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I meant to get some sewing done – I really wanted to finish up those mini blocks and get three of the one done for this week but other things just got in the way.  I also meant to try out my strip cutters that I got from AccuQuilt – they were delivered yesterday – I did open the box! but I never got any further.

Here are the strip cutters I got – I like how they package them so you can see what size they cut without me showing you LOL – I well try them out soon.


I had everything out on the table to get busy with the mini blocks – and here it all sits this morning – waiting on me.


I had some errands to run after I got done with exercise – exercise really cuts into my afternoons – I am trying to exercise five days a week for 75 minutes – plus I need to drive there and back – and fit in any stops at the stores before I come home.  When I went to Lowe’s to pick up a bag of potting soil and see if they still had some mint plants I picked up a couple hummingbird feeders as well – the last ones I had kept leaking so I spent just a little more and hope these are good this season.  I did find the mint plants and need to get them planted today – the one I had is not doing good – first I found a lot of ants under the pot and couldn’t get rid of them – I put the pot in a bucket of water thinking to drown them but they came up through the soil and now are on top!  So this one is getting dumped and started fresh.


And the other one


So what else has been taking up my time this week – finally I have a part to play in the remodel of the sewing room – the new ceiling is in place and it is my job to varnish it – we are doing the walls and ceiling as the dining room was done and that means a lot of varnish.  I am doing the ceiling before the walls go up and the floor is laid down so that I don’t have to pay attention to dripping  – one coat is now finished and it will need 2 or 3 coats total.  I leave the window open at night in the room with a fan pointed to the window to draw all the fumes out and the door is shut with a heavy blanket tacked over the door frame to keep any fumes from getting in the rest of the house – and the A/C blocked off in that room.  Then when morning arrives I shut the window and put the A/C back on with the door shut so everything dries firmly.  It took two days of over an hour each day to put the one coat on – more later today and Friday.  Still a lot of work to do – but progress has been made.  This little bit will need to satisfy your curiosity for now.


After I got done with that I went outside to breath in fresh air and watered the garden – then just sat on the porch with my Ipad chatting with my sister Vicki out in Virginia – Mike is working late all week and I have the afternoon and evenings to myself.  No cooking supper – just easy stuff to eat.




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  • Marianne Jun 15, 2017

    I have a hummingbird feeder but didn’t put it out this year – I hate the ants that seem to congregate there. I don’t like to clean them out when I change the sugar water. But I do love to see them, especially when I visit Mom in Colorado where they are much bigger than here in the east.

    • Karen Jun 15, 2017

      I sometimes get ants and bugs in them also – it is a trade off – do you want to see the birds enough that you do not mind the clean up

  • Doreen Jun 15, 2017

    Where does the time go???!!!!!!! sigh…….. Luv the ceiling. We have the same finishes in several of our rooms (done years ago) and am just as happy with them today as the time they were completed. Easy maintenance and a decor “neutral”.

    • Karen Jun 15, 2017

      I feel the same way – once they are done you need to do nothing but sweep the cobwebs down every now and then!

  • Kristie Jun 15, 2017

    Even without sewing you have had a very busy time! Love the ceiling too. I know that is a job trying to get all of that done. I enjoy relaxing on the porch as well. Those are 2 Accuquilt dies that I would love to have.

    • Karen Jun 15, 2017

      I had been putting off buying those dies for two years now and keep telling myself surely I can cut a straight line – I do not know how many times my ruler moves just a tiny bit and I have a piece too small

  • Liz Jun 15, 2017

    Glad for all your accomplishments yesterday. I’ve been using my AccuQuilt more these days. Makes easy fast work of cutting fabric.
    Liz recently posted…Catching UpMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 15, 2017

      I really need to try to get all of my scraps cut up with the various dies I have and have them ready to quickly sew together – I still have two plastic boxes in the closet of scraps that I have to press and cut – one day

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 15, 2017

    Your ceiling is so beautiful, I love it. I can imagine all the work you did on it, it really shows. Your sewing room is going to be so beautiful! Mike did such a beautiful job too. I used to put feeders out for the hummers until I started planting the red flowers that they like, now they come and go crazy all over the yard. They even come onto the patio where I have a red hibiscus and we enjoy them up close. We get three different kinds every year. I really enjoy watching them. I hope you get to play with your new dies and rest after all that work!

    • Karen Jun 15, 2017

      the birds come to some of the flowers but not all – I need to plant more of them

  • Janice Holton Jun 15, 2017

    I have been tempted several times throughout this year to buy an Accuquilt and the main reason is for cutting strips! How many different widths of strip cutters do they have?
    Janice Holton recently posted…Blue Sky SundaesMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 15, 2017

      a whole lot! go to the site and search on strips and they will come up – they have packages too but pricey – I will buy one now and then as I can

  • Vicki W Jun 15, 2017

    Oh, the sewing room is going to be ready soon! Hope you come visit your sister again soon.

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      no the sewing room is not going to be ready soon- the walls still need to go up and the floor down, a cabinet needs to be put on one side of the room for things and I am getting a different cutting table – more work -it will be done enough for Jessica and the kids to throw air mattresses on the floor to sleep when they come visit the 3rd week of July but doubtful it will be completely finished

  • Deb Jun 16, 2017

    I felt a crick in my neck just reading about doing the ceiling 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life ( never a dull moment ) and Quilting Mid-JuneMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 16, 2017

      LOL – I know what you mean – I have a tall step stool with 3 steps – I am tall enough with long enough arms that I stand on which ever step I need to make it so that I am not bending my neck back – my head might be almost brushing the ceiling but it keeps me from getting the crick in my neck

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