Beautiful Day

Handful of Scraps, knitting/crochet

The sun was shining – that was great – it made me feel more awake than I have in days.  I had bought two ferns and I spent some time transplanting them into larger hanging baskets.  I wish ferns didn’t come pot bound.  I always take them out and hang them in bigger pots so I don’t have to water them so frequently and they have room to grow – they will hang outside through November so the extra work is worth it occasionally they stay into December – I don’t bring them in the house as I have no luck with ferns in the house nor the room for them.  The cushions are back on the chairs instead of in the big storage box that I keep outside cushions in when it rains.  Now today I must get the blower out and blow all the small branches,weeds, and pollen away from the house that the storms kept bringing in.  After I blow all the crap off of the swing area I will try to get some good outside photos of the Postage Stamp quilt – it should all be dry enough today to take it outside.


The clematis and roses are looking good they got a little beat up from the rain but nothing they can’t snap back from.  The big pool of water that always gathers in front of the work shop area has sunk into the ground but it is still to soft to walk in – same with around the garden except some of that area still has standing water – thank heavens we have sunny warm days through Wednesday – should get back to normal around here and maybe the rain predicted for Thursday won’t be a lot – too far out to know.


I got half of the hexies stitched to the border and worked on the other half last night – did I finish? I hope so!  I am linking up to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


And I have been working on my “blanket sweater”– that is what it is called – except I am crocheting instead of knitting and enjoying it more!!  A photo of it on this blog post.


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  • maxine lesline May 6, 2017

    Lovely clematis.. and good combo with the rose. Your outdoor chairs probably don’t get a lot of use.. what with all you do. Ferns are messy plants… all that shedding.. worse than along haired cat.

    • Karen May 6, 2017

      Maxine I practically live outside for six months of the year! Those chairs get a lot of use. I am an outside person and inside only in the cold weather times. I am on my porch so much in the warm months. I go in and out all day long. I do not watch much tv. Most times I load up a tray to bring outside and I have sewing stuff out there, my Ipad, kindle, a nice tall glass of ice tea, my phone and I am set for the day. Mike and I also have a small motorhome. I’m not sure when you started to drop by but we haven’t traveled much in the last year and a half – first because of the situation that was going on with my eye and then because Mike accepted a contract job that is going to last longer than most of his normally do. When we travel we hit the road for 6-12 weeks and head to the Rocky mountains normally and then we live in a small 24 foot motorhome and the great outdoors.

  • Brooxie May 6, 2017

    Karen, your clematis are so gorgeous! Do they need a lot of sun? Do they spread?

  • Dottie bishaw May 6, 2017

    Boy, Karen, I can hear your garden growing and snapping here in Texas after all the rain you’ve had! Lol! Everything is just so pretty and green. I would live on that porch if I were you too. Your crochet work is beautiful too, it’s so relaxing, isn’t it? I’m so looking forward to seeing Postage Stamp on your porch!

  • Deb May 6, 2017

    Your clematis is just stunning!
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  • Brenda Hulsey May 6, 2017

    Your yard and front of the house are wonderful! Looks like the good life to me!
    Also your traveling in the RV sounds great too! Especially going to the Rockies!

  • Sandra B May 6, 2017

    Glad to hear that your yard is drying out, Karen…. We had a couple inches of rain, but we are drying out here in Virginia as well. Today has been overcast and cool all day. I am working on some hand piecing, watching the Kentucky Derby pre-show. Looks like they had a lot of rain as well….track is very sloppy. That always makes me nervous….
    Your yard and garden look beautiful, Karen…. I know you work very hard on it, and it shows!

  • Alida May 6, 2017

    Beautiful progress on your garden and on your hexie flowers 🙂 Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!

  • Rebecca Grace May 6, 2017

    Ooh, your yard is beautiful! So peaceful! And your hexies are looking great.
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  • Craft Biz Pro May 6, 2017

    Hi Karen,

    Beautiful Clematis! The hexie flowers look great. I think you had a very successful day! 🙂
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