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Bird Brain, Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Granny’s Gone Crazy, scrap quilts

Bits and pieces – two more birds to add to the tiny stack of Bird Brain blocks – cut the photo off at the bottom – didn’t mean to do that


Don’t know if I showed this one hexie from the other day for Granny’s Gone Crazy – it is the only one I did in the last 3 or so days.


Three Scrappy Baskets prepped and ready to work on for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy, I hadn’t worked on these lately either.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework, and Tweety Loves Quilting.


I know some of you have seen this tiny scrap block on some sites — I saw it someplace and I totally forgot now where and read it was on Temecula Quilt Company so I went to see what it was about.  They well have a link up I believe on Mondays for 12 weeks.  I kind of just slapped this one together on Friday night to see if I would want to do it but I see I have a very crooked piece in here – I might do this little block and might not – finished size is 4 inches.  She is calling this Marvelous Mini Monday.  It would be a way to use more scraps but it is small and I am not always good at small pieces on the machine!  I actually do better by hand.  Are any of you making this tiny block?  I was not pressing as I go and with small pieces like this I really need to in order to have things lay flat or they get crooked easily.  After reading the information over a little bit (I just went back to read it again) I see that each week it will be a different block – I think – one photo she shows a nine patch in the middle and another the 4 patch like below.  Said she would have more info soon.







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  • Doreen Jun 11, 2017

    You certainly have variety going on! Vacation Bible School last week left little time for such quilty pleasures, so I’ll have to see what I can focus on this week. No rain here means slow growing everything…..add to it, temps in the mid 90s and INdoors is the spot of choice. Have a great week!!

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      I think our lower humidity and lower temps are set to go away, woke up to 68 instead of 60 – yup it is going to be hotter today!

  • maxine lesline Jun 11, 2017

    The Temecula tiny block is cheery… interesting,, too.. Blocks like this are so “Gwen Marston”… she popularized ‘liberated’ quilting decades ago.. through her many books, sold out workshops all over the world, and most recently in collaboration with Freddie Moran.. .. their projects are stunning collages, and two books. Another noted quilter ( ? Findlay Wolfe) uses pieces to make up her own fabric, out of which she cuts shapes for wedding ring quilts, etc. Kathy Doughty in Australia uses scraps this way also, I think. Your scrappy birds rather fit in this category…. those legs are sweet and funny.

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      her first name is Victoria – for the Findley Wolfe – yes I used to look at her blog before she got known we used to exchange a few messages now and then. But no these little blocks aren’t on that same idea – yes she “makes fabric” by sewing a bunch of pieces together – these little blocks are cut and measured patchwork – 4 – 1.25 inch squares in middle, 1 inch strips – Victoria’s is more of grab whatever you want and sew it together then cut a piece out – Now the birds bodies could be made like that but you still need some main color differences for wings/body

  • Alida Jun 11, 2017

    Those birds are just too cute! I love the scrappy variety, it will be a cheerful quilt! I look forward to see your progress on all these great projects! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      thanks Alida – they are scrappy!

  • Liz Jun 11, 2017

    My Temecula block also came out wonky. That just adds to the charm. I have started a new appliqué set of blocks. Hearts. I’ll post about it today.
    Liz recently posted…ProgressMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      I think it all comes down to those skinny little pieces! it is hard to hold them straight through the machine – for me anyhow

  • Diann Bottrell Jun 11, 2017

    I love your birds – have been wanting to try those, too! I also made the Marvelous Monday Mini from Temecula Quilt Co. Mine is also a bit wonky, and a hair larger than the finished size is supposed to be. I thought I would hang onto it and see what else they have on Mondays. Maybe it will turn into something fun!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…X’s and O’sMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      that is what I am thinking – hang on to it and see what is next – I wasn’t sure if it was suppose to finish at 4 or 4.5 so made it 4.5 – and can trim down if needed – it will just finish as a little project anyhow if I make all the blocks for the 12 weeks – it can go on the table

  • Deb Jun 11, 2017

    oh that is too tiny for me, lol! Birds and baskets looks great and that is such a pretty hexie.
    Deb recently posted…Applique, Garden Flowers, Kids & DogsMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      LOL – it is tiny – reminds me of the Dear Jane blocks – but it is just one a week I think for 12 weeks – I’m going to see what block is next and decide from there – if they are easy enough I might make two of each – table topper?

  • Jayne Jun 11, 2017

    Those birds have been on my list forever! I love yours and love seeing them everywhere!

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      thanks – I see them everywhere also – I started the first off with a pattern and haven’t looked at the pattern since – take a 5 inch charm cut it diagonal for the body and corner of block and start from there – slice off a corner on top and bottom to curve the wing/body and go from there

  • Sarah Jun 11, 2017

    Your little birds are so colourful, they will make a magnificent flock sometime! Not sure I have the patience for four inch blocks.
    Sarah recently posted…Owl Cross StitchMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      yes I know what you mean about the little blocks – fiddly for sure! The birds are growing on me – well eventually be a couch size/lap for dear daughter #1 – she is a bird watcher

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 11, 2017

    I’m at the beach again when I look at your birds, Karen, lol! They are just so pretty and colorful. I get emails from Temecula Quilt Co and I saw those little blocks too, but I think they are too little for my hands to handle. Yours is so cute, l like it. I finished two more baskets last night, and that put me at 102 baskets. I’m one third of the way done and hope I don’t run out of steam. I’m determined to get to 300 and finish this quilt. Watching you do your baskets is so inspirational for me. Enjoy your slow stitching Sunday.

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      you are way ahead of me on baskets – I don’t even have 60 still!!

  • Quilter Kathy Jun 11, 2017

    I’m doing the Temecula mini project. I’m going to make 2 blocks each week. it’s perfect for using up the tiny scraps.
    I do love your basket blocks and think I might need to make a basket quilt one day!

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      I was thinking two or three of each block that she has might make a nice table topper

  • tubakk Jun 11, 2017

    Those birds are awesome.

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      yes I love them too

  • Cynthia Brunz Jun 11, 2017

    Love those happy bird blocks. I was also thinking of joining in on the Temecula blocks but i might make them twice the size. 4″ is just too small for me. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : 9-patch Block DecisionMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      4 inch is tiny if you are not used to making little blocks – I did 2 Dear Jane quilts sometime back and I think those blocks finished at 4.5 also so I guess I am used to them – one more thing to use up tiny scraps!

  • Hanne Jun 11, 2017

    I love all your projects 🙂

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      thank you Hanne!

  • Belarmina Jun 11, 2017

    Karen tus pajaritos esta bonitos,
    ¡¡ tus cesta rojas me encantan!!
    gracias por compartir
    buena semana

    • Karen Jun 11, 2017

      thanks Belarmina – I love these little birds!

  • Karen Jun 12, 2017

    You have been busy producing some lovely work. Well done.

    • Karen Jun 12, 2017

      thanks – this year I am trying to use my scraps and I have used a lot but one wouldn’t think so looking at what I have on the shelves.

  • Marianne Jun 12, 2017

    Love the way the birds are coming together – so cute! I looked at the mini website, but think I will pass. The Moda Blockheads weekly block is already hard enough to keep up with. They are 6″ as are some blocks from a swap coming my way at the end of the summer. I’m planning to use them all together in a quilt. Meanwhile, I just started some Sisters Choice blocks using the blue and yellow FQ bundle I got from Craftsy. They are coming together very nicely, and I’m cutting them with my die cutter, a plus.

    • Karen Jun 12, 2017

      hope you liked the blue and yellow fabric – I had not been interested in the blockhead challenge

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