The Postage Stamp Quilt & Some Wool

Midnight Garden, Postage Stamp Quilt

Finally the sun was out enough to dry an area of the yard so I could take a few new photos of the Postage Stamp quilt.  This quilt has at least 4,000 – 1.5 inch squares in it – wow that was a lot of little pieces saved over the years – I actually ran out and had to cut more to finish the quilt.  I machine pieced the blocks –the applique flowers, little birds and things are done with hand dyed wool and stitched with embroidery thread (2 strands) the clamshells were done with templates and glue basted in place and then appliqued in place (they were not done in EPP fashion).  I started piecing this quilt in the middle of August 2015 and finished the top October 1, 2016 – it sat aside for short while before I put it on my 3 roller hand quilting frame on November 14, 2016.  I was more than half finished hand quilting this quilt when we decided the sewing room needed a redo – the old floor was sagging, wiring needed to be redone – and right now the room is still ripped apart although the new ceiling is about finished – one day in the fall perhaps it will be done?  Anyhow due to the sewing room redo I pin basted what was left to quilt and took it off the frame and the rest of it was done in a hoop – finished the quilting April 22 and now it is on the bed.  After washing and drying the quilt it finished at 94 x 95 inches.  I found a sketch of the patchwork on pinterest – no pattern – you could pretty much make the squares any size you want and go from there.  I based my borders on a pattern in a book by Wendy Williams – I went by the photos and free formed cut my pieces from wool.  I used quilters dream 100% wool batting.  I didn’t keep strict track of quilting time but based on other quilts this same size I would say between 120 to 150 hours of hand quilting.




On my bed for at least part of the summer before it gets changed out with one of the other quilts in the stacks – way too many quilts in this house – lol – no one can have too many can we?  I have been asked why two borders and not four – because one is always behind the foot board so kind of a waste of time in my opinion and the head of the bed it would be under the pillows – another waste of time.  All that applique takes time and money! like I said hand dyed wool is not cheap – you tend to save the tiniest pieces for the accents on flowers and things.


After working with hand dyed wool for the applique I really found out that I like it!!  I started a new applique project in January making only one of the 9 blocks needed to make a wall hanging.  It got set aside for awhile but I am getting back to it now and realized I needed more bright colors – I didn’t have enough.  I ordered some from Shakerwood Woolens in South Carolina and I must say I am so pleased with their service and their prices are pretty good for hand dyed wools which we all know are expensive – I was going to order from the place I got the wool for the Postage Stamp but got to looking and found I could save about a third of the price from Shakerwood Woolens and didn’t have to pay postage.  No affiliation just a satisfied customer.  I was supposed to get the package on Monday but it arrived Saturday – that was nice!  Here is my small stack of hand dyed woolens – pay no mind to the jars of pasta sauce in the background LOL they are holding down the Hexie border that I had glued earlier in the day and I forgot they were there!


Hand dyes are available in a variety of sizes – I think these are all 6 x8 inches plenty to make flowers from.


The next pattern block I will be working on – I do believe this will be some of my hand stitching for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy , Quilting is More Fun than Housework with Cynthia,Love, Laugh, Quilt and Em’s Scrapbag, and Esther’s Quilt Blog and My Quilt Infatuation.


The blue flower block.  The pattern is called Midnight Garden by Deborah Kemball.  Little blurry photo – sorry about that.


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  • Kathi May 7, 2017

    WOW Karen… I LOVE LOVE LOVE your postage stamp quilt finish!!! It looks PERFECT on your bed and being shown off on in your yard too! So fun and fresh!!! I am glad you enjoyed the wool enough to do more… and funny thing is I never thought it was odd that you only did 2 borders.. I always envisioned it like you did it… I agree it would have been wasted work on top and bottom for that quilt!
    I am looking forward to seeing this Midnight quilt come together 1 block at a time. Guess your Handful of Scraps quilt has it’s 4th and final border on it then if it is drying in the background… GREAT!
    Have a great Sunday… are you done with rain yet there? We had 2 days of rain and are now being told that may be it for May… so we had to invest in sprinklers and use the spikots on the house instead of the well water that is reclaimed and free to use… no telling what our water bill will be while the rest of the country is seeing too much rain! Crazy stuff!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…So much to share!My Profile

  • Gretchen May 7, 2017

    The Postage Stamp is beautiful, she turned out so lovely. Sweet dreams under her. I really like the Midnight Garden pattern. This is going to be another pretty project. Will this be a wall hanging or a bed quilt or haven’t you decided yet. Have a great day!
    Gretchen recently posted…Still QuiltingMy Profile

  • Marianne May 7, 2017

    Your quilt looks beautiful outside AND on the bed! Did you enjoy sleeping under it last night? I’ve been following your progress for two years almost and the time really did fly by. I am enjoying wool applique myself these days and also just started a new project by Jenifer Gaston (from the book Primitive Style) yesterday. A woman who lives less than a mile from me owns Winterberry Cabin, hand dyes her own woolens, and vends at a lot of local shows. She sells little grab bags in various color ranges, so that’s what I’ve been buying. I used to keep all my wools in a shopping bag, but I see I need to organize them into a tub if I’m going to continue working with them. It’s really fun to work with these – a lot easier than Dutch Treat!

