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By time I got home yesterday from my doctor’s appointment and my Reclast IV treatment I was exhausted!  Talk about a delay in the lab area – I don’t know if they had several out sick or on vacation or what but I have never seen it that packed before – I walked into the lab area to get my blood work done and all the seats were taken and about 15 people were lined up leaning against the walls!  I handed in my paperwork and joined the people holding up the walls!  After about 10 minutes I was finally able to have a seat and it was close to 20-30 minutes later ( I didn’t time it) that my name was finally called for my blood draws – yes plural always about 5 or 6 tubes!  Then back to the infusion department where I had to wait about 30 minutes for a result of one of the test before they could begin my IV – I think total including the doctor appointment I was at the clinic for close to 2 and half hours – I was tired when I left and no shopping done – got something to eat and headed home – so glad this IV treatment is only done once a year – the doctor appointment was routine – nothing wrong with me – just check up routine for my auto-immune stuff and meds that I am on.

So anyhow no sewing got done until evening.  It rained Sunday night and continued on throughout most of the day – but at least it was light rain not the bad stuff that you do not want to drive in.

Sunday night while we were watching two episodes of Shetland (a Scottish show) I basted a bunch of hexies for the Handful of Scraps quilt which – yes I did take a break from.  I will get more thread basted and really pack that container full as I will use them all plus more most likely.  Linking up to Esther’s Quilt Blog.


I got 4 stars ready – dog ears off – to make today – that will put me at 5 of 6 rows ready for Murrieta Stars.


Our daughter Melanie and her side kick Aniya – her great niece – came over Easter for a bit while Easter eggs were being hidden for this munchkin to find.  First thing this little girl did jumping out of the car is run to the house with two eggs in her hands saying that she had pretty eggs for Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike – so excited – she is getting pretty used to our house over the last year or so and she includes us in her family now and we include her in ours – she is our son-in-law’s great niece.


I hope to get some work done today – the house needs cleaning and I have sewing to get done after having several lazy days in a row in that department.

Question:  I finally found a sweater pattern that I think this inexperienced knitter can make!!!  Looking at the directions you make a big square basically with knit, purl – I can do that – but my question for you knitters when it says knitting needles size 19 (15mm) 29” circular knitting needles does that mean it can be done on straight 19” knitting needles or does that mean 19” circular needles 29” long?  I have never used the circular needles so a little confused on that.  This pattern looks like an oversized shrug which is a style I love and would be great for cold nights by the fire when camping I think – maybe in a rusty color or forest green.  Looks like you are wrapped up in a blanket


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  • Penny Apr 18, 2017

    It means a size 19 needle that is circular – 29 inches long. Probably too bulky for straight needles. Looks like bulky yarn and lots of stitches. Circular needles distribute the weight so it’s easier to hold. Good luck, I like the pattern, nice and warm to snuggle in.

  • Jayne Apr 18, 2017

    There isn’t much more frustrating that going to a scheduled appointment and then having to wait for 1/2 an hour or more! Love your hexies. I went through my hexies yesterday and decided I had to use half of them and I gave away the other half. I got a bit carried away! Hav fun sewing today!

  • Sandra B Apr 18, 2017

    Karen, on the knitting needle question….19 is the size and the circular needle is 29 inches long (the length of the needle from one point to the other). A circular needle is basically two needles connected by a “bridge” that is flexible, so when you are actually knitting it forms a circular shape. A size 19 is going to be a chunky needle and that makes sense, looking at the picture…. I really like using a circular needle. For this project, a regular straight needle would not work because it isn’t long enough to hold the knitting….if you tried to squeeze it all on a straight needle, there would be a great risk that it would slip off the point. Hope that makes sense…… This looks like it would be so warm!!
    Love seeing all those little hexies!

  • JEANie in MO Apr 18, 2017

    You will need the circulars to make the sweater. Makes it easier to contain all the stitches.

  • maxine lesline Apr 18, 2017

    Waiting in doctors’ offices ! And when standing one can’t pass the time stitching. Once I was kept waiting so long at my heart doctor’s that I was about to walk out when he entered..”How are you?” he said.. ” I am cranky .. having waited an hour past my appt time.” But I never had to wait standing up. Guess you will not forget this trip.

  • Dottie bishaw Apr 18, 2017

    Glad you made your trip back safely. The sweater pattern looks so cute & cuddly, l’m going to print the crochet pattern for future use. I prefer crochet for some reason, thank you for the link. Looks like the hexies are about to overflow, lol! We had some beautiful rain yesterday and this morning everything is growing and so green. Love this time of the year. Enjoy your day.

  • Ruth Apr 18, 2017

    Get the circular needle; it’ll make life so much easier.

    I got my King Arthur catalog yesterday, too. I need everything in it.
    Ruth recently posted…Finished the socks!My Profile

  • Belarmina Apr 18, 2017

    Karen tener una cita y que te hagan esperar, me agobia….
    me alegra que los resultados fueron buenos
    pitufina Aniya ¡¡ es tan alegre!!

  • Kat Apr 18, 2017

    Penny is right about the needles. It is a ,cute pattern

  • Doreen Apr 18, 2017

    You’ll like the circular needle… will help distribute the sheer weight of that garment (which would be way too much for a single needle!!!!!). Even patterns that don’t call for using a needle like that can be done on circular style….sometimes a bit easier on the hands. Cute picture. Glad your appt. is in the history books!!!! Hugs……

  • Beth Apr 18, 2017

    The knitting needle question has been answered but I’ll add that I love using circular needles, makes it much easier to work on your project. I have a collection of hexies that I don’t know what I’m doing with but I keep making them. One day they’ll turn into a quilt top! 🙂 Thanks for linking to MCM!
    Beth recently posted…MCM #68 – It’s [Not] a RaceMy Profile

  • Marianne Apr 19, 2017

    The sweater is too wide to use straight needles on, but I just want to say that I don’t really enjoy using circular needles. I usually hold the left needle under my arm to stabilize it as I knit – that’s how I get even stitches. But your sweater looks like it will work up quickly. Reminds me that I haven’t finished the scarf I started last year. I usually knit while watching TV but have been simply vegging out lately.

    Glad you don’t have to have your IV treatment more than once a year. Seems like it’s helping since you do keep busy with your yard work!

  • Marsha Apr 19, 2017

    I only got as far as putting my new package of hexagon papers into my box, but oh how I want to work on hexagons again. Maybe I can take those on the bus trip the quilt guild is taking in June to work on.
    Marsha recently posted…WIP Wednesday — At Least SomethingMy Profile

  • Cindy Apr 19, 2017

    Know what you mean about the drs office. Broke my shoulder last Wed. On Thurs. had to see an orthopedic dr. Waited 2 hrs in pain the whole time just to be told er did everything right by immobilizing. No cast, no surgery. I am grateful. Also grateful it wasn’t my dominant hand. Got my foot caught in my sewing machine cord. Be careful ladies!

  • Sandy Apr 19, 2017

    How many Reclast infusions have you had? I have cancelled it for myself three different times because of what I read (I’m scared to death of the possible side effects), but my doctor says I’m going to wind up with spine or hip fractures if I don’t do something. I’m looking for opinions. Thanks.

  • gidget Apr 21, 2017

    You want to look for size 19 needles in a 29″ circular length. You definitely want the circulars for this as it will be bulky and possibly heavy to work with. The circulars allow more or larger stitches than straight needles with the benefit of it laying in your lap once you get some length knitted. These days, I don’t even own straight needles and do all of my knitting on circulars. Look for a good circular with a good point keeping in mind that the actual needle part often comes in short or longer lengths with the cord attached.
    Happy Knitting.

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