One Little Basket

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), gardening, knitting/crochet

Well I was so busy yesterday and did it all on very little sleep as Sunday night was not a good sleep night for me – I woke up at 2:30 Monday morning and tossed and turned the rest of the night and barely fell back to sleep – I left for Little Rock at 8:30 in the morning.  I wondered if I would feel like any shopping but I did get some done after the car work was finished  – but I was pretty much done in by 2 in the afternoon and headed out of the city well before the rush hour started and home by 3:30 – which was fine with me!!  I did manage to find some new pajamas, t-shirts and a pair of black leggings – besides getting my stuff at Sam’s (no Costco here)

So one little basket done out of the ones prepped –


All of my skiens of yarn are rolled up and I ordered 3 more just to make sure I have enough – I should have read the instructions over better and realized she said she is a small person and the chain to cast on is for a 40 inch or so spread – I have very long arms and thought I better cast on more as my arm span is more like 60-63 from wrist to wrist.


I checked the garden over last night and the deer have not found it still – the green beans and peas growing really well.


The oregano is going crazy and I will need to get the dehydrator out and start drying some and using fresh.  These two plants came back from last year and never died over the winter.


The hostas are looking great.  I still have some water standing in the yard and other places you can’t walk or your feet will sink and now they say more rain on Wednesday and Thursday – hope it won’t be a lot!


For those of you with apple tree knowledge – what causes what looks like rust spots and curled leaves and what to do about them?  You can’t see them in this photo but I saw some on a few other branches.


Well that is all I have in me to write about – I hope I will get some work done today on sewing!!  I had an early night last night.  Oh and I forgot to mention since the storm on Saturday we have been without internet – we are using our Iphones as the Hotspot – I am not getting a good wifi at times and try to answer all the mail but I think I might not be getting all of them as I see a comment now and then on my blog that doesn’t show up on my email – just wanted to let you all know – I hope it gets fixed soon they say they are working on it.

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  • Carole May 2, 2017

    Your garden looks wonderful! The problem with your apples could be a fungal disease or aphids. Email me and I’ll send you some links.
    Carole recently posted…A Trip to Myrtle BeachMy Profile

  • maxine lesline May 2, 2017

    Very little sleep and much to do.. the combo causes in me a condition I call “the walking wounded”.. .. a road trip such as you did is even tougher. Just now took iPhone pics of your raised beds to show to my daughter who is now into gardening .. and has built two beds smaller than yours.. but putting in lots of herbs.. I want her to see your oregano. Her bunching onions, planted last year, are thriving… but she has little enthusiasm for these perennial tasty onions… so far. Years ago I cooked them and used a cheesy cream sauce.

  • Dottie bishaw May 2, 2017

    Beautiful little basket and the pictures too. Your garden has really grown since the last picture. Love the oregano and the hostas. Glad you made it back safely from all your errands. Do you have any Eastern red cedars around? It might be cedar rust disease on your apples. I heard something about it on a gardening show. Wish we would get some rain, but without the bad storms.

  • Sandra B May 2, 2017

    Sounds like your trip to Little Rock was a success….car work done, and some shopping as well….and home before rush hour…even better!!
    Karen, your garden is looking great! I decided to forego a garden this summer….mine was a small one, but the last couple of years not much to show for it…So I decided to give the soil a rest and just do a few things in pots on the deck…then maybe get back to the garden next year….
    Love the little basket block….one is better than none…so there you go!
    Beautiful hostas! I have several, but none of that particular variety…I really like the light edge on the leaves! We have lots of shade, so hostas do very well….I need to branch out and plant a few more varieties!

  • Belarmina May 2, 2017

    Karen tus cestas preciosas.
    El manzano atado por oidio , no se como se traduce esto,
    tengo uno de mis manzanos, al que le ataca cada año es una pelea constante
    se debilita el árbol y sufre

  • Basket and fabric are adorable. Love your garden and all the greenery. We are just starting to turn green, thank goodness. Summer can’t come soon enough! Happy Stitching.

  • Nanette May 3, 2017

    Makes me want to get my book out and do baskets!
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