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Busy day yesterday – it was another nice day – it is beginning to feel like summer – in the low to mid 80’s every day now.  In between doing things outside, like sitting on the porch and the garden i got one bird block done to join the other three – I am making this one at a time pretty much free form – I used the pattern to make the first one and after you do one you pretty know what you are doing and with just cutting straight lines and forming the bird it doesn’t take much effort.


I remembered I had saved little leftover pieces from the flannel quilt when I was making binding and I sewed the little triangles together, pressed them and put them with the left over bundle of fabric – they might find live in a quilt with the leftovers.


Enough to make a couple little blocks


Two more baskets cut and ready to applique – I know the red/white basket doesn’t stand out a lot on this background but I am using it anyhow and will keep it in mind for later to cut a few darker backgrounds for these lighter colors – but keep in mind there will be about 300 of these so it will work out in the end.


I dug up my new potatoes – I only planted six hills from potatoes that  I had sprouted in the house this winter so a little mix – the potatoes didn’t work out as well this year – I could tell the plants didn’t look good so I just dug them up a little early – I need room to plant my sweet potatoes – I think we had so much rain this spring that it was too much for potatoes.


A colander full so that is fine with me with a little hobby garden


Some Roma tomatoes – I have two plants of this variety


One plant of cherry tomatoes and 4 other varieties.


I have never heard of Pineapple Sage and really don’t know what to use it for – it said it would get big and have red blossoms and I thought what the heck why not try it – I will need to search what you use it for or just let it be pretty with blossoms


Pretty hydrangea’s are from one plant and I got a variety of colors again this year off the one – pink, lavender and blue and some are a combination of all three colors.  To update briefly on the sewing room – I like the dining room so much in the pine that we decided to do the sewing room the same way  – no photos yet a lot of work still to go but it is moving along slightly while Mike continues to put in long hours at work 3 or 4 days a week, he is also coping with some bad muscles in his neck/shoulders – so it will still be some months before the finally.


Marigolds from last years plants.  I had left the marigold plants in the garden to dry and in the middle of winter I pulled them out and tossed a lot of them in an area away from the garden over where a lot iris and lilies grow – well I have about 12 plants from those seeds, some are coming up in the vegetable garden now too from those seeds and blooming now – tiny plants a bit small compared to the new ones I planted that I got from the store this year.



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  • Marianne Jun 1, 2017

    Your garden looks great! I planted tomatoes last weekend – just two in pots. Today is the first day in about a week when we haven’t had any rain, so I plan to go to the farm down the road to see about some hanging plants. Your hydrangeas look nice – I heard that the colors depend on the pH in the soil, but three colors in one plant would negate that theory, I think.

  • Kristie Jun 1, 2017

    I don’t know where to start… everything looks great! Your garden looks wonderful. Hubby dug up some new potatoes yesterday that grew from leftover potatoes that we accidently left in the ground from last year. Your little birds are so cute. Love your baskets as well. It’s a busy time of year.

  • Carolyn Jun 1, 2017

    Pineapple sage is one of my favorites in the herb garden. I use it as an ornamental because it makes such a fragrant lovely plant for the fall. You will probably get it to come back for next year, here in N.C. it does so if we have a mild winter. Think you may be able to use it for jelly making but I have never tried that. Yours is really nice!

  • maxine lesline Jun 1, 2017

    Maybe the pineapple sage draws butterflies or some beneficial (beneficial always refers to what benefits humans, of course )creatures. The birds are jazzy.. such light-hearted looking little guys and they certainly add cheer . Your garden news is good to hear… my one little tomato in a pot has a timid tiny blossom.. hoping it will grow bolder.

  • Mary Jun 1, 2017

    Your garden is doing great! I love it when last years plants reseed.
    Mary recently posted…The Village is BuiltMy Profile

  • Deb Jun 1, 2017

    I can’t believe that you are harvesting there already and here we are just putting things in!! 🙂 Everything….birds and blooms and harvest looks wonderful !
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life : quilting, gardening, and SOMETHING is in the wallMy Profile

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 1, 2017

    Boy, you were a busy lady yesterday! Glad you’re feeling well again. Your garden is looking great. I can’t believe how many potatoes you have already! I have one pineapple sage planted too, but I just enjoy the blooms, they’re so pretty. Your little birds are so pretty and colorful, love them and the baskets. I got some yard work done yesterday and two little baskets. Your tomatoes look like they are really getting big.

  • Karen Jun 1, 2017

    I too am amazed that you are harvesting. Lovely looking potatoes! Your bird blocks are so cute! My husband just finished planting the garden yesterday. We have a short growing season here. But he wants to down size the garden and any leftover land will be put into grass. Oh, I love fresh vegetables but do not like to weed so I guess I will just have to let it be so and sew.

  • Belarmina Jun 2, 2017

    karen bonita y cuantas cosas variadas entrada
    me gusta tu cuarto de costura y tus cerámicas al fondo
    buen fin de semana

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