The Quilts and The Garden

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First the quilts – someone asked me to show what Tumalo Trails would look like without the sashing – Bonnie had sashing in her quilt pattern – but she made hers with 1.5 inch blocks whereas I used 2.5 inch blocks so it does have a little bit of a different look to begin with .

Without sashing to divide up all the patchwork that joins in the middle.  Keep in mind these blocks are not in final order – I would not have that lighter blue and pink next to each other in the final layout – too much light together I think.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts, Quilt Fabrication  and Jo’s Country Junction  and My Quilt Infatuation.


I just grabbed this gray off the shelf to make “with sashing” to see how it would look – I would probably go with white if I use sashing.  It gives a totally different look to the quilt – I just laid out a few of the blocks to see what it would be like.


Dottie  & Maxine this is the Michele Hill quilt that I made it is called Floral Fantasy


And Dottie & Maxine this is the next quilt from her book I was telling you about – it is called Morning Glory.


These are the Tiger Lilies that I dug up from the front by the driveway last fall – I put all the bulbs in here and just ended up tossing all the tiny bulbs here as well – I think every single one came up – I had just got so tired up digging up bulbs last fall and finding places to put them!!  They are so thick here but it is away from the house – for now I do not care how thick they get.  The little bulb like seeds that grow along the stems will drop all over and I will have a larger area next year and the year after so that after awhile I probably won’t even see these logs after awhile they will grow in them and become a part of them as they rot.  In this mess of trees behind them I found a tall Mulberry tree growing we had one in a different location that our daughter Jessica had gotten and planted from a 4-H club I believe back when she was about 4th grade – sadly the tree died about 5 years or more ago – last week Melanie and I were looking at the plants and happened to walk around to the right side of these trees and she saw a Mulberry tree that was about 15+ feet growing!! it is so surrounded by others that sometime when we have a cooler than usual day this summer I need to get in there with the pruning shears and cut out a lot of trees growing around it so it will have space to grow – I don’t even know what half of these trees are – if you let an area go around here within five years or so it will be so thick you can’t even walk through it!


A close up of the brilliant orange color.


The garden – the herbs are doing well, the green beans and peas were a loss from bugs and deer – I planted Morning Glories along the fencing that I had up for the peas.  I also have zinnia’s that came up from last years plants in here and sunflowers – also are six sweet potato plants in behind the wire to try to protect them from the critters and last night I had to go back down and nail the fencing tighter to the frame as the rabbits or something had gotten in and eaten some of the sweet potato leafs again.  Maybe I caught it early enough? Don’t know – I have six more plants in the last bed and covered with wire and ended up digging out three that looked at a loss only to find they had good roots and one even had a potato started –for now I put them in a five gallon bucket with dirt and wire over the top of it to see if they will grow.


The tomatoes are taking off well I have had a few ripe ones I hope I will get a few at one time so I can make some sauce from them.


A close up of the Morning Glory plants – no flowers right now and not even a bud – soon I hope.










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  • Marianne Jun 21, 2017

    I like Tumalo Trails without sashing, but either way it is a colorful, fun quilt. Those appliqued quilts are lovely – what a lot of patience they take! And your garden photos are amazing. I loved the raised bed I had in the community gardens. It was so easy to take care of. My tomatoes in pots are blooming, so I look forward to a good number of tomatoes eventually. It has been hot and humid off and on, which is good tomato weather.

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      pretty hot here too and rain coming in the next couple of days from tropical storm south of us – we will be on the edge of it.

  • Ramona Jun 21, 2017

    Tiger Lilies are one of my favorite flowers. It’s amazing what grows… and what doesn’t! 🙂 I, too, prefer Tumalo Trails without the sashing, but it’s beautiful either way. Enjoy your day!
    Ramona recently posted…Natalie’s Tree SkirtMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      I well have to think on the quilt pattern – I think it is the different size blocks that I am making that makes it look so different with sashing – in Bonnie’s pattern I didn’t even notice it had sashing at first!! but then when the squares finish at 1 inch instead of 2 inches it really makes a difference.

  • maxine lesline Jun 21, 2017

    Amazing applique .. and different. The black background causes that one to stand out.. but the other has a quiet appeal. Both are treasures…. glad you have kept them. While your tomatoes are not heavily producing yet, you might wonder in a month what you are going to do with them all.. One year my daughter, with 9 plants, mostly Early Girl, quit weighing after 500 lbs.. she called me to come with a friend to haul them off… a problem most gardeners would like.

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      I have never had the luck with tomatoes where you get too much – I really am not a great veggie gardener.

  • Jayne Jun 21, 2017

    What a beautiful quilt Tumalo Trails is! I’m with the others…without sashing!! You have a beautiful garden. Veggies and flowers!!

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      I’m starting to lean that way too 🙂 thanks on the garden – I have luck with plants that you do not have to take care of!

