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Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Postage Stamp Quilt

I was outside almost all day yesterday – first I went to Lowe’s to get plants for the garden, stuff to kill weeds and fertilizer!  I was going to plant – but I didn’t! instead I got sidetracked – there is (was) a stack of old firewood near the garden that I wanted gone.  Most of it has been sitting there for several years which here in the south means it is rotting.  I began to move wood getting it away from the garden.  I have plans to expand the garden just a little bit this year and it was in my way.  One good thing about rotting  wood is it begins to fall apart and you can use if for mulch and you can mix in your soil to enrich it a little.  But moving the old wood pile ended up taking me all afternoon – I did get in my 10,000 steps though without going to the fitness center.  I will take photos of the garden area after all is said and done – it is just a mess right now with piles of mulch – pine needles, dried up leaves, old piles of pine bark mulch sitting around waiting to be used.  I intend to work on it all week and get the tomato plants planted along with peppers and melon, cucumber and squashes.  I have the herbs planted already and though one died the rest are going strong.

On Tuesday night I did get a little more hand quilting done on the Postage Stamp quilt and I moved the hoop again.


Yesterday while I had supper cooking on the stove I got one more star block done for Murrieta Stars so half of those are now made – 15 of 30.  Added to the top of the stack.  I ordered the Fons and Porter dog ear trimmers and got those yesterday it is a set of two.  It got them so I could put the Marti Michelle template back with the pack of templates so I don’t loose track of them – it is part of set and knowing me if I don’t put it back I will loose it.


Two more groupings of stars had been trimmed before the edge ruler arrived so I do have two more ready to work – it makes the work of doing flying geese this  way so much more accurate if you clip of those ends first before you begin to sew.


Last year I wondered what this tree was that we had start to grown in numerous parts of the yard some time ago – they didn’t become noticeable until they started to have blossoms about 3 years ago- found out they are Black Cherry Trees.  We have quite a few of them and a lot of them have reached the age to blossom – we didn’t plant any of them – washed in or bird droppings started them – don’t know but we have about 8 of them now I believe.  Here is one photo with the blossoms and one with the pretty silver gray streaked bark.  I took these two photos with the phone and wasn’t able to enlarge them.



More on sewing this week? Don’t know hope to get the garden planted – no cold weather in the forecast for the next 15 days on the weather channel so I think we are safe to go ahead!

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  • maxine lesline Apr 13, 2017

    Can’t remember if I commented a bit ago.. got distracted.. but so envious of your gardening…imagining having buckets of tomatoes… and melons . . and wonderful that you have the makings of lots of compost. The middle years can be the best… time for one’s self… energy for life’s chores… and many quilting friends. As young women , we sometimes can’t imagine how good life can be as older women.. and if those cherry trees have good fruit, you have lots of pies in your future.

  • Sandra B Apr 13, 2017

    We are having good weather in Virginia, as well…makes me want to get outside, but I have to take periodic breaks and come back inside because of the pollen…UGH!…all that sneezing wears me out!
    Love how your star blocks are coming along, Karen! You will have the next 15 done in no time….thanks for showing the blocks up close so that the fabrics show up better, to show that they are not solids….

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 13, 2017

    Love the picture of the cherry trees. I had some cherry and plum trees when we lived in Colorado Springs Co. They really did well there. Now here in Texas we planted a three- in- one tree about two years ago and we have little peaches, plums, and nectarines this year, all on the same tree. You certainly will be busy working in the yard, you’ll have to do your quilting in the evenings, if you have any energy left. I also spend most of my day working in the yard during the warm days. Your quilting and your stars are coming along. Love the pictures of your big yard.

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