No Sewing!


I really intended to get some sewing done and I didn’t even get one border cut or one basket prepped.  But no I was not lazy – laundry was done, exercise was done, what else is beyond me but I stayed busy.

One thing I need to share is this little dusting tool that I have for the plantation blinds – I was sharing an e mail with Karen from Tu-Na Quilts, Travels and Eats about dusting LOL and had to share what I use.  Dusters for plantation blinds – mine looks just a little different  than what is available at Amazon but then I got mine about 4 years ago I think at Wal-Mart hanging on the end of an isle by the dishes.  Here is a link to Amazon  it really does work with little effort once you finally tell yourself that you have to get the dusting done.  Sure can see that dust LOL but this works so quickly I got all 3 blinds done in less than 15 minutes and now they are nice and clean again and that cloth is horribly filthy and will be washed next load.


Another angle.


Fabric stacked up ready for me to start piecing a border together for the last of the mustard yellow – have no strips long enough for any one side so I will need to do some piecing – I’m sure it will be just fine and not so noticeable after the quilt is quilted, washed and dried.  That was one thing I did – I went through all the yellow to see what sizes I had left over.


I really need to clean up my table before I get back to work on anything – I tend to toss everything on this one and then use the dining table instead so I can spread out.


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  • maxine lesline May 18, 2017

    Slatted blinds are the pits… but certainly help with light control….. My louvered door to the furnace closet is also a dust catcher. One does feel kind of smug after a dusting mission For a day or so.

  • Karen May 18, 2017

    Thanks for the mention and the link. I will have to check it out for those few remaining blinds that I do have.

  • Sandra B May 18, 2017

    We do not have Plantation blinds, but I will definitely pass this along to friends who have them…looks like a very helpful dusting tool!
    Looks like you were busy anyway, without sewing….Your comment about not sure what you did, but you were busy, reminded me of when I first retired….we went to dinner with friends and they asked me what I did to fill my days after I had mentioned that I did not know how I had had time to work….Anyway, my reply was that at the end of each day, I cannot list everything I did all day, but I know I was busy doing it, whatever it was! That was nearly six years ago, and I still stay busy, and truly do not know how I got things done when I was still working!

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