Baskets Again

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets)

Really don’t have much to post today – a visit to the dentist for a cleaning and told again that I need another new crown – I knew it was coming we discussed last time that there were a couple more to do – but now the old filling has cracked and even though it is not bothering me it is time to do it before it does bother me – can’t get in though until June 1 so I have something to look forward to LOL and then one more for sure after that but it can wait until the end of the year if there is any insurance left for it – limit on dental you know – might be the way I greet in the new year – which is coming pretty darn fast – can’t believe it is almost June already – time sure flies by fast the older you get it seems.

I picked up some chives to plant and a lavender plant – I had a lavender plant last summer but it died I wonder if this one will do better – we will see – just planted it for prettiness – I haven’t a clue what to use it for although I heard you can dry it and then put in your dresser for scenting your clothes and in the wool applique box to keep bugs out I presume but I don’t really have any trouble with that as it is in a plastic box with tight lid.

So what did I get done with – two more baskets – that’s it – I really need to get back to the flannel and cut that border out and do the piecing that will be needed and finish that top and put it away.


More today?


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  • Kristie May 23, 2017

    Love your little baskets! I find them very relaxing to work on and not even sure why I put mine away. Good luck with your dental work….I always find dental work dreadful.

  • maxine lesline May 23, 2017

    Chives on baked potatoes… cottage cheese… great perennial . A visit with the dentist makes most other tasks seem fun…. I always give myself a treat.. like a double dip ice cream cone. Yes I also wonder about the uses of lavender.

  • maxine lesline May 23, 2017

    Just read about lavender… great mosquito repellent if you crush the leaves and rub on your skin… and one of the most useful essential oils.. Though that might not be high on your list.

  • Dottie bishaw May 23, 2017

    The two baskets are so pretty, love seeing the many different fabrics. I only managed to almost finish one, too many things to be done yesterday. Today is a dark, rainy day, good day to do baskets. We had rain while we were gone, so everything has really grown and is so pretty. Dental work is not fun, but I guess necessary. I’m having some dental implants put in to replace my partial tomorrow, so I’m not looking forward to that. I hope you have some time to sew a basket or two.

  • Sandra B May 23, 2017

    Sorry to hear about your upcoming dental work, Karen…at least you knew it could be coming. I think everyone dislikes going to the dentist!
    Love those little baskets! We are having a dreary, rainy day in Virginia….I had errands to run this morning, but I am back at home now, and ready to spend the rest of the afternoon working on some hand piecing on those “x” blocks. It is cool today as well, so there will be a cup of hot tea sitting at my side at some point….
    In one of your pictures today, I see a book, “More William Morris” sitting on the table…I have a book inspired by William Morris, but it is different from the one you have. I haven’t made anything from it yet, but love to pull it out and look at it from time to time.

  • Marianne May 26, 2017

    I always dread that kind of news – crowns mean a lot of time with mouth open in dental chair. Now I have a new dentist – the old one retired – and I really hope not to get news like yours, though I know it is coming as we are aging. I agree with Maxine (above) – treat yourself somehow – ice cream, more fabric, etc.!
    Finally bought some plants yesterday as it was raining and hope to do some container planting today.

  • Vicki W May 30, 2017

    I’m enjoying catching up with your blog after my week away.

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