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Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Granny’s Gone Crazy, scrap quilts

I think I have it figured out now that I need to make a total of 25 blocks for Tumalo Trails – I have 13 finished and 9 patch blocks finished for 3 more. I will be making the same border that Bonnie has on hers and my quilt will be larger – I think it will finish at about 100-110 inches square.  I will work on more on the 9 patch blocks while I wait for more fabric to arrive for the half square triangles.  I need more variety than the white on white and ordered some shirting types of fabric to mix in – by having 12 more blocks to make that will make it so I can mix the rows of some still.  I cut out some long strips of some shirting type of fabrics that I did have on hand to lay out for sashing to see what it would look like and like how it divides up the 4 – 9 patch blocks that meet up through out the quilt.  This is all just laid out on the floor – not stitched as sashing will be put on after all the blocks are made so I know where I want all the blocks to go.  The sashing strips will be a variety of off white print on prints that will be used in the rest of the half square triangles.  I notice I have the bottom block turned the wrong way – but not sewed in place so that is ok.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict  and Crazy Mom Quilts.


These 9 patch blocks are pressed and set aside and I will make more while waiting for my fabric to arrive.


Two of the mini baskets – with no name still – ready to work on last night while watching tv. – I had started a list of names for this quilt and lost it – I think I had listed five names and only one still sticks in my mind – “Picking Berries” and I can’t for the life of me remember the others so must not have been meant to be.


And a few more hexies made for “Granny’s Gone Crazy” and added to the piece (maybe I need to name the baskets “Granny’s Little Baskets” or Granny is Picking Berries) – I need to get the Accuquilt out and cut some more mini’s – I have enough for a lot of center’s but I need six of each for the “flower” and  have no more with enough so started to work on that last night – sure love having the die for two sizes of hexies and the corresponding size for the papers although I have enough of those cut and at this time do not need more.


Off to Little Rock for part of the day today, don’t know what kind of sewing well get done today but I have the morning so maybe more 9 patches.  I need to get back to the birds one day and I’m sure there are another project or two tucked away in boxes that I haven’t worked on for awhile – well need to get back to some of them as well.






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  • Marianne Jun 23, 2017

    I like B Hunter’s patterns but some of them have too many small pieces – I will look at them again with an eye to making the pieces a bit bigger. Thanks for the thought!

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      and usually a lot of several color groupings that I do not have

  • Deb Jun 23, 2017

    you should name it ‘on a whim’ because that’s how we got started on these baskets, lol!
    Deb recently posted…Summer reading, sewing and snackingMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      yes I never planned to make these baskets for sure

  • Doreen Jun 23, 2017

    This B Hunter pattern is one of the first that has even appealed to me……others have been way too intricate (read “small pieces”!) or just not ‘me’. This one….well, the pattern is simple and the block size adjustable to my desires. I know I have more than enough fabric to complete any size I come up with!!! LOL!!!! The wee baskets are just the sweetest and epitomise ‘vintage’ for me.

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      I totally agree – I like Bonnie’s patterns but have never made one although there are a couple more on my list that do not have extremely little pieces in them. For this one after I looked some photos over really well I could see you could just make larger pieces and get the same result and that box of 2.5 inch pieces needed to be used for something. Her Mountain Majesty quilt is calling to me as well as several others. So many freebies on her site.

  • Carole Jun 23, 2017

    Wonderful projects in progress. I need to practice more applique.
    Carole recently posted…A Radical Idea to Handle a Wavy BorderMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      I have several applique projects in boxes that I had lost interest in – really need to get them finished one day

  • maxine lesline Jun 23, 2017

    The little quilt peeking out under Granny’s Gone Crazy looks sweet.. maybe you have shown it before, if so, I missed it… sometime would love to see it.. looks like a Courthouse Square. Now that I have … finally… finished the top of my simple (!!!) little wall quilt, I am going to work on my Shoo Fly / Churn Dash combo in a Kim Diehl setting.. and this time measure and stitch more precisely. Your Tumalo Trails is turning out terrific.

