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After all the comments and advice I got yesterday (which I didn’t ask for lol) I think I best show a photo of the pattern once again for Tumalo Trails – this is Bonnie Hunter’s pattern from her book called Scraps and Shirttails II – I thought I had mentioned that I was using her pattern and that I was using larger squares then she did.  Her squares are one inch finished and she has sashing in between the blocks.  This photo below is Bonnie’s quilt – I found a  bunch of images here – look these over and you can see how the sashing looks.  The gray that I pulled out yesterday was only used as an example because I had a piece handy – I didn’t say I would use that color.  If I do sashing it will be white, the cornerstones would be a variety of patches just like the rest of the quilt.  If you are not familiar with Bonnie I encourage you to go to her blog and visit – she is the queen of scrap quilts.  Besides her books of patterns – I think four or five? she also has a lot of free patterns on her blog – look at the index at the top of her site.

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Bonnie is a relaxed quilter although of course we all want our points and seams to match she has the view that the world will not collapse if they don’t and I share that view – scrap quilting can be compared to what your grandmother might have made when all she had to work with was old clothing no longer used and was cut up into squares.  When using scraps you are not really concerned about putting the most perfect piece of fabric next to another – you kind of just grab out of your box a handful of pieces scatter them on the table and then sew two together and keep going from there. No need to be perfect – and if a piece of fabric is ugly keep cutting it up – cut small enough it is no longer ugly!

I have more patches sewed and my box is about half full – I started with it about full.


A lot of patches sewn into strips of 3 ready to get the blocks made.


Enough for three more big blocks – well work on the half square triangles today – they go together so easily.  I might cut some 2.5 inch strips with my Go cutter today also and show what white sashing would look like with my blocks – No decision has been made but I am leaning towards making it like Bonnie’s pattern as I was very drawn to the pattern that she made.







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  • Sue R Jun 22, 2017

    I didn’t see yesterday’s post but I agree with your take on scrap quilts. Checking out your links my personal preference is for light sashing or none. You really don’t notice Bonnie’s sashing. It’s your quilt… enjoy the process.

    • Karen Jun 22, 2017

      yes with my larger blocks the sashing will be more noticeable

  • Susan Jun 22, 2017

    I really like this quilt, and thanks for your reflections on scrap quilts, which I share. I don’t want to make quilts that are “too perfect”, if you know what I mean. My hand quilting isn’t meant to look like machine quilted! I like the mixed sashing on Bonnie’s quilt, but it might be too busy for your fabrics.

  • Rebecca Grace Jun 22, 2017

    Ha! I love your attitude towards the unsolicited design advice… 🙂 Thanks for showing the photo of Bonnie’s quilt. I enjoy seeing how different quilters interpret the same or similar patterns. And I agree — there really is no ugly fabric, if you cut it small enough. Wait, I take that back, as I remember the leftover Bob the Builder and John Deere tractor fabrics hidden way in the back of my stash where I don’t have to look at it…
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…My Daily Thread Scribbles, a Few Snafus, Yet Steady ImprovementMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 22, 2017

      LOL – I can see trying to cut down Bob the Builder and John Deere to make it small enough – I seem to recall some football team fabric that I couldn’t get small enough – I ended up tossing that one as it had been gifted to me and I hated it!!

  • maxine lesline Jun 22, 2017

    Scrappy sashing is attractive in Bonnie’s quilt.. any reason it would not be great in yours? The width of sashing can be different in different quilts.. i guess… since I don’t do large projects. Had not before seen a pic of her quilt.. it is lovely… I see even her small borders are scrappy… tho not ‘in-your-face’ scrappy. Altogether, it looks like a happy project for you.. it certainly is for us who watch it grow.

    • Karen Jun 22, 2017

      I think one reason the scrappy sashing works in Bonnie’s quilt is because she used a lot of variety in her half square triangles – mine are made with a variety of white on white prints. It is possible that if I start to use more variety of neutrals in my hst’s now I could do that as well – my problem is I do not have as good of a variety of neutrals as Bonnie does – the quilt is about half done now if I make queen size which is the size I have thought about doing

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 22, 2017

    I love scrap quilts most of all. I think it’s because my dear mother always made scrappy quilts, and I’ve been a follower of Bonnie’s for years. I did get a copy of Michelle Hill’s book on Amazon. I went on her site, but she said they were out of print. Thank you so much for showing your Floral Fantasy, I really want to make it. I’m not a perfect quilter, and neither was my mother, but I’m satisfied with my work. I think any handwork is great and yours is certainly lovely!

    • Karen Jun 22, 2017

      thanks Dottie – so glad you were able to find the book – it is a great one. I really need to find more neutral low volume prints in whites and very light beige I am running very low on them and think I will actually need to start buying some to replenish the bins

  • Sherry V. Jun 22, 2017

    My DH and I are taking a class with Bonnie in July in Pennsylvania. We are making Garden Party. I am in the process of cutting out the fabrics. . . . but I plan on using a single fabric for the neutral and a single fabric for the alternate blocks.

    I like scrappy. . . but I like having some “resting spaces” for the eyes. . . especially since I have a really, really eclectic fabric collection!

    Your quilt is coming out great. . . . can’t wait to see it finished.
    Sherry V. recently posted…Hands2Help completed quilt…heading for Happy ChemoMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 22, 2017

      thanks! I need to get more neutral’s to get this finished – my neutral box is getting very low – I placed an order today at one place and looking for more!

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