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Midnight Garden, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Postage Stamp Quilt, scrap quilts

A variety of projects are coming up.  Winding down on two and at least 3 still to finish.  The patchwork border of Murrieta Stars was finished yesterday – Now to measure backing and see how large I can make this quilt and still have enough backing to quilt it – I want to make the quilt bigger if I can – it has one more border for sure but if I can add 10 more inches to the width II will.  After the next border it would be finished at 83 x 95 – I would like that closer to 93 x 95 if I can.  It looks a little wrinkly on the floor but I didn’t take the time to even it out all that much – I kind of just threw it on the floor and pulled it out with my foot LOL


So what projects need to be finished besides the hexies – maybe some of you remember I started this one in wool applique?  Called Midnight Garden, I am using very dark blue and purple batik for the backgrounds. (pattern by Deborah Kemball)


Only one block done back in January – this one still needs the embroidered accents on it – for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I might get the next pattern out and start tracing it out or maybe get thread out and do some of the embroidery.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Patchwork.


Or I might get the scissors out and cut a basket or two for the mini baskets.  Plenty of fabric in this project box for them – I hadn’t picked out a name for this quilt – it is from the book A Cold Wind Blows – I don’t remember off hand but I think the squares are 5 inches? maybe 6.  It has certainly been awhile since I have had them out of the box.


The Postage Stamp quilt binding was finished Friday night – now I have it set aside until Tuesday when I will get it washed and dried and photos taken.


Some of you have asked of the Arkansas storms and I think I answered everyone yesterday – lots of flooding in the state but most of it is in the NW corner of the state where most of my brothers and sisters live.  Everyone is fine so far, most live in the country and will have difficulty for a couple days of getting to the main roads and might need to stay home for a day or two but other than that and some power outages all are fine.  Mike, I and Melanie have been lucky and the storms were constantly shifting to the west and north and missing us all day yesterday but we did get rain last night – as I was writing this last night I don’t know how much rain we ended up with but I will edit the blog post in the morning and write that in.  The news was saying 2 – 3 inches – I hope for less.   It won’t be anything like what the northern part of the state got. EDITED: at 6:50 AM – looks like we only had 1.5 inches of rain but I wonder if that is right the rain gauge could have completely filled and then overfilled with all the water I have standing water in my yard I think that might be the case.  We were close to tornado warning last night but it lessened as it got closer to us and they cancelled the warning – we had some pretty severe storms though – but not like the NW









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  • Deb Apr 30, 2017

    I love that star quilt more and more each time I see it / looks wonderful with that border!
    Deb recently posted…SPRING and a Bit of QuiltingMy Profile

  • Liz Apr 30, 2017

    Lots of beautiful eye candy this morning. Love the postage stamp quilt.
    Liz recently posted…From bags to flimsyMy Profile

  • CathieJ Apr 30, 2017

    I absolutely love the colorful border on your quilt. I am looking forward to seeing the next border. You have some great projects to choose to work on. I am so glad that you have weathered the storms in your area with little to no damage. Stay safe.
    CathieJ recently posted…Slow stitchingMy Profile

  • Gail Apr 30, 2017

    The storms we get seem more intense and are a bit scary. Glad to hear everyone is ok. I love the colourful border on the star quilt and the wool appliqué is beautiful! Your postage stamp quilt is stunning!
    Gail recently posted…When Life Gives You Scraps, Make a Quilt!My Profile

  • deb Apr 30, 2017

    So many pretty projects. Love those baskets.

  • Kathi Apr 30, 2017

    glad you were safe from the storms… and Kansas had snow!!! Crazy weather as our drought continues and fires remain popping up all over Florida here!!!
    I love your Murietta Stars quilt… I hope you have the backing to make it big enough for your bed.. would be a warm and cozy wintertime quilt for you. I love all the projects ahead and LOVE that you finished the binding and are just waiting for a break in the weather to wash and dry it and take fun photos of it!!! Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂
    Kathi recently posted…So much to share!My Profile

  • maxine lesline Apr 30, 2017

    The patchwork border on Murietta Stars gets enthusiastic approval from everyone.. including me.. really sets off all the colors.. and looking ahead to seeing the next
    one. You had more than your share of rain.. in Wichita we had about 1 1/2 inches by noon yesterday… We have a large open air Farmer’s Market every Saturday… all Kansas grown… and every Saturday it rains , just a down pour yesterday with high wind! But no tornado like your area had.. tho we know it could be.

  • Diann Bottrell Apr 30, 2017

    I really like the scrappy border on your stars quilt! Your other projects look like fun, too. I always enjoy having a variety of things to choose from to work on. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the Postage Stamp quilt!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…A New PincushionMy Profile

  • Debbie B Apr 30, 2017

    Glad you escaped the nasty storms. My brother in Bentonville said they had at least 6 inches the other day. I’m loving your star quilt. Fun scrappy border.

  • Cynthia Brunz Apr 30, 2017

    I am happy to hear everyone is safe. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful eye candy with Oh Scrap! I love those little basket blocks.
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! :CiLMy Profile

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 30, 2017

    The border is wonderful Karen, and the bigger size will be so nice for your bed. The size of the mini basket blocks is six inches. I’m working on mine too, many more to make to reach 300! I’m glad you just had rain. We had three tornados, but lucky for us they went east, five people killed and lots had injuries. Enjoy your Sunday.

  • Quilter Kathy Apr 30, 2017

    Love that postage stamp quilt… and the striped binding is perfect!
    Congrats on the finish!

  • Sarah Apr 30, 2017

    I really like your postage stamp quilt. What a great finish! But also lots of exciting projects on the go. Glad you didn’t get badly hit by the storm.

  • Belarmina Apr 30, 2017

    Karen felicidades!! el sello del edredón es precioso.
    Mis cesta están paradas hace dos meses,
    buena semana

  • Michele Hill Apr 30, 2017

    As always I am dizzy with all the quilts you have on the go Karen!!! All just beautiful and of course I am a bit biased with the appliqué….love, love Deborah Kemball’s work. Many years ago she lost the cover quilt from her “Beautiful Botanicals” book when it was on display at quilt market….I often wonder if she ever got it back……none of my quilts have ever showed up after going missing in the mail – so sad. Stay safe x
    Michele Hill recently posted…Tales of sandcastlesMy Profile

  • Sandra B Apr 30, 2017

    So glad to hear you are safe, Karen! Hopefully, the water levels will quickly recede for your family members affected…..
    Looking forward to seeing the Postage Stamp quilt after it gets its turn in the washer and dryer….
    The scrappy border for Murrieta Stars looks great! I hope you have enough backing fabric to be able to make the quilt the size you are hoping for….
    So happy to see Midnight Garden, and your little basket blocks again….. And ready to follow along when you get back to the appliqué!

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