Some More Stars

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Postage Stamp Quilt

Really not a lot got done yesterday – I woke up super early Tuesday morning and I was dragging all day.  Four stars added to the pile for Murrieta Stars – one short of half way done with them.  Maybe more today? Need to get some garden work done for sure!


the Postage Stamp – moved the hoop over slightly and continued to work in generally the spot.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Jo’s Country Junction: UFO Progress and Susan’s Midweek Makers and My Quilt Infatuation.


I was asked about the hexies – just taking a short break and yes I will get back to the tiny baskets and the wool applique – one day LOL – just trying to concentrate on a couple things and have some finishes.  Why did I start a new kit – well I was reading an article from a quilting group that I am on – I don’t remember where I saw it but anyhow it was about a 77 year old woman that had died and her family actually rented a small store front to sell her quilting supplies.  It took them 2 months to sell all 15,000 yards of fabric ($2 a yard – wish I had been close this sale), notions, patterns, books – you name it she had it.  And although I have no where near that it made me want to start and finish another quilt top – I guess just to show that I am using up my stash supply?  I don’t know – I am just glad I have no where near what she did – excessive? I think so.  In a way I wish I didn’t have a stash and that I just bought as needed – but that time was a long time ago in the past.

And that is it folks – too tired as I write this Tuesday evening – I’m thinking bedtime will be early.

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  • Gretchen Apr 12, 2017

    $2 a yard for fabrics is a wonderful price but then I would over buy and drag it home. I don’t need more fabrics. My mother didn’t have as much fabric as the lady in the story you related, but mom did have several rooms full of fabrics. So many quilts started, so few completed. I’ll never forget my daughter standing in the midst of the chaos, looking at me and saying, “Mom, please don’t do this to us kids”. I won’t do that to my children.
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  • Jayne Apr 12, 2017

    I’ve been having a hard time fitting in quilting time this past week too! When the sun’s out and the weeds are taking over…I spend most of my time outside! Your stars are coming along beautifully! Almost half way is better than stuck in a closet!

  • maxine lesline Apr 12, 2017

    The draggy days are just going to happen… and they make one really appreciate the perky days. Slowing the pace of life is something Americans might come to enjoy. What mostly got my attention in your blog today is the lady who left 15,000 yards of fabric. A similar thing occurred close to me last fall.. most of a 3 bdm house , basement and 2 car garage was full of her stuff for sale.. I got about 20 yards of fabric for $10… it was all handled by an estate sale group.. Your stars are so lovely… and going together so well… always nice to start my day with your comments.

  • Kathi Apr 12, 2017

    Love how you are making those Murietta Stars every day a few more! Looking fab 🙂 I really am loving the quilting you are doing on the border of the postage stamp quilt too!
    I have heard recently of someone who passed and had a house full of fabric! Not sure who handled all that stuff but they did sell a lot of it.. I can’t imagine a house full of fabric.. I am happy to have a healthy stash in my sewing room to pull from to add to the quilts I make or make it be enough when I am a bit short! lol Hope you have a good rest friend…. Kathi
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  • Vicki Apr 12, 2017

    My issue with hoarding isn’t fabric as much as it is thread. But I have instructions in my will and have assigned responsibility (with their agreement) of who Chris is to get to deal with all of my sewing and craft stuff.

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 12, 2017

    I saw the post about that lady that had died and left all of her stash. I thought to myself I better not do that to my kids! I think I have a nice stash, but just enough to keep me busy without having to run to the store all the time. Of course my husband thinks the house is full of fabric, lol! I hope you had a good night’s sleep. You are doing great on the Stars quilt and your quilting is beautiful. Enjoy outside today because it’s a beautiful day.

  • Patricia Apr 12, 2017

    Your stars caught my eye at Midweek Makers. They are lovely! But then I saw your hand stitching! So beautiful – I love hand stitching! Yes, I wish I didn’t have a stash either. Now I’m slowly sewing through it and purchasing as needed only. I will “stash” nuetrals/blenders, but that’s about it. I’m learning not to store my scraps from a quilt, but to sew them up into a baby quilt or something small right away. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you got a good night’s sleep!
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  • Susan Apr 12, 2017

    OMG! 15000 yards of fabric at $2 a yard – one would think heaven! But I was recently at a sale like this (though $5/yd), and when it’s so much, it’s overwhelming. Thankfully, I walked in with only $95 dollars in my pocket, because it would have been easy to buy more. My stash is already at 30+ under-bed containers – way more than I need!

  • Roseanne Apr 13, 2017

    I’m not quite sure what a postage stamp quilt is, but you sure are doing a lovely job on it. Your stitching is inspiring ~smile~ I also love the Murrieta Stars – I look forward to seeing that quilt top!

  • Nanette Apr 13, 2017

    Wonder why we buy all of this fabric. I guess if we stayed off the internet we would be blind to the selections of patterns and fabrics. Sometimes it is just too hard to say “no” but I definitely am at the stage of “NO”… LOL see how that lasts!
    Have a great day and hope your energy comes back.
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