A Wandering Kind of Day

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I think it got much warmer yesterday then it had been and I could feel the humidity picking back up too – rain in the forecast again for the weekend but not too heavy at least but that means back to the sticky weather doesn’t it – guess we can have what we want all the time.

Yesterday was a busy day, fitness center and I called to see if I could get a haircut on the spur of the moment – yes but not for 2 and a half hours – did I want to drive back home (30 -40 minutes round trip) and then back in town or just stick around town and wait – I decided to stick around town and wander around – why? I am not that much of a shopper LOL.  I needed to stop and get my glasses adjusted, stop to pick up hair dye – stopped at Hobby Lobby and wandered and saw they have the Halloween/Fall stuff and Christmas stuff beginning to get on the shelves – way too early for me – but then I do not make a lot of stuff for Christmas and have all the decorations I need and normally only pick up one or none each year!  (I guess I probably should have just stopped at Starbucks instead of wandering!  there used to be a nice bookstore/coffee shop but it closed – it was too hot to wander in and out of places – but I did)



I do believe I got all the half square triangles made for the Tumalo Trails and enough patches for 2 more blocks – Need to make more after I get these two sewed.


More tiny hexies made after I got the grass cut in the evening – really wanted to get that done before the rain comes back – I’ve been cutting grass once a week I think – soon it should slow down – unless we keep getting weekly rain that is.


My hair is a little shorter than I wanted but it grows fast so it will be ok.  This is the 2nd time I have had this young lady do my hair and she is very friendly and listens but it still turned out a little shorter than I wanted – it is hard to explain how you want it at times isn’t it.  I’m never happy with hair dressers and change often I guess either because I do not like how they cut hair or they move on to another place that I either do not like or is too far to bother with going.




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  • Elzaan Jun 29, 2017

    Sounds like you had a busy day!
    Great work on the quilts. You are making good progress.
    I am never happy with my hairdressers either. They tend to cut my hair too long (I need to ask them, when they are finished, to remove more) or they don’t listen and do their own thing.
    Wow Christmas decorations already?! Halloween I can understand but Christmas???? Maybe “Christmas in July”?
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    • Karen Jun 29, 2017

      here in the US the craft stores begin to sell Christmas things in June – maybe for those that make for the craft shows to sell decorations? and then the Christmas decorations come out in all the other stores to start to prepare for the holidays sometimes by the end of September – it drives me nuts – I hate it that early. Nice to know others are not always satisfied with their hair dresser either – my sister moved last year and is still searching for someone

  • LisaS Jun 29, 2017

    Christmas things in June? Waaay too early! I love your Tumalo Trails. I’ve got some 9-patches from a swap from years ago and I think I might turn them on not Tumalo too. Your Crinum lilies are beautiful.

    • Karen Jun 29, 2017

      thanks Lisa – glad to hear I am not alone in hating to see Xmas things this early in the stores – I do know that those that sell crafts have to start early in the year to make them or if they want to make them for presents but for me – way too early

  • Donna Jun 29, 2017

    I miss the days when they started putting out Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving!!! Your hexie quilt is going to be so pretty! I must be the only quilter alive who doesn’t like making hexes!!!

    • Karen Jun 29, 2017

      I think there are a lot that do not like hexies and I never thought that I would like to make them especially using EPP – I too long for the days at times when the Christmas holidays didn’t start until the day after Christmas – several in my extended family start to put up their decorations the after Halloween!! they are crazy in my opinion – they say it takes that long to get the decorations up and in place – my answer to that is they are putting up too much LOL I’m not a grinch but I am not into Christmas that much!

  • Val Reynolds Jun 29, 2017

    E Gads! I agree…the commercialization of the holidays has gotten out of had. On the other had, wearing my hair pixie short…I know exactly what you mean when it gets cut just a little toooo short. In two weeks it will be were you wanted it. 🙂 (Your hexi’s are my favorite)

    • Karen Jun 29, 2017

      LOL – yes when it is cut too short you don’t like it for a week or two but then it is just fine for another 2 or 3 weeks before it needs to be cut again – I don’t wear it pixie short – but not even chin length

    • Karen Jun 29, 2017

      oh and thanks about the hexies – I love these little pieces

  • Sandra B Jun 29, 2017

    It is warming back up in Virginia…supposed to be in the 90’s and very humid for the 4th of July…UGH!! We have a had a few really nice days, though, so I shouldn’t complain!!
    Love how your Tumalo Trails blocks are coming along….and all those little hexies look great….
    I got my hair cut yesterday as well….I have been going to the same person for about eight years….it is nice to go there and just sit in the chair and she knows what I want….she always asks if I want to make any changes, though, just in case. She has become a good friend over the years, and it is nice to “visit” while she cuts my hair…. I have even gotten to know some of her other long time customers as well….

    • Karen Jun 29, 2017

      that is great to have found someone you are satisfied with for your hair – a long time ago I went to the same person for about 5 years but then I wanted to start changing my hair some and she seemed to want it just like hers – every time I said I wanted something a little different somehow it just kept looking more like hers 🙁 parted ways and have been trying to find someone else I have been happy with since – short term some have been great – the last good one I had went on a mission trip to India for a year and came home a happy pregnant lady and she and her husband ended up moving somewhere else

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 29, 2017

    What a day it has been! We went south about two hours to tour a college campus for our grandson, and walked about two and a half miles at a fast pace. Our tour guide was young and really could walk fast, lol! We than went shopping in the base exchange and had lunch before heading home. I refuse to think about Christmas until after thanksgiving! Your hexies look like flowers scattered in a field, so pretty. I have been lucky to have my hairdresser since we came here, seven years ago. She knows what I like and my hair color. She also collects old Singers like me, and even gave me a treadle. Sounds like you had a full day too, even cutting grass!

    • Karen Jun 29, 2017

      OMG gave you a treadle – send her this way I love her already 🙂 just where do you live and will visit and get a hair cut LOL

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