  • Barbara May 7, 2017

    Karen, your Postage Stamp Quilt is a knockout-you area master quilt designer. I love the riot of colors in the top and the border is a perfect calming complement to the quilt. The green clam shell for the ground adds great variety and texture and your flowers, birds and insects are so whimsical…wow, I LOVE it!

  • Liz May 7, 2017

    LOVE all the photos this morning. Great use of color, marvelous quilting and your outside area is so pretty. My eyes thank you. Oh and pretty hands.
    Liz recently posted…More Churn Dash BlocksMy Profile

  • Sandra Croley May 7, 2017

    I love the thought of two borders! You’re right, the top and bottom border are often not even seen. I’ll remember this post for the future!

  • Celia May 7, 2017

    Karen,your postage stamp quilt looks so lovely and is great to see it in your yard! Those Deborah Kembal blocks look so enticing, something else for us to enjoy seeing you make!

  • LisaS May 7, 2017

    Your postage stamp quilt turned out to be a stunner! Well worth all the hours of work.

  • Ivani Vieira May 7, 2017

    WOW it is gorgeous!
    Ivani Vieira recently posted…Crochê – Granny SquaresMy Profile

  • Carolyn May 7, 2017

    Karen, Thank you for sharing your lovely handwork! Your quilt is truly a work of art, certainly one of a kind original. It is just perfect on your bed. Congratulations on an exciting finish. Enjoy!

  • Deb May 7, 2017

    The outdoor photos are wonderful and how pretty it looks on the bed! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Early May : Slice of LifeMy Profile

  • CathieJ May 7, 2017

    This quilt is beautiful. It looks wonderful on the bed. I have never worked with wool fabrics, but I just may have to in the future. The borders are so gorgeous. I agree that you really don’t need a top and bottom border.
    CathieJ recently posted…Sun during the week, rain on the weekendMy Profile

  • Kathy S. May 7, 2017

    Breathtaking! I love the way you did the clam shells. The photos are gorgeous. I had to google Wendy Williams right away. Our local library did not have a copy of Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures, but Search Ohio will have it to me sometime this week. Your quilt is sooooo inspiring. I know I won’t start one soon, but I LOVE looking at yours. All those hours of work were totally worth it. Enjoy it!

  • Kathy S. May 7, 2017

    Oh, and I forgot to mention… you have beautiful hands!

  • Jayne May 7, 2017

    First, I agree about the border! Two sides is perfect. And talk about perfect..this quilt is just that! Having done postage stamp quilts before (not with that many blocks), I know just how crazy it can get. It is gorgeous!

  • Diann Bottrell May 7, 2017

    Kare, your quilt is beautiful! What a wonderful finish! It looks perfect on your bed, and I completely agree with you about it only needing the side borders.
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Scrap InspirationMy Profile

  • Deborah Quartz May 7, 2017

    Love the postage stamp quilt, your borders are amazing. You have inspired me to try wool. The quilt on your bed looks just amazing and the photos in the yard so lovely. Enjoy your Sunday stitching.
    Deborah Quartz recently posted…First Week of May and Some Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

  • Cathy May 7, 2017

    Hey Karen! Your postage stamp quilt is amazing!!! So stunning are the little pieces all lined up prefectly! And your borders are so pretty! I love them and you are so smart to only do the two sides!!! Your upcoming wool project looks challenging!! Enjoy your accomplishment!!!

  • Deanna Weiler May 7, 2017

    Great explanation on why only two sides. Besides it is a nice accent and you get to see it…Looks great on the bed.

  • Vicki W May 7, 2017

    It turned out great! Those borders were a brilliant idea and really make the quick special

  • Laura May 7, 2017

    The postage stamp quilt is fabulous! Two borders was the right choice!
    Your new project is going to be beautiful!
    Laura recently posted…Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

  • Dottie bishaw May 7, 2017

    What beautiful pictures of Postage Stamp finished! Everything about it, the piecing, the hand quilting, the applique is just simply wonderful eye candy! The two borders idea is simply genius. Congratulations on a finish for such a lovely journey, and thank you for letting us come along. The wool applique project is going to be a work of art when finished. Enjoy your stitching today!

  • Mary May 7, 2017

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process with us.
    Mary recently posted…Plans Gone AwryMy Profile

  • Cynthia Brunz May 7, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful! Great idea only putting borders on the sides. The quilt really looks stunning on a bed. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : GreenMy Profile

  • Quilter Kathy May 7, 2017

    That was a real treat to see your photos of the finished quilt!
    And it’s perfect for your bed! Congratulations on this amazing work of art!

