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Finished the quilt to what it looks like in the original pattern now it is time to enlarge it a little.  I got the backing sewed together even though I won’t be quilting it for awhile so I could lay it out on the floor and measure and know for sure that I could enlarge the quilt and still have enough backing.  I do!  the backing is 107 x 109 so I can make the quilt closer to 100×100.  I went and forgot to take a picture when I had everything on the floor measuring so “tossed” it on the floor to try to get most of it without having to move that old heavy coffee table again.  Not the best photo – but you can see this is how the quilt would be without enlarging.  For enlarging the quilt I am doing another all the way around of the colorful 2.5 inch squares then another border of yellow if I have enough.  I will have to piece it so we will see what I have to do it.  That final border will be wider across then from top to bottom.  Right now the quilt top is 83 x 95  – I want it wider for sure, the colorful patchwork will make it 4 inches wider all around so length won’t have to be much more but width for sure will have another yellow border to match what is there.


I am still working with all the leftover fabric that came with the kit – glad it had so much extra.  Not shown here but I have about 160 squares cut out and will start sewing today.  I am linking to Tweety Loves Quilting.


When I got done cutting squares I still had this much fabric left over folded sitting on the chair.  There will be plenty leftover for the binding – it might be a multi-colored binding but there will be enough.


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  • Marianne May 13, 2017

    And Happy Mother’s Day to you! Enjoy a day to do whatever you want.

  • Deb May 13, 2017

    You certainly got your money’s worth in regards to that kit and the fabric amount! 🙂
    No sewing for me today….we have a work day set over at the boys dads house with hopefully lots of friends and a dump truck 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Applique & Quilting and a bit of family tooMy Profile

  • Doreen May 13, 2017

    Hopefully, finishing the current project and getting out doors……noble goals. Your top is so happy!!! I’m not a yellow person, but that color is so perfect for those blocks and your “enlargement” will work out nicely. Hope your tomorrow is spent with those dearest to you and doing what is enjoyed. Hugs………….

  • Alida May 13, 2017

    Beautiful quilt! Great to hear that you have enough extra fabric to enjoy! I don’t buy kits because I fear that I will make cutting mistakes and there won’t be enough to finish the original pattern. Thanks for sharing!!

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