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If you are into hexies and have an Accu Quilt Go this is the die for you!  I am so glad I got it – I actually have two different sizes and they have both been used a bit already.  I have the die plate that cuts papers and fabric at the same time.  I have the 1/2 inch die which I am showing you right now – the one I am using for Granny’s Gone Crazy.  I know a lot of you have other ways that you cut yours but I really like this one – it is fast and cuts six sets of six at a time – and the papers to go with them – I use freezer paper but you can use card stock or the inserts from ads in magazines.  The smaller side is for the papers – the larger for the fabric.


I put one piece on each side so you can see.


I have enough papers cut but I need more hexies – I am raiding my 5 inch charm box – this gives me enough to use the little bit left over to make more 1.5 inch squares as my box was about empty- I’m saving for another postage stamp quilt.  I stack up 6 pieces making sure the template is covered with overhang on one side.


The overhang gives me a little more than 1.5 inch left over.


You place the cutting mat on top and crank it on through the machine.


Gently take off the excess so you don’t have to restack.


Put it on the cutting mat and slice off the uneven section and then cut a 1.5 inch strip.


This little bit is left over and from six 5 inch charms I have 36 – 1/2 inch side hexies enough to make 6 hexie flowers and 18 – 1.5 inch squares.


This box is slowly gathering more tiny squares.


And this box is gathering up more hexies – the hexies at the front are the new ones I have been cutting – 6 of each color and the back side has numerous pieces but not six of any so they will be used for the middle hexie in each flower.


I hope this gives you a little more understanding of how the die works and little is leftover.  You do not have to use a 5 inch charm of course I believe a 3.5 inch strip would work or there about – I didn’t measure it as I have a box full of 5 inch pieces to use.

2 scrappy baskets made on Thursday evening.


I have been asked about the little table topper on the coffee table – what did it look like – here it is 18.5 x 28 – been washed numerous times and some shrinkage has occurred over the years.






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  • Ruth Jun 24, 2017

    I keep asking myself if I need an Accuquilt. You might convince me.

    Would you like more fabric?
    Ruth recently posted…EPP is backMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 24, 2017

      LOl – what kind of fabric? I just ordered about 10 different small print light neutrals – I will get some of them on Tuesday and more later in the week or so Not sure hadn’t ordered from one place before.

  • maxine lesline Jun 24, 2017

    Thanks for the pic of the little quilt.. those colors sing !

    • Karen Jun 24, 2017

      made with fat quarters from the stash!

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 24, 2017

    It’s amazing what new things they come up with, yes? I have the hexie die, but it’s two separate dies, one for the hexies and one for the papers. They are so handy, and so accurate. Your squares and hexies are growing and using five inch squares is so smart because you get such a variety of fabric. It’s been raining here since midnight. Oh, you know I love your baskets too! Have a great weekend.

    • Karen Jun 24, 2017

      we had 1.5 inches of rain yesterday in less than a half an hour – it came down so fast and it didn’t have time to sit in puddles and when I walked to the garden this morning I didn’t sink in any mud spots or see a puddle – amazing.
      i love the hexie die – it is so handy.

  • audrey Jun 24, 2017

    So interesting to see how the Accuquilt works. Part of the reason I’ve never attempted Hexy quilts is all that cutting.:)

    • Karen Jun 24, 2017

      LOL – I know what you mean – that is one of the things that put me off doing hexies by hand after making one – and printing them off the computer program took forever then they all needed to be cut – could use a rotary cutter and said you could stack but I could never stack evenly!

  • Sue Jun 24, 2017

    I love the look of the cutter for the hexies Karen. How much would one expect to pay for one. I am in NZ but I am coming to USA next week on a Quilting tour.
    Sue recently posted…Doll Quilt SwapMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 24, 2017

      they are 39.99 at accuquilt for the 1/2 inch not sure on the 1 inch a little more I expect. Do you have a friend in the states that you will be seeing – you could order one and send to her address? i think some JoAnne stores carry but do not know what dies they have – if you are going to any shows they might have some for sale.

  • Doreen Jun 25, 2017

    I’ve looked at die cutters off and on for years. Not so much for things like hexies but to take care of the small leftovers that pile up… for postage stamp piecing.

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      I know what you mean – I think I will get good use out of my strip cutters – you can lay the strips across after they are cut and cut them into squares.

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