Murrieta Stars

Murrieta Stars – Flannel

Good thing this kit seems to have a lot of extra fabric – I went and cut out too many pieces of this border fabric!  Still plenty left over so I feel I will have plenty but making a mistake like that could have really messed this quilt up if I had been barely having enough of it!  I cut 10 extra squares!! and 6 extra half square triangles – where was my train of thought – I haven’t a clue – I have all the pieces put aside of course and if I have to piece anything together they will be there and I will applique something over it if needed LOL to make it look right – but it is “just” the borders left after this and I still have a lot of this mustard yellow fabric left over for it.  As you can see I can not line anything up right on a design wall – I would need grids to do that.  This temporary wall is barely big enough to hold all of this and as you can see I have the bottom row pinned on just so I have the color arrangement how I want it to be.  I hope to get around to beginning the sewing today.


It rained a bit yesterday and by the end of the day we had a bit – I wrote this last night at 7 PM and we were to get more around 10 PM or so who knows how much we got – maybe another inch.  That means I might not get around to the garden work I wanted to do this weekend – but on the other hand maybe I will have time to get this top pieced?

Several of you have asked did I get the circular knitting needle and the yarn for the over size shrug that I showed the other day – yes I did.  I hope to start it soon but I want to finish this quilt top that I am working on and the Postage Stamp quilt first. This is the yarn I chose – and wow those size 19 needles are huge LOL That will take a little getting use to.  I got acrylic yarn – the pattern called for yarn that was part wool – I itch horribly with wool so that was not for me – I will try this one and if it doesn’t turn out with this yarn I will find some bulkier yarn but you are to use two strands as you work-not one so hope it will work.


Have some of you heard of the new quilting magazine that is out – Quiltfolk  I got a subscription to it and I love it.  This is not your usual quilting magazine – first of all there are no advertisements and no patterns!!  And that is perfectly alright with me – I believe I have mentioned by now that I rarely buy quilting magazines – why? – because I just don’t like them – they are not worth my money – they are full of advertisements and the same old stories and patterns in every magazine – really how many ways does one really want to make a log cabin or a nine patch or whatever.  I do not keep any of those quilt magazines for long and usually I hand them off to the library or toss them that is when I have actually bought one.   The only quilt magazine I even like a little bit is Quiltmania and I don’t even keep those usually.   This magazine is about quilters and quilt shops and interesting things in the areas of these quilt shops.  The first issue goes around Oregon, the second in Iowa.  150 pages full of color, wonderful articles and wonderful beautiful photography.  I am in no way affiliated – but I just wanted to share – I love it.  I got a one years subscription and I got the first issue free and the second issue at half price –(or maybe it was the opposite way around) anyhow I linked to it in case anyone is interested.  It well be published 4 times a year.  From what I read on the facebook page they might occasionally include a pattern but patterns are not the focus of this magazine.  This magazine is almost more like a book.  Anyhow I just wanted to share!


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  • Marianne Apr 22, 2017

    Your star quilt is turning out beautiful! The solid squares between the star blocks are really effective. Are you planning to hand quilt it?
    I saw an ad for Quiltfolk and it did look good. I already get American Patchwork & Quilting and Fons & Porter so I decided not to add – I think I’m at information overload, quilting-wise. And you are correct – so many of the patterns are just reworkings of traditional ones. I was really disappointed with Block from Missouri Star – just a lot of advertising for their tools and precuts, with a silly story featuring Jenny Doan in every issue.

  • Ruth Apr 22, 2017

    I also stopped buying quilt, knit, and crochet mags. I never make anything from them. I do like Quiltmania, but again, it’s very pricey and I’m done with it in 20 minutes. What I do like is Block from MSQC. I’m a non-intuititve quilter, and she lays out patterns that I can follow. Whenever I see a pattern that calls for 2 7/8″ pieces, my mind rebels and doesn’t want to deal with that 7/8″ business. Give me a youtube, and I’m just fine.
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  • Doreen Apr 22, 2017

    Luv the stars and totally ‘get’ the project line-up ‘thing’! Seems like I always have a standing list of things next up to make. Those needles are great and will work up quickly. The color palette of that yarn is definitely something I would choose, also. Very organic and “earthy”. I’ve backed out of all but one mag subscription (“Machine Quilting Unlimited”…no surprise, eh??) but have seen ads for “Quiltfolk”. Will check it out. Happy stitching………….

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 22, 2017

    It’s amazing how easy it is to make a mistake when cutting out a quilt isn’t it? I’ve done it many a times too, lol. The layout of Murrieta Stars is beautiful. Thank you for the link to Quiltfolk magazine, I’ll check it out. I have been disappointed in the magazine offering too. The patterns they offer don’t interest me. I do like Quilt Sampler because they usually have ten quilt shop tours plus patterns. The rain missed us, but north of us they had hail as big as golf & tennis balls, so glad that missed us.

  • Carla Therrien Apr 22, 2017

    Your star kit quilt turned out great. I love cheddar fabric so having some extra would make me happy for sure. I find it really helps scrap quilts sparkle. Thanks for the review of the magazine. Sounds like something I might like. I agree about quilting magazines they get to be so boring. Happy Stitching!

  • LisaS Apr 22, 2017

    Marietta Stars is starting to look great, even with your overzealous cutting! ? Thanks for the tip on the magazine. I will have to look for an issue.

  • Carolyn Apr 22, 2017

    Oh, your stars quilt is coming together beautifully! I stumbled on the first Quiltfolk at Barnes and Noble, thanks for heads up that the second issue is out. Maybe eventually they will get over here to the east coast. I love the stories of the featured quilters and find that most interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thimbleanna Apr 29, 2017

    Oooh Karen, I love the layout of the stars in your quilt! I saw Quiltfolk at quilt market last year, but I’m a visual person and it didn’t have enough pictures for me LOL.
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