A No Sewing Day


I just never got around to sewing yesterday – I had intended to work on birds and had fabric for two birds laid out on the cutting table and instead I got busy  – we bought a new charcoal grill – need I say more – off to the store to get chicken that I didn’t need to thaw, salsa and chips ect.  First Mike had to assembly – LOL – that always takes longer than expected doesn’t it, read the book over a little bit and before you know it the afternoon was gone and then it was off to the garden to plant a few more plants to replace ones that had died either with the same or with something different.

The nice new black shiny Weber grill.  Our old one bit the dust a long time ago and we had been using a little one that we use camping and having to put it by the stone pavers by the firepit, which meant stooping down to work – getting a little old for all that stooping!


The garden by this time of year should look a lot fuller than this!  I talked to the girl in the plant department when I stopped by to get some of the last plants available and she said a lot of people were complaining of the gardens this year – sounds like I am not the only one to get some plants infested with aphids.  Some people lost all their tomato plants from too much rain.  Luckily I have not lost mine but most haven’t gotten very full or tall.  In back of the garden where that group of trees are is a little hill and all those tall plants are Tiger Lilies – yes a whole mess of them – they will be blooming next week and I will take a photo of the orange wonderful flowers the.  You can see the sun going down behind the trees – this whole area gets in the shade by about 6:30 in the evening which makes it nice for working in the garden.  (all of the lilies were moved to this area from the front of the house last fall.)


But the cherry tomatoes are starting so that is good – one ripe one that I will get today.  The orange color in the background are marigolds – I have them scattered through out to try to keep bugs at bay.


And a big one almost ripe


The Tiger Lily’s are about to open and there is a mess of them.  This little hillside will be covered in orange color soon


To the right of these are one little area of Butterfly Weed – I dug these up from a ditch one year and didn’t really think it caught and the next year I had one plant – about 5 years later there are 3 here.


In back of the Tiger Lily’s is Honeysuckle – wild of course – I don’t think anyone actually plants this stuff in the south – it just grows – here on my little hillside – in the woods, climbing trees, growing in flower beds where I kill it so it won’t take over.


Maybe I will get to some sewing today?  What about you do you find you sew a lot less at the beginning of summer?  I sew a lot less but we will be back to humidity by Sunday and I won’t be spending so much time outside in the afternoons.

Last night after I had this post scheduled I ran across a link on one of the quilting facebook groups that I belong to – I just have to share – it is long – it is amusing and told from the husband of a quilter – read it and have a laugh! I had to share so went back in late last night and added this in.  The Sewing Lawyer






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  • Teri Dingler Jun 10, 2017

    The Sewing Lawyer is priceless! Thanks for sharing- a delightful read!

    • Karen Jun 10, 2017

      it was funny wasn’t it

  • maxine lesline Jun 10, 2017

    Glad your tomatoes are doing good…. and does the butterfly weed really attract butterflies? Thanks for a good laugh with the judge and his quilt talk… Whatever I have spent on my quilting, I compare it to the cost of golfing.. and stress counseling. Guilt free !

    • Karen Jun 10, 2017

      quilting is a good stress reducer isn’t it – and yes I bet golfing is pricey – and cars and whatever else some men spend money on. The butterfly weed is quite a ways from the house so I really haven’t had a chance to see if butterfly’s land a lot but I do normally see a few among the flowers

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 10, 2017

    I just finished reading yesterday’s post and today’s since I missed it because we were traveling back home. Boy you have been busy the last two days. I really liked all the pretty pictures of your yard and quilt projects. Everything is so pretty and bright! When we were at the beach, we saw a lot of shore birds and they made me think of your bird quilt, lol! Thank you for the lovely pictures and the funny link. Your blog is such a lovely read, I really enjoy it, have a wonderful weekend.

    • Karen Jun 10, 2017

      thanks Dottie, glad you got home ok and bet you enjoyed your vacation

  • Michele Jun 10, 2017

    So many lovely flowers Karen and love the honeysuckle!

    • Karen Jun 10, 2017

      I love honeysuckle too – some hate it – it can have a bit of an overpowering smell if the area is really thick with it.

  • Deb Jun 10, 2017

    Love seeing your garden progress ; now I will be off to check out that link 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Applique, Garden Flowers, Kids & DogsMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 10, 2017

      the link is funny – hope you take time to read it

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