Mini Blocks and Cutting Strips

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Only one little mini block got done yesterday – I was just too busy with other things.  I hope to finish the last of the 3 for this second week – it really doesn’t take much time – just a pain!  And yes LOL even with starch and pressing it is not even – I am just not worrying about it.  This well end up in a little table topper or something – it will not be anything special just something to use up more scraps.


Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Crazy Mom Quilts.  I did get the strip cutters out and tried them out.  I dug through the scrap box and found an almost fat quarter – in others words something that was already cut into – I mainly just wanted to see how the diagonal areas on these strips worked and the squares from the strips.


My piece wasn’t wide enough to fold in half and still fit over the 2 – 2.5 inch strip areas, so I fan folded it over one of the strip areas.


I got three strips and this was the amount of scrap left over –


If you have a long piece of fabric if you fold it on this end it will not cut through and instead of a 24 inch strip you can end up with a much longer strip because this end will not cut through


I wanted to try out the squares so from one of the strips I fan folded it over this area going the opposite way – I did line it up on the mark.


after more experimenting I got about 10 squares and I think it was a couple of diamonds and then from the leftovers played more – you do need to make sure you line up the diamond area right and a diagram is included.


From the 2.5 inch strip die I moved on to the 1, 1.5, and 2 inch strip – one area for each of those strips is on the die – from the one inch I experimented with squares and then measured and it is 1 inch square.  I’m sure I will enjoy cutting strips from long pieces of fabric and know they will be straight – but for now I better get back to projects in progress!  Do not know if any sewing will be done today – grass to cut in the morning and then exercise in the afternoon and half of the ceiling needs the second coat of varnish on still.  Busy day ahead!


Supply Sale at Craftsy – Friday through Sunday up to 50% off kits and supplies!  This is where I got the flannel star quilt kit from that I had so much fabric left over.  I think I need to check it out again and see what kits there are once again – although I still have two on the shelf to make!!







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  • Marianne Jun 16, 2017

    Good to know! I have a die that has a 4″ square, a 2.5″ square and two halves of a HST that I’ve been using for Sister’s Choice. The seconds are skew on the die, so you have to place your fabric a little skew also to get the grain to line up. I don’t mind being slightly off grain most of the time, but it does mean being a little careful when pressing with steam not to distort things. I really like having the die cutter, though, and should use it more. It really saves my wrists.

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      yes I need to use it more too

  • Kat Jun 16, 2017

    Good choice of dies. It’s nice that you can do more then strips. I so like mine, one of my best investments.

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      I like it too and just really have to look for each quilt that I make – “can I cut some with dies” because I do not have it laying out I at times forget about

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 16, 2017

    Your blocks are looking good Karen. I love the strip dies and the machine. It really helps me so much, less strain on my wrists. I only wish there was a die for the little baskets I am doing, it would save so much time. It sounds like you have a very busy day planned. We’re supposed to be very hot this weekend, triple digits. Hope you get out early to cut the grass before it gets too hot!

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      glad it is not that hot here but we have the humidity which makes it all feel hotter – only 77 degrees and I just got done cutting grass and I am sweating and just sitting on the mower! You can get a special order die for baskets or anything from what I hear – but of course willing to pay for it is another matter! LOL

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      Dottie one of my readers pointed out that the Serendipity Cube Set has a basket – it also has a lot of other things in it. The basket though is on a six inch die so I think it is larger than the ones we are using for the little basket quilt it also cuts the handle off separately – this set is designed by Edyta Sitar and is intended to use with machine applique –

  • Rebecca Grace Jun 16, 2017

    I still do not understand how the strip cutting dies work. I think I would have to actually see it in action! Don’t those diagonal lines cut across the strips too, or is that a different die in that photo?
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…My Daily Thread Scribbles, a Few Snafus, Yet Steady ImprovementMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      the diagonal lines are markers for where to put your strips for diamonds only the strips marks cut – go to the AccuQuilt site link on the sidebar – they have videos – look at one of the strips and it will show you better than I can explain

  • Kristie Jun 16, 2017

    Those dies are on my “wishlist” I do think that those are some that I would probably use a lot. Thanks for the detailed review of them.

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      I think I will use the strips more than any other

  • maureen hicks Jun 16, 2017

    There is a die for the little basket in the Serendipity cube set.

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      is the serendipity in Accuquilt? if it is I didn’t see it!

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      thanks – I just checked it out and gave Dottie a link

  • audrey Jun 17, 2017

    I’m really tempted by the mini blocks. They are very intriguing!

    • Karen Jun 17, 2017

      they are cute but the centers! so many seams and pressing open so won’t be a hard bump

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