Took A Little Trip–Queen Wilhelmina State Park


We were gone for the weekend – my post had all been scheduled in advance.  We didn’t go far – drove over to the south western part of Arkansas to a state park we had not been to before.   It sits at 2,600 feet elevation in the Ouachita Mountains.  But the weather didn’t want to cooperate with us.  We had made a reservation at the lodge for one night and had thought about seeing if we could get an extra night – but then because of the weather we were glad we hadn’t!!

The view on the way


Darn looks like the mountains are covered in haze! These are the Ouachita Mountains in the distance.  Part of the mountain range we were heading to.


And when we were almost to the park entrance the fog got worse – well actually they say it isn’t fog but low laying clouds – I don’t care what you call it we could barely see in places.



We checked in – it was very windy and chilly – it was supposed to be a heat advisory that afternoon – temps were to be near 90 with heat index of 102 – what happened? it was barely 70 and with the wind it felt like in the low 60’s I had a sweater on LOL  Finally around  supper time the clouds started to break up a bit – for about 3 hours.  This photo was taken about 3 hours after we got there – when we first got there we could barely follow the road to the parking lot the fog was so dense.  By time we went to bed we could not see the parking lot again nor in the morning.


We took a scenic drive and saw some deer – we did see a black bear run across the road but it was too fast and couldn’t get the camera out.  The drive goes into Oklahoma on the eastern edge of that state – the park is very near the state line.


First they run one way then start to cross the road – the babies ( there were two of them) got separated – finally they both jump the road guard in different areas.


Hummingbirds – lots of them – about 10 feeders out in one area.


Part of the lodge – it is actually small – only 40 rooms and a restaurant  – and the only place to eat in miles!  If it hadn’t been for the weather it would have been a great little mountain weekend get away – our 45th anniversary!  With Mike working this year it was hard to actually go anywhere or make any plans in advance.  This photo was taken during the break in the weather on Saturday evening.



I didn’t take a photo of what it looked like Sunday morning – lets say we left when we got up in the morning and started the 2+ hour drive home in dense fog that we could barely see in – could barely see the parking lot from the window of our room!!  Headed out and drove home in a very bad thunderstorm for the first hour.  It was still raining when we got home 3 hours later – we were in the middle of it for awhile then it was ahead of us most of the way home – but rain the whole way.  There had been no sense to stay the extra night that we had thought about if the room was available.

No sewing–  the sewing I showed was done on Friday and posted for the weekend.




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  • Teri Dingler Jun 19, 2017

    Happy anniversary! And what a nice place to spend it! Hopefully you can go back and have nicer weather!

    • Karen Jun 19, 2017

      one day maybe but other than a few trails to hike we found it to be a very little park – the views would be nice on a clear day though

  • Donna Jun 19, 2017

    Happy Anniversary Karen! 45 years is an achievement! We are coming up on 29!

    • Karen Jun 19, 2017

      thanks Donna – the years have flown by

  • Ramona Jun 19, 2017

    Happy Anniversary! Sometimes just changing the routine is all I need when I get away. The lodge looks beautiful. Hopefully you can return in the sunshine one day.
    Ramona recently posted…Natalie’s Tree SkirtMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 19, 2017

      one day maybe – lots of places to see!

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 19, 2017

    Happy 45th anniversary Karen! How very wonderful, and so good you could get away. The baby deer are so sweet, thank you for sharing. It’s raining here today, a beautiful slow rain, much needed. Have a great day!

    • Karen Jun 19, 2017

      wish I would have been fast enough to get a photo of the bear – but I do have photos of bear from other years and other vacations!

  • Kristie Jun 19, 2017

    Happy Anniversary! It’s nice to get away once in a while even if the weather did not cooperate. I love nature…we live about a mile from Yatesville State Park here in KY.

    • Karen Jun 19, 2017

      state parks are pretty neat places to see and usually within a short half day drive or less – we have a really neat one only 12 miles away and another about 40 miles

  • Mary Jun 19, 2017

    It’s a lovely setting and you did get some great wildlife photos. I think it’s worthy of a second try someday.
    Mary recently posted…A Finish and a WinMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 19, 2017

      as long as there is no rain in the forecast – I found a booklet on the table in the lodge with most common questions – one of them was “how long will the fog last!!”

  • Sandra B Jun 19, 2017

    Congratulations on your 45th anniversary! We celebrate our 45th the end of September.
    Glad you were able to get away…but sorry the weather didn’t cooperate….
    Love how your Tumalo Trails blocks are coming along, Karen! You know how I love scrappy quilts and this one is looking great!
    We are in the middle of some nasty weather (heavy rain and wind!) as I am writing this…I hope it passes through quickly! We had a bad storm on Friday evening…we did not have any damage, but we did have lots of pine cones come down. The temperatures here in Virginia have been hot and very humid….UGH!! I am ready for fall!!

    • Karen Jun 19, 2017

      another thing we have in common – 45 years! yes this scrappy quilt is wonderful – I’m so glad I saw it on line at so many sites and decided to make one of my own – I do believe i will make it queen size – but might go ahead and plan to machine quilt this one with straight or curvy lines as I have at least 3 in the bin waiting for hand quilting right now. My sister in VA just told me about the bad storms this evening her power has already gone out once I think. You have had a lot of rain out there – we got 2 inches yesterday and last night.

  • Belarmina Jun 19, 2017

    Karen entiendo tu desilusión!!
    nos ocurrió alguna vez esto, reservar en un hotel de montaña,
    con un buen programa y no poder realizarlo por la niebla

  • Deb Jun 20, 2017

    Happy anniversary ! 🙂 You managed to get some nice photos despite the fog !
    Deb recently posted…Tying Quilty 365 ( and other quilts over time )My Profile

    • Karen Jun 20, 2017

      I was glad it cleared up good enough to get out for a little while at least – was amazed at how dense it was up there – had never heard about that happening there (until after we got there ) and sounds like it does a lot

  • Marianne Jun 21, 2017

    Wow! 45 years! Congratulations! Hope there are many more happy years ahead for you. With my Dutch heritage I’m curious about the park’s name “Queen Wilhelmina” – I imagine there’s a story there. It does look like a very nice place. Sorry the weather didn’t cooperate, but it is always nice to get away. You appreciate home upon your return!

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