Flannel, Hexies and Quilting

Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Postage Stamp Quilt

Like I thought it was a very chilly day yesterday and the wind didn’t make it feel any warmer and it was cloudy  – when you go from capris and sandals to jeans, sweat shirt and socks you know it is chilly.  The heat was back on last night and will be for three nights probably.

First off I took care of the next hexie border for Handful of Scraps.  I was asked again why not do it all hexies for the border and why bother to be sewing this to border strips.  If I did all hexies it would mean cutting out  thousand’s more hexies which would all need to be hand stitched together as this is EPP and that is the reason why!  I did this border the same way I did the previous which you can see several post back if you didn’t see it. By centering my border on these strips it will eliminate a lot of tedious work – I like the appearance of those that are all hexies – but I want to get done with it in this lifetime and not have it be put aside for months on end because I tire of it – this way I could possibly finish it this year!!


Last border I was having a lot of trouble with my right hand squeezing the glue bottle – the arthritis has been acting up and I happened to think why not use a paint brush instead of squeezing – awhile back I had picked up a small pack of various craft sizes so I looked and I had a small one to use.  I poured a little glue into a tiny bathroom size paper cup and it worked out great – just try to not get a lot on the brush so you don’t over load with glue.  That side got done a lot faster than the first one did so I will keep doing it this way – much easier on the hand.


Next up was cutting more of the flannel  for Murrieta Stars– all I needed out of these 3 strips of yellow was 8 – 2.5 inch squares from each strip look at all that was left over.


I did get a little more worried when I was working on this piece but in the end there was plenty – out of the 2.5 yard piece I had about 23 inches left over.  I made several mistakes and could have kicked myself – one strip I cut a quarter inch too much off and had to put it aside and then I don’t remember what but I know I made a second mistake in cutting also.  But in the end I had this left over piece and the small pieces next to it.


The stack at the back with the brighter small pieces on it is all left over!!  All the pieces with the white notes are cut for the quilt.  Some of the tannish/yellow have to be quartered or halved still but I will do that as I need to I think.  One more big piece of fabric left for this quilt and it will make the long border strips and setting triangles 6 yard piece was included.


Almost done with this side of the Postage Stamp quilt for the final row – will start working on the other side of that row sometime today or night.


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  • Rebecca Grace Apr 6, 2017

    I wonder if you could use those fabric glue sticks instead of the liquid glue? I’ve always used the Roxanne’s glue for appliqué and the glue stick for FPP.
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    • Karen Apr 6, 2017

      I have never found the glue sticks to stick as well as Roxanne and I don’t want it to start falling off while I sew it – trying to keep it as straight as i can

  • maxine lesline Apr 6, 2017

    Painting on the glue is such a good idea to get your basting done without pain to your hands. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Lovely colors in your flannel fabrics, too.. and the organization of your fabrics.. labels, etc.. is awesome.

  • Barbara Apr 6, 2017

    Love that mustard yellow of the new quilt. Looking forward to seeing progress on that one. Our weather is still wet and cold but supposed to warm up to the 60’s on Saturday so I have time to work inside on my quilting for a few days yet.

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 6, 2017

    You got a lot done on the cutting out of the flannel quilt. I really like the colors. My hands really hurt when I squeeze bottles too. The paint brush application was a good idea. I use the Lapel Stick to glue baste my little baskets and I am so glad it really sticks. I already had one hand operation for carpal tunnel syndrome, and sometime soon will have to have the other one done. You are really progressing on your Postage Stamp even without your frame in your sewing room. It’s been cooler here too, but so beautiful, love spring in the yard.

  • Karen Apr 7, 2017

    Great idea to use a paint brush! That quilt kit contained plenty of fabric which is so good and now you can relax and just sew. I do that a lot—cutting mistakes–sometimes, I wonder if I will ever learn to cut correctly! So glad to know that you are human, too.

  • audrey Apr 8, 2017

    Your border really does look fabulous! It’s really interesting the ways that we can make ‘less work’ for ourselves and still be happy with the results. People want everything to remain classic, but really, it needs to make us happy and a finish is always the goal.:)

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