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I thought I better get done with my mini’s before Monday rolls around and you know what – after 3 weeks I have called it quits with this one LOL – I  just do not feel like it.  I have 9 squares as I was making 3 of each and I just plain grew tired of them and not having fun with them.  After making two Dear Jane quilts with little blocks and a small Dutch Treat version of that quilt, a small Farmer’s Wife,  I just have had no interest in small blocks anymore (except postage stamp I guess)  – I don’t know why I thought I would.  So I am making a hot plate pad – I have some insulate Bright – is that what it is called?  already put the package away and have pinned basted and ready to machine quilt it this week.  12 x 12 right now I image that will shrink down a little bit especially after it eventually gets washed.  Just the right size to put a hot dish on.  I use one layer of the heat resistant and one layer of batting.  Linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework .


I got busy with the hexie cutter again yesterday and I have not kept track of how many I now have in my little project box but that is what I will be doing for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy – I have plenty now to keep me occupied again for awhile and I will cut more as needed.  I have a project box that is small for these and it has 3 pieces that snap together – I keep papers and glue stick in one – I use the glue stick to put a dot of glue on the back of the paper – finger press it to the center of the hexie and it holds it in place while I baste.  Another of the small plastic boxes keeps my thread, a clip, threader, scissors and basting thread – I pick out several colors of hexies to work on and then pick out matching thread from the thread cabinet and do several that will use the same thread and then change it out as needed.  The top part keeps all the hexies and I like that it is divided in half – that way I can keep all that have less than six pieces on one side and use for middles and the other half have six of each color.


Hope you all are doing well!






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  • Gretchen Jun 25, 2017

    What a great way to use up the mini’s! Practical use and you can still enjoy their beauty. Life is too short to make quilt blocks we no longer enjoy making. Your little hexies are so pretty.
    Gretchen recently posted…Still Hand QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      years ago I would have stuck with it but my attitude over the years is – if you don’t like it any more give it up!

  • Marianne Jun 25, 2017

    Yes, I have about shelved my Dutch Treat blocks, too. It’s just to fiddly to spend time with. I have a couple of blocks all prepared for applique and may get back to them, but I think I will dismantle the project box and use it for something else. I can always come back to it this winter if I want a hand applique project (that’s what I said this winter, only I said I’d work on it this summer on the porch, LOL!). Life’s too short to work on something that frustrates.

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      I used my Dutch Treat for a table topper and use it every year at Xmas but there was no way I was going to finish it and found I just wasn’t appliqueing it as well as I had wanted to – it was too small for my fingers I guess

  • Kathi Jun 25, 2017

    I love love love this hot pad in the making! You will use it in our kitchen a lot I bet… and enjoy that you don’t do things that tiny anymore! lol It will be perfect with 2 layers of batting… one cotton and one insul brite! 🙂
    I took a quick peek and your previous posts… you have been sooo busy and I have missed sooo much since I have visited your blog. Glad you are doing well and being productive… I had hoped to try the hexi maker on my cuttlebug machine to make hexis and papers all together… no time presently but I am glad to see if I have a machine like yours it would be very productive! Great work there and on all your other projects too! 🙂 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Slow Stitching Sunday Yippee!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      thanks for stopping by Kathi – hope you are doing well

  • Barbara Jun 25, 2017

    Good to know when to call it quits and to also make lemonade out of lemons with the hot pad idea.

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      yes I hate to throw things away – especially if it is the right size for a table topper of some sort – or a giant hot pad!

  • Doreen Jun 25, 2017

    There certainly are a lot of mini block patterns going right now! Since I am not enthralled with piecing in the first place, those itty bitties are a staggering thought for me! I think that was/is a wise use for those cuties. I have a hexie box (from Harbor Freight) that is similar and keeps all my supplies in order/handy, too. I take it along on our various treks but don’t seem to pull it out! Usually both sets of eyes (DHs and mine) must be in use for safe driving practices………..

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      I rarely sew in the car anymore – I used to – but now I just like to sit back and enjoy the scenery more – and I kind of like to keep eyes open too for safe driving even if I am not doing the driving

  • Ruth Jun 25, 2017

    Hot pad sounds great, and then you are done with these teeny little pieces. I’ve tossed knitting projects that I hated. Life is too short to waste on projects you don’t like.

