing room and eat in the kitchen – no can do – no eat in space in the kitchen.  We added the dining space to the house two years ago and the area that was the eat in kitchen became part of the kitchen.  My kitchen to laundry area is now 25 feet long by 8.5 feet wide.  Then dining room is 9 x 12.5 feet.

The kitchen to the laundry room


The dining room on the end with a really nice big open door way so it really isn’t a complete separate room


Nope I didn’t get around to sewing the borders on the star quilt – maybe today?  But the table is pushed back to a smaller table now that suits the room so much better – more room to walk around it!






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  • Marianne Apr 27, 2017

    I love the fabric you’re using for the binding! It’s cheerful and ties everything together. I just finished machine quilting a larger quilt but put the binding on with the machine. I need to pick out the quilting in the center as it’s too wobbly and will drive me crazy until I fix it. Shouldn’t take long, though. Then I’ll post a photo.

    The possibility of tornadoes is scary to me – we don’t have them much here (of course we get all that snow!) but summers when I was younger in Wisconsin we did have them. What a lot of responsibility for a librarian doing storytime during a threat like that. I don’t envy your daughter.

  • Deb Apr 27, 2017

    It never ceases to amaze me how you all cope with the constant threat of tornadoes. Glad that it didn’t happen!!!
    Deb recently posted…Premature Miracle Twins Turn SevenMy Profile

  • Mary Apr 27, 2017

    I think the stripped fabric is a great choice for the binding.
    Glad to hear everyone was safe from the tornados. A friend of mine moved from the Northeast to Florida and the first time the sirens sounded it was about midnight and she didn’t know she was supposed to wake the kids and bring them to a safe space in the house.

  • JoAnna Apr 27, 2017

    I love striped binding. It looks great with your quilt!
    I’m glad you were all out of harms way yesterday!

  • Sandra B Apr 27, 2017

    What a scary morning, Karen! Relieved to hear you are all okay….
    I love the stripe for the binding on the Postage Stamp quilt….perfect choice!!

  • Becky T Apr 27, 2017

    My Library sent me a note to pick up “Golden Pry” the audio book. I love his stuff when driving or sewing. And heven knows I need a push to get my butt in gear on the quilt I am working on now.

  • Becky T Apr 27, 2017

    My Library sent me a note to pick up “Golden Pry” the audio book. I love his stuff when driving or sewing. And heaven knows I need a push to get my butt in gear on the quilt I am working on now.

  • maxine lesline Apr 27, 2017

    Your response yesterday was nice… thank you. I agree with the ladies who have posted here today… the striped fabric is the right one for the binding.. noticeable but subtle.. adds a lot to the quilt. Tornado scare .. oh my word .. when it is over we realize how we take a lot for granted.. and kind of sorts out priorities. You had quite a day.

  • Debbie B Apr 27, 2017

    So glad you escaped the storm. My brother was in Little Rock on business yesterday and I checked in on him and he was fine, just lots of rain. I’m loving the striped binding. Great choice. It’s a fun quilt!

  • Kathi Apr 27, 2017

    Love your binding… you will get your sewing room back soon… and then no more suggestions about relocating it! lol I love the pics you did show of your kitchen/dining though 🙂 Have a blessed day! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Blessed Easter… Slowing down & “BE-ing”!!!My Profile

  • Karen Apr 27, 2017

    Perfect choice for the binding. I love striped bindings. It’s usually what I end up with. So glad you are all safe. Tornados are scary things. Isn’t it early in the season for them?

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 27, 2017

    Great choice on your binding, Karen. It really goes with the colors of all the little blocks. l’m so glad you all were safe after that scare. I live right behind the city park and when the sirens go off and the recording says to take cover, my heart just jumps. Some more stroms on Friday & Saturday, so I hope it’s just rain.

  • Vicki W Apr 27, 2017

    Ooooh, I can’t wait to download the audio version of the new Sandford? My Mom always buys the print version and then passes it to Chris but I have to have the audio.

  • Belarmina Apr 27, 2017

    Karen decidiste la tela correcta para remate,
    tu cocina me gusta!!!

  • Jeanne Brown Apr 27, 2017

    Karen, love the binding it matches perfect. I am always fussy about the binding.
    I think it makes the quilt .

  • Colleen Apr 27, 2017

    I am glad you found the binding fabric, you seem to just know what is right for your quilts.
    Your kitchen/dining rooms are lovely and it’s nice that you have a place to sew during your remodel

  • Mary Ann Apr 27, 2017

    I love the binding too. Perfect choice.

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