Postage Stamp and Stars

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Postage Stamp Quilt

I have had many complements on the Postage Stamp quilt and the Border.  Some have asked where did the pattern come from or did I design it?  I can’t taken complete credit for the border.  I kind of used a pattern but yet I didn’t cut one piece out from the book it came from.  The book is by Wendy William’s  there is a pattern in it for a wall hanging that is what I based the border on.  It had clamshells and I had paper templates for it and all the flowers and birds in the border have similar ones in the book but I cut them free style out of wool with no patterns – I did this by looking at the designs and then making my own.  Because the designs are whimsical there is no strive for perfection – you cut the flower or bird or whatnot as you wish – you can trace patterns if you want to.  At this post back in March of 2016 I was working on the clamshells if you are interested in how I did it.


Here is where I started to quilt the final border on Sunday night.  Linking to Mrs. Sew & Sow today and MCM#67 and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


Work progressed on Murrieta Stars yesterday – it was such a cloudy day and it looked like it could rain at any time so I didn’t do any garden work – then of course it didn’t rain until late afternoon although other parts of the state got thunder storms.  So seeing as I was inside I was working on stars.  Ten of the 30 stars are finished.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect with flannel having never made a flannel quilt before – it is a dream to work with!!!  I was told I might get a lot of lint – nope! after I finished these ten I thought I would look and clean the machine – there was barely any lint gathered up – so nice!


These stars are really easy to work – they go quickly.  I work in sections – here you can see I have made the geese and the center – I chain piece all the time – I like to save thread and I’m constantly just feeding pieces through the machine.  Lighting is not a day light bulb in the living room – I miss that!


I mainly use one pin for the flying geese sections – I put a pin through the point and then use my fingers to hold the pieces in place as it goes through the machine – I do press as I finish sections like you can see in the above photo – I finished that and pressed and then took it back to the machine for the next sections.


these are now done and I press the seams open as flannel is thick and I am not sure if I will be hand quilting or machine quilting either way you want those seams to not be so thick were so many pieces are joining.



The pattern suggested pressing seams open – I don’t know if they meant every seam or like I did.


Each block takes less than a half an hour if you just stick with it and not keep getting up to do other things.  Because I do not have the iron right next to me it takes a couple minutes more than it might take you as I get up and walk to the kitchen to iron – every step counts you know when you are trying to get in your ten thousand a day!


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  • Deb Apr 11, 2017

    The stars look great and so much progress on the quilting too ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…an update and thank youMy Profile

  • Liz Apr 11, 2017

    You are progressing very nicely.
    Liz recently posted…More cute churn dashes etcMy Profile

  • maxine lesline Apr 11, 2017

    Such precision… all those seams meet where they are supposed to. Years ago I did a wall hanging all in flying geese.. and now I am struggling to do correctly the small size I want….cutting strips. How hard can that be ! A joy to see yours and the colors are soft but also rich.

  • Vicki Apr 11, 2017

    The Postage Stamp quilt is really coming along!

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 11, 2017

    Both quilts are coming along. Your seams are so neat and the blocks are beautiful. Thank you for all the pictures. We had a little rain yesterday and it’s really dark today, with a high of only 74 today.

  • Nicky Apr 11, 2017

    Great that you are on the final bit of quilting – looking forward to a reveal of all of it soon. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday
    Nicky recently posted…Scraptastic Tuesday – April link upMy Profile

  • Jenny Benton Apr 11, 2017

    You are really coming along well quilting your postage stamp quilt – up to the borders now!
    Jenny Benton recently posted…Work before PlayMy Profile

  • Nancy Apr 12, 2017

    I love those little flowers on your border and I like the clam shells for grass/green/ground.
    Nancy recently posted…What Will Happen Next?My Profile

  • Beth Apr 14, 2017

    Me and flying geese have a love/hate relationship. I love them in quilts but hate to make them! 🙂 Your blocks look great!
    Beth recently posted…Pineapples Galore!My Profile

  • Madeline Apr 15, 2017

    Karen came across your site and found it quite interesting as I am also a quilter/gardener in South Carolina. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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