  • Terri May 7, 2017

    Wow, Karen! Just wow….
    Terri recently posted…The Best of in AprilMy Profile

  • Marie May 7, 2017

    That border is just perfect for all of those postage stamps – just the thing to make both the border and the tiny squares pop. Wonderful!
    Marie recently posted…HexiesMy Profile

  • Sarah May 7, 2017

    Beautiful quilt! It looks fantastic on your bed. Those coloured woollens are lovely. Your new project is going to be exciting to watch grow.
    Sarah recently posted…Ta-da!My Profile

  • Jenny Benton May 7, 2017

    I too have been following your progress on this quilt – and certainly admire your dedication on the hand quilting. It looks wonderful – as you know, so bask in the glow of all these friendly congratulations!!!
    Jenny Benton recently posted…Home AgainMy Profile

  • Barb N May 7, 2017

    What an amazing quilt! Perfect! So many different splashes of color, and the borders are terrific. Thanks for the heads up about the online wool store!

  • Brenda Hulsey May 7, 2017

    I love the borders you put on the Postage Stamp quilt! Beautiful indeed!

  • Michele Hill May 7, 2017

    Your finished quilt is spectacular Karen…well done! And I know that addictive feeling with the wool felt too! x
    Michele Hill recently posted…Taking a different pathMy Profile

  • Janice Holton May 8, 2017

    I’ve bee then watching you work on this quilt for such a long time. I am completely impressed at your stick to it-iveness and patience in making something with so many pieces. Congratulations on a spectacular finish!
    Janice Holton recently posted…DrEAMi Moment and May OMGMy Profile

  • Cathy Tomm May 8, 2017

    Great finish on the postage stamp quilt. I love what you did on the boarder. You look like you have lots more hand stitching to do.

  • kaholly May 8, 2017

    Oh, my goodness, Karen, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Those borders really make the quilt! Such pretty wool. You’ve chosen the perfect pattern to work on. I look so forward to seeing it grow! XO
    kaholly recently posted…May is for MakersMy Profile

  • Lynn Gelston May 8, 2017

    Your postage stamp quilt is just stunning. Amazing what you can do with scraps if you only want to. I love the wool border and will be very interested to see how it holds up for you. Congratulations on a stunning finish!!

  • Craft Biz Pro May 8, 2017

    Wow, Karen, that postage stamp quilt is beautiful! You did such a lovely job. It looks great on that bed too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Your photos are always so lovely.

    P.S. you’re absolutely correct. You can never have too many quilts!
    Craft Biz Pro recently posted…Quilt Kits For BeginnersMy Profile

  • Nann May 8, 2017

    Oh, my! Your postage stamp quilt is beautiful! The applique border makes it all the better. Congratulations on a splendid finish.
    Nann recently posted…Weekly update: the most beautiful fabric in the worldMy Profile

  • Patricia May 9, 2017

    Your quilt is quite lovely! Great idea about the borders. I’ve enjoyed playing with wool, but didn’t know it could be used on a quilt! How awesome is that!!! You’ve taught me to great lessons today! Congratulations on such a precious finish! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Patricia recently posted…Philippians 3:2. Quilty 365 + A Fibromyalgia UpdateMy Profile

  • Plum Cox May 10, 2017

    Wow! What a beautiful quilt! Well done for managing to carry on with the quilting even after you had to take it off your frame. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Roseanne May 10, 2017

    Your quilt is just beautiful. You did a fabulous job! I just visiting a quilt shop in Richfield, Wisconsin last weekend and one of the owner’s passion was small pieces in her quilt. She had one that had 8,000+ and another over 10,000. WOWEE is all I could say. Kudos to both of you! If you ever get in the area – north of Milwaukee – you should stop in and chat. ~smile~
    Roseanne recently posted…To-Do Tuesday Edition Number 4My Profile

  • Mary D May 10, 2017

    What an awesome quilt and all of the applique is just gorgeous. I love PSQ and I’m working on two of them, one will be about 8,000 1.5″ pieces and the other 10,000 1.5″ pieces. I have 1,000’s of cut squares and sewing them as leaders and enders.

    I look forward to sleeping under mine one day just as you are doing with yours now. It is simply beautiful.

  • Teje May 11, 2017

    Hi Karen! Your post stamp quilt is gorgeus and the flower border just amazing! It’s so beautiful and I can imagine how much you enjoyed making it! x Teje
    Teje recently posted…Quilt blocks and spring stuffMy Profile

  • Ann May 12, 2017

    What charming borders. They show so beautifully on the bed. Good point about not adding them where they don’t show. Your postage stamp layout reminds me of the long ribbons of stamps we used to get. My grandmother had a little jar that they fed out of. We kids fought to stamp the letters.
    Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

  • Emily May 13, 2017

    Your postage stamp quilt is stunning!
    Can’t wait to see the wool project underway.
    Emily recently posted…A Little This and ThatMy Profile

  • Heidi May 18, 2017

    Ooo-la-la! I adore your new quilt, every patch, every stitch, & all the lovely applique! Wool has been on my wishlist for several years, thank you for the link!

  • Pam May 18, 2017

    Pat yourself on the back girl! That is truly beautiful. After that, you deserve a new sewing room!

  • Alison May 22, 2017

    Wow! This is a gorgeous – it all works and is an obvious masterpiece of a great quilter.

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