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      the little quilt on the table is a log cabin pattern – I just took a photo of it so I won’t forget – I meant to post it yesterday either you or someone else had mentioned it and I forgot about!

  • Karen Jun 23, 2017

    Your projects, your abilities, and your energy towards them are all inspirational to me. I think you should be called Granny’s Speedy Quilting. Lovin’ the Tumalo and Granny’s Gone Crazy projects!!

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      thanks Karen – I feel pretty slow though about several projects that have been set aside for awhile now while I keep starting new things!

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 23, 2017

    I love big quilts because my Mom always made big quilts. Your Tumalo Trails quilt is looking so pretty already. I can imagine how beautiful it will be when it’s done. I like the name Granny’s Little Baskets or Granny’s Picking Berries, so cute, lol! I have been cutting the other 150 baskets out and have about less than half to go. I want to just grab one and sew it. Your hexies look like a bed of flowers, so pretty and colorful! Have a safe trip today.

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      thanks – Little Rock is a little more than an hour away from us – we go there for shopping and some doctor appointments today is a check up with the retina specialist to make sure my eye is still doing good from the surgery last year – I feel it is –
      I like big quilts too!

  • Sandra B Jun 23, 2017

    Karen, your Tumalo Trails blocks are looking great! Love the look with sashing strips added! For some reason that simple addition makes everything else pop….looking forward to seeing this grow even more! Every time I see your posts about this quilt, I am thinking that I could easily make this just “shopping” in my stash!! May have to add this one to my list!!
    Hope you get a good report at the eye doctor!

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      everything was fine at eye doctor but continuing check ups every 4-6 months for awhile
      hope you make the scrappy quilt too – it is fun and easy to make

  • Teresa Jun 23, 2017

    I love Bonnie’s patterns and have done several including this one. I called mine Temptation Trails because I really needed to be working on something else but when I saw this one I had to start it right then. Good luck.

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      I love this quilt – a great way to use up scraps – all from the stash until I was half way through and new I needed more neutrals!

  • Rebecca Grace Jun 23, 2017

    Yes, I like the sashing, too. And I do the same thing, ordering new fabric for my “scrap” quilts! I would name your basket quilt A Tisket, A Tasket, because I love Ella Fitzgerald’s version of that song. 🙂
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…My Daily Thread Scribbles, a Few Snafus, Yet Steady ImprovementMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 23, 2017

      you are the second person to suggest that name for the baskets – I might have to go with it – I’m trying to remember who suggested it and might have to go back to the comments to see.
      I like the quilt with the sashing too otherwise I think there are too many squares coming together between the big blocks. I really did need more light neutral prints 🙂

  • Bea Jun 24, 2017

    Karen, I love your Tumalo Trails quilt. I am inspired to make one. I did not realize just how easy it was to make this quilt until I saw yours. I do not like making small quilt blocks. After seeing your Tumalo Trails I think I can make one. Thank you for the inspiration. I love reading your blog each day.

    • Karen Jun 24, 2017

      I am making my quilt different than Bonnie in using larger squares – I think she used a lot of 1.5 inch strips to make squares – using the larger pieces that I had on hand sure makes it go faster I think — Thanks for being a reader

  • Judy B Jun 26, 2017

    Great job on all your ongoing projects……from another Granny or G’wamma as my gret grandson calls me! 🙂
    Judy B recently posted…Finally a Friday Finish to talk about!My Profile

    • Karen Jun 27, 2017

      🙂 My kids called my mom Granny and my grandkids call me Grandma – there are so many names for grandparents in the south I don’t know if that is mainly in the south or other places – most of my sister in laws have their grandkids call them “nina” for some reason and the grandpas are “papas”

  • Judy B Jun 26, 2017

    Great job on all your ongoing projects……from another Granny or G’wamma as my great grandson calls me! 🙂

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