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Yesterday was one of those days when I just didn’t feel like working with the sewing.  The hexie quilt is now completely appliqued to the background fabric but I need to work on the mitered edges to get it all smooth and correct.  Right now the corners are basted so it will be easy to put it down to the floor, tack in place if I need to – take out basting stitches and figure out the correct angle.  I took this photo outside where I could spread it out without moving furniture – it is 91 x 96 right now but as I get the corners corrected this will change a little bit – I have extra fabric on the back of each corner turned under right now to give me enough to work with.  I’m not sure when I will get to it – it might actually get put aside for awhile and take a break from it while I think of what I want to do with it next.


I started to cut out pattern pieces for the wool applique but just couldn’t get into it yesterday – that is the way it happens sometimes and I don’t force it  – If I don’t feel like working on a quilt I don’t.


A little more crocheting got done.


Some have mentioned they think the garden must take up a lot of my time away from the quilts – it really doesn’t – the garden takes very little time –it is very small – a hobby garden.  The photos I post might make it look larger than it is.  The beds are about 3 ft by 10 or 12 feet.  Rarely do I put more than one hour in it a couple times a week- usually more like 15-30 minutes.  When the vegetables get ready it takes a little more time but not much.  I do not do gardening so that I have enough  for canning  or freezing vegetables to feed me a whole year – this is just a little bit of fresh pickings.  Mike doesn’t like many vegetables the garden is mainly for me!  I don’t need much.  When the green beans get ready I will pick what is ready and it will give me a meal every 3 days or so for a couple weeks with enough sometimes left over that I will blanch and freeze to use for a later time – it doesn’t take very long to do this.  The tomatoes I usually use as they ripen for pasta sauce and I freeze them also by the bag full also- you crush them and put them in ziplocks.  The potatoes get dug up little by little using them as I harvest.  I still plan on planting sweet potatoes but not until June.   The herbs take more time but I normally cut the herbs in the morning and wash them – a different variety each day. Then when they are dry they go in the dehydrator and take care of themselves and I put them in jars before I go to bed – or I turn the dehydrator on before I go to bed and they dry in the night and put them away in the morning.  I have it down to a system that takes little time.  This is just a hobby – not meant to be a lot of work!!

The book I am currently reading and I guess taking my attention away from sewing is called The Pecan ManI am really enjoying this bookThe link should take you to amazon where I purchased the kindle edition for $4.99

The Pecan Man by [Selleck, Cassie Dandridge]






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  • Marianne May 9, 2017

    The Pecan Man looks good – I see it was chosen as a state-wide read in Arkansas. Will see if I can find a copy as I enjoy southern literature. Thanks!

  • Dottie bishaw May 9, 2017

    It’s good to take a break sometimes from quilt projects and
    do some of the other things you love to do too, like reading and crocheting. Summer is for enjoying yourself in the warm and beautiful days before the winter comes again. Your porch is made for fun things like reading or any handwork. I love my pots of herbs and tomatoes, just right for us two. Have a fun day!

  • audrey May 9, 2017

    Your Hexie quilt looks so good! Can’t wait to see what you do with it next. I know what you mean about the other quilt, not forcing it. It’s better to wait sometimes!

  • Donna May 9, 2017

    If I force myself to sew or quilt, I usually make more mistakes! It is better to take a break! Love the hexies!!!

  • It is hard to put projects down, but sometimes it is good to do different things. I am unwinding from working on a quilt that was “eating my lunch” as hubby tells me. So I am de-stressing. It could be that we all need time to smell the Roses!
    Nanette Chopin Cook recently posted…Robin’s Nest is Resting and some May 2017 Goals!My Profile

  • I like your purple block and the crocheting. I need to knit but need a tutor!
    Nanette Chopin Cook recently posted…Robin’s Nest is Resting and some May 2017 Goals!My Profile

  • Glenda Australia May 9, 2017

    It must be in the air Karen I have done nothing the last two days but lazy around no sewing or gardening did baby sit Indi 4 yesterday but thats all. Have just spent the last 20 mins looking back through your blog I can see why you are tired LOL Those hand dyed felts are lovely shades and look so lovely and soft too. Your flowers in your garden are sure stunning, love the creepers all in full bloom. very little to see in my garden at present its been so wet 6 months of rain!!!!! Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…Update on my 365quiltycircles for 2016 May 5th 2017My Profile

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