    I hate sewing things like that on the machine. Too fiddly. But I like doing them by hand with EPP.
    Ruth recently posted…EPP is backMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      I just wasn’t enjoying this one, the instructions were really good for cutting and piecing and I thought it would be good to practice precision piecing – but I guess I don’t mind not being precise after all!

  • Jayne Jun 25, 2017

    The little blocks are adorable, but I can see how you could tire of them after a while. If there isn’t any joy in a project it must be time to quit or put it away!

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      that is exactly right – if you no longer like something it is time to quit and move to something else.

  • Gail Jun 25, 2017

    I have a few projects at the back of the closet that may never see the light of day again. I want my sewing time to be fun, not a chore. Sometimes, those spare parts become a placemat for charity or part of a backing. Your hot pad is a great way to make lemonade from a lemon.

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      it sure was – I had to have blocks sitting around not being used – I know I have some more that could be used this way

  • Diann Bottrell Jun 25, 2017

    Your Temecula blocks look fun and scrappy together, and I like your idea of making a large hot pad out of them. A great use for them. I’ve only made one of each, but precisely pieced they are not! The little fiddly pieces are challenging for sure. I definitely agree that if something isn’t fun or bringing you joy anymore, it’s time to move on!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Bits and PiecesMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      yes I just wasn’t having fun with this – I need some hot pads for hot dishes – I need to look through my things and make more from left over blocks

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 25, 2017

    Your little blocks are so cute and what a great use of them for a hot pad. I agree with you, if something isn’t fun, move on! My daughter saw a pineapple quilt she wanted me to make and the squares were one inch finished. I finished four blocks and said no more, I’m going crazy. I found another pineapple quilt on line with two inch finished squares and what a joy that was. Enjoy your slow stitching!

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      I think for Pineapple blocks 12 inch or larger are a good size LOL – I made a wall hanging with 6 inch blocks and it about drove me crazy!!

  • Cynthia Brunz Jun 25, 2017

    It is a good thing to walk away from a project you are not enjoying. But you sure turned it around to something good. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : Licorice AllsortsMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      thanks Cynthia – I have a couple more leftover blocks from other things that I will use in the same general fashion I think this summer – make it the summer of clearing out the leftover blocks!

  • Deb Jun 25, 2017

    Well at least you are going to have a nice hotpad out of it 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life : a visit from CindyMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      yes and it will be big to put a hot serving dish on the table I think

  • Sarah Jun 25, 2017

    I’m not very good at walking away from a project I’m not enjoying any more but I think its a good idea! Life is too short!
    Sarah recently posted…Weekly round up!My Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      it is – there have been too many projects in recent years that I started and haven’t finished/lost interest in – time to get them all turned into useful little toppers of some type

  • jann Jun 25, 2017

    I wouldn’t think of it as a project that you gave up on! You made 3 of each and will have a beautiful pad for your hot dishes or a vase of flowers. You will have a completed project….speaking as someone who is 10 squares in to a Dear Jane(for the past 3 years) and you’ve done two! I’m so impressed!
    jann recently posted…Filling the HolesMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      how I ever made two dear janes are beyond me – the first took 5 years to complete as a finished quilt and the second took almost 4 so they were not done over night for sure!

  • Belarmina Jun 25, 2017

    Karen entiendo que te canses de bloques tan pequeños,
    aunque son muy bonitos,
    Yo sigo con Dear Jane y empiezo a unir los bloques de The Farmer’s Wife

    • Karen Jun 25, 2017

      I made the Dear Jane quilts quite a long time ago and tired of Farmer’s Wife and sold it when I finished it

  • Patricia Jun 26, 2017

    I really like your attitude! It’s really liberating to decide something just doesn’t work for us anymore! I’m so glad you share this post! Your hot pad is so pretty! You know, I’ve decided to also use Insul-Bright with batting when I make coasters. Twice heat from coffee cups has gone through what I thought were “safe” coasters and ruined my nightstand!

    I also enjoyed reading about how you organize your hexies! Great post! Thank you for sharing!
    Patricia recently posted…Philippians 3:18-19 Part 1. Hand Quilting – Mini TutorialMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 26, 2017

      thanks Patricia! sometimes I guess after you have been quilting for some time (or maybe not) you just decide you want to spend your time on other projects – in the past there has been too many times when I stuck with it and finished something only to give it away almost right away because I hated it and didn’t create a bond with it while making it.

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