  • Bernadette Jun 21, 2017

    It looks like a good scrappy quilt. I agree, it looks better without the sashing, too. If my math is correct, with the 2 1/2 inch squares, the HST could be made with the essential tool. That works great for HST, and no guessing.

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      I have my way of doing HST’s with squares with lines drawn down and use a square ruler with a diagonal line for squaring up

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 21, 2017

    I, too, like Tumalo Trails without sashing I think. I keep looking at the other one, and thinking about the white sashing, and that might be nice too. Whatever you decide will be perfect anyway. Oh, Floral Fantasy just takes my breath away. It’s so beautiful! Did you do needle turn applique or what? I’m going to have to go back in your posts and find it. Is this pattern in the same book as Morning Glory or in her other book? Morning glory is going be so beautiful too. I love your tiger lilies, they’re so pretty and your garden looks like it’s doing good too. Thank you for your lovely pictures of your quilts and garden.

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      Floral Fantasy is in the same book – and yes I needle turn applique that is how I do most of my applique work – on the side bar it is listed as William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy
      I think for Bonnie’s pattern you don’t even notice the sashing because her blocks are 1.5 inches – finished in 1 inch wide so you barely notice it mixed in with the patches – on mine I am using larger squares so it would stand out a lot more.

  • Roseanne Jun 21, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    I love, love, love tiger lilies! So pretty – mine are just about to pop. Wow, that sashing sure does change the look on the Tumalo Trails. Which are you going with? I really like both options – especially with white sashing instead of gray. ~smile~
    Roseanne recently posted…Irish Chain (9-Patch) Quilt Tutorial Part 1My Profile

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      if I do sashing it will be with the white – I will try it out before I decide and also measure so I would see the proper amount – I don’t care for the gray either – it was handy though! I love the tiger lilies too and I never bought one bulb – one year I guess either a bird dropped it or it washed in and multiplied rapidly! that was about 10 years ago I guess.

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 21, 2017

    Thanks, Karen. I’m going to order the book right now. I really like the look of your Floral Fantasy and I love needle turn applique since I have been doing the baskets.

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      I wonder if you can still get the book – I know at least one of hers is out of print – hope you can!

  • Marsha Cooper Jun 21, 2017

    I’m so jealous of your garden. I hope one day to get my boxes uncovered and do some real gardening again. This year I just have 3 planters–one with 2 bell pepper plants, one with strawberries, and one with 3 tomato plants. Then we have some pumpkins growing in the front yard from the seeds of the jack-o-lanterns.

    I like with and without sashing, but really think I like it without sashing the best. Now I want to make one like it. Do you have a pattern?
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday — #2 out of 17 is Almost DoneMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      the pattern is by Bonnie Hunter and it is called Tumalo Trails – it is in her book Scraps and Shirttails II

  • Lisa Jun 21, 2017

    I actually like it better WITH the sashing (I understand what you mean about how big those 36 patches are at this scale) but have you ever thought of using your white background as the sashing? And then a bright uniform color (like red?) as the sashing cornerstones to unify it? I think it would make the quilt look lighter and airer and break up the 36 patches, but then you wouldn’t have the dominating gray color sashing stripes. Just a thought! I love your work, and thank you for blogging.

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      the gray length was just a handy grab off the shelf – if I do sashing it would be with white like the blocks are. Bonnie’s squares are only 1 inch finished so it looks a bit different with bigger squares.

  • Susan Jun 21, 2017

    I’d opt for no sashing, as the design flows better without it. Thanks for sharing today on Midweek Makers!
    Susan recently posted…Midweek Makers #77My Profile

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttales II – it has sashing I better show the photo again – but her squares are really tiny so it looks different

  • Kristie Jun 21, 2017

    Your quilt looks lovely. How big are you planning on making it?

    • Karen Jun 21, 2017

      you know I am not sure right now – it is going along so easily and I have so many scraps! these big blocks are squared at 17 inches because my 2.5 inch squares were cut by me many years ago LOL when I wasn’t precise and not with a cutter –

  • Karen Jun 21, 2017

    I really like the quilt without sashing; the pattern flows so nicely. I think the sashing cuts the pattern into pieces so all you see are individual blocks. Orange tiger lilies remind me of my grandma. The foundation of her house was surrounded with them. I’ve never been able to keep them alive in the garden from one season to the next.

  • Doreen Jun 22, 2017

    Your Floral Trails quilt is gorgeous & so are your Lilies! Your garden is looking wonderful.

  • Linda Dutch Jun 24, 2017

    Your scrappy Tumalo Trails is looking great! Looking forward to seeing if you decide to sash or not!
    Linda Dutch recently posted…pink² {a WiP}My Profile

    • Karen Jun 24, 2017

      yes I decided to sash – showed photo a day or two ago I think it was – love the way it will look but needed to order more light neutral prints to continue

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