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Back to the stars.  Yesterday I wanted to see just how much backing fabric did I have and would I be able to enlarge the quilt just a little more – mainly so it will be a little wider.  For me that is easiest by laying it all out on the floor and see what I have.  I had three pieces as I couldn’t get it in one big piece – and I knew there would be piecing involved.

I laid out what I had – the 3rd piece on the end would be cut in half lengthwise and make a long strip.  Cut off the end of the long piece – extra for now.  This is the quilt top as you saw it last. (yes all the furniture gets shoved around so I have a big space to work.


All the selvage edges are still on – this is just cut so I know what I have to work with.  None of the backing fabric is sewn together at this point.


7 inch borders – two of them done now – today I will get the other two attached then start to go through all the leftover fabrics after I press this and sew the backing together and press the seams – I will lay the top over it and center it and see what space I have left and how much more I can add.  Right now I am thinking another border of the colorful squares with a narrow finish of the yellow.


One more basket finished and I’m part way done with another – I have about 8 or 9 more prepped I think.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict, and Crazy Mom Quilts.


Can’t believe how tall the oregano is getting and I have been using some too.  It is ready for me to cut and start drying already.  Maybe this weekend.


The tall lilies are about ready to open – another week?  I will take a photo of the pretty orange flowers when they begin to bloom – they usually last about 3 weeks at least.  I need to add more dirt to the logs and put more things in them, right now there are some marigolds here and there from last years plants and some purple cone flowers in back of the logs but small so you can’t really see them.  I have had a few questions on the logs – where did they come from?  Last time Mike had  a lot of pine trees to cut I had seen an idea on pinterest that showed cut out logs with dirt in them and used for flower beds.  They have been here for about 3 years now.  I really should have added more dirt to them.  We did find out though that the idea works better if you have nice fat logs, the hollowed out area (from the chain saw) was not really deep enough for this idea as some of the dirt washes out with rain so it is kind of shallow right now.  But the roots from the plants actually goes deep into the log because of course the log begins to rot after awhile and becomes soft.  As the logs rot and break apart they will become a good planting mixture – mix more soil in it and it will be a rich mix and I will be able to have a larger area to plant with virtually no work.  I noticed the other day that one of the logs is actually rotting quite a bit and will begin to fall apart next year a little.  Things rot fast here in the south especially will go faster if I start to add more soil and leaf mixture this fall to the area.


The flower bed next to the house, blooming and plenty more to start soon, I have purple coneflowers and black-eyed susan’s in here too.  I keep the mint pots up here also handier to keep them watered when the weather begins to get dry.  I would like to add more perennials to this bed. Some that where in the front of the bed didn’t come back as they should have so I have some empty spots.


The hydrangea is almost ready to bloom also. I wonder if they will blue, lilac, or pink this year.  I was going to put some pine needle mulch around it at the end of fall and forgot.  We get run off though from the pine tree area that drains under the deck so they are usually a colorful mix.








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