Murrieta Stars

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Murrieta Stars – Flannel

Two final borders are ready to be sewed on to the top and bottom of the quilt and then this quilt will join the others in the “too be quilting on 3 roller frame box”.  I have so much fabric leftover – I can not believe how generous this Craftsy Quilt Kit was.  I have always heard bad things about kits and I almost didn’t get it but left over fabric even with two cutting mistakes!!

I needed two pieces that would be 6.5 inches wide and 103 inches long – there was some piecing going on but it was so much easier than I anticipated.  Because of one cutting mistake I ended up with 9 – 9.5 inch extra blocks.  They were all sewn into a long strip and then a little more added to the end.  Then cut off the extra in width which was just right to add to the other strip to finish that one off.  All seams pressed open to make hand quilting go easier.


The other one.


You can barely see the seams from this view so I know you won’t really notice them all that much once it is quilted/washed and dried and the crinkly antique magic happens.(all mistakes are almost invisible unless the quilt police search)


Two more baskets added to the little stack on the table, I have three more prepped and ready to work on.  When the flannel quilt top is finished I will go back to the birds. Hopefully I will finish the flannel today.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Crazy Mom Quilts.


You all might be remembering a couple years ago I bought a couple inexpensive Adirondack chairs – well you get what you pay for LOL – one of them broke so we have purchased some better ones, Mike is in the process of putting them together as of course there is always some assembly required – here is one done – my cushions still fit so that was great.  I will get a light brown paint to paint the footstools so they will match closer – you can paint these chairs but I do not know if I want to bother with.  Sometimes I use the leg rests and sometimes they get stacked to the side.  I could sand them off course to get the paint off and stain/varnish but I don’t think I want that much work.  Any ideas instead of paint?


For those who have asked if the sewing room was coming along – no it hasn’t moved much lately, in fact not one thing has been done on it the last couple of weeks.  If it is not one thing it is another that has taken precedent of Mike’s time.  I hope work can get started back up soon.






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  • Donna May 26, 2017

    I bought a Fons & Porter quilt kit once and made another lap size quilt, a baby quilt and two doll quilts with the left over fabrics!!!! I don’t usually buy kits unless they are on clearance but I do like them!

  • Ramona May 26, 2017

    I’ve purchased a few kits on sale because even if I don’t make the quilt in the kit, the fabric is such a deal. Enjoy your comfie new chair!
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  • Dottie bishaw May 26, 2017

    You did such a great job on the seams of the border, Karen. The quilt is going to be so lovely when you get it done, especially the hand quilting. Your sewing room will be done one day, it’s always hard to do such a project when your husband is still working. I love your chairs, my daughter has some on her porch and they painted them bright red. They are so comfortable, you’re really going to enjoy them. Those baskets are so cute, and so addictIive, aren’t they? Have fun sewing your borders on and stitching the little baskets.

  • Karen May 26, 2017

    Hi, Karen, How about just leaving those footstools as is? It adds to the eclectic elements of life and besides I haven’t met a brand of paint that actually stays on especially if you are stacking. I vote for saving yourself some work and spend the time sewing instead. Hang in there as your room will get finished. When I want to motivate my husband I ask, “What can I do to help the_______get to the next step?” Avoid saying done as it will backfire. It also helps if I am holding his favorite dessert in my hand as I ask.

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