Tumalo Trails

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Progress!  this quilt is coming along really well.  I noticed I counted wrong for the half square triangles so dug into the yellow/orange box for two more colors I hadn’t used that color much so far.


5 rows by 5 rows of blocks with sashing will be around 96 x 96 inches and add a piano key border possibly will make it closer to 105 x 105 – plenty of room for shrinkage from washing and drying.  This is not the final layout – that will be after all the blocks are made and I can stand on top of the coffee table and look down at it and see if anything needs to be shuffled around!  And take photos to look at as well.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts .


I might have to cut more 2.5 inch squares – the box is running low!  I have 7  more large blocks to make I think.  I don’t think I made anymore after that photo was taken in the middle of yesterday afternoon.


Melanie and her great niece Aniya came over last evening to help in the garden for a little – get some tomatoes and cut some flowers to bring home.  I didn’t get any photos – forgot all about it but Melanie did take some photos so maybe I can get one of hers to post in a day or so.  Some of these can stand to get a little more red – but what can I say a 5 year old was helping with the picking!


Recently I have been asked some questions about the Dear Jane quilt – did I have any tutorials – no I don’t – I did show some step by steps years ago when I was making it and on the side bar there might be some links to help you but I did add one to the side bar today that is a really good one – step by step tutorials on every single block and triangle.  The blog name is That Quilt and if you look on the side bar of that blog she has listed row by row the blocks, click on those and you will see how they are made.


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  • Bea Jun 30, 2017

    Karen, I am so inspired by your Tumalo Trails quilt, I have ordered Bonnie Hunter’s book with this pattern in it. I can’t wait to get started on it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      It is a great pattern isn’t it- keep in mind Bonnie makes her different, she uses strips and I’m using squares – also I changed it up and making it with 2.5 inch squares and her squares are 1.5

  • Ruth Jun 30, 2017

    Tumalo trails is wonderful! And 2.5″ squares are so much easier to work with than those pesky 1.5″ ones.

    Are you going to join them up together or insert a strip, kind of like your design floor. I have to admit that I like the separation.
    Ruth recently posted…She quilts; she knitsMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      yes there will be sashing I showed a photo last week but I don’t remember which post it was.

  • maxine lesline Jun 30, 2017

    Wish I lived closer.. if you need more help picking tomatoes.. you might have plenty to freeze… When I worked and had little time, I just washed them, put them whole into bags and froze for later. Tumalo is a cheerful quilt… all those colors blend nicely.

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      that is what I do with the tomatoes if I get more than I can use – I drop them in boiling water for a minute and then ice water and pull the skins off, drop them in ziplock bags, crush with my hands and seal – they work good to dump in chili or soups, sauces. Other times if I have a lot I will make a crockpot of pasta sauce and freeze also. I don’t do a lot of canning – I rarely ever have enough for that.

  • Elizabeth V K Jun 30, 2017

    Love your Tumalo Trails quilt. That pattern is on my list to make one day.

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      it is a nice pattern that is really not hard to make at all and is really making a dent in my scrap box!

  • Isabella Jun 30, 2017

    Tumalo Trails is beautiful!
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    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      thanks – it is an easy pattern to make too

  • Loris Mills Jun 30, 2017

    I love your Tumalo Trails! Beautiful and inspiring 🙂

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017


  • Doreen Jun 30, 2017

    Reading all your Tumalo Trails posts, I have seen how this quilt really is striking a chord of interest with many (including myself!). For me, it’s the stash busting possibilities and your use of 2.5″ squares (makes a whole lot more sense to my piecing-challenged brain!). Unless one really wants to know specific yardages(?), a pattern is not necessary and the setting can be whatever you would want…..sashing or no/borders or not, etc. This one is so-o-o-o-o-o appealing!!!

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      there are a lot interested in it isn’t there and you are right you can really use up some scraps and makes such a nice scrappy quilt – either for the bed or a picnic quilt or whatever. Bonnie’s quilt with the little pieces you really had to make a lot of blocks – her blocks are 9 inches compared to mine at 17 – would be a little bigger but I cut these before accuquilt LOL – I am square up blocks as I go and with the sashing no seams on all that patchwork have to match so should work out well – nice to see a box of cut squares going empty! Other than looking at the pattern in Bonnie’s book (I have it on my kindle) before I started and once more for layout of the X’s I haven’t even used it.

  • The Eclectic Abuela Jun 30, 2017

    I’m making a Jacob’s Ladder right now, and it strikes me how similar it is to Tumalo Trails–4-patches instead of 9-patches, but the same layout. Yours is looking beautiful!

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      yes it is basically the same pattern and one I have used before – I think previously I had made a similar quilt with 4 patches – I have seen another made with 16 patch instead of 9 patch

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 30, 2017

    What beautiful tomatoes, I could eat them down now! Tomatoes are my favorite. I can’t believe how big your quilt is going to be. I just love big quilts, they are my favorite. Yours is going to be gorgeous. I had a enjoyable day with my daughter today, breakfast out first than to a antique store, a huge one, Traders Joe’s and a garden center, lots of walking. Glad to be home again!

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      I love nice big antique malls – what a great way to spend part of the day and lunch with a daughter is a great way to spend it too – I do not have a Trader Joe’s in my area – I would have to do a search to see where the closest one is -I did go to one when I visited my sister in Virginia

  • Clara Jun 30, 2017

    Love your Tumalo Trails! 2 1/2 inch squares makes a lot more sense to me because I have leftover pieces from jelly rolls that would work perfectly.

    How big are your half-square triangles?

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      6.25 inches – I make them from 7 inch squares draw the seam line from the middle and then trim down making two at one time.

  • Chris Jun 30, 2017

    I find taking a photo really does help me focus on the overall look. I catch a lot in photos that I didn’t notice with the eye. Lovely progress!

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      thanks Chris

  • Belarmina Jun 30, 2017

    Karen me encanta ese edredón…
    los tomates se ven deliciosos
    buen fin de semana

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      yes the tomatoes are pretty and so is the quilt – have a great weekend

  • Wendy Jun 30, 2017

    Karen, the quilt is so pretty and colorful! And those tomatoes are just beautiful!
    Wendy recently posted…Small FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 30, 2017

      thanks Wendy – I will be getting quite a few tomatoes over the next week I think – the temperatures are to warm up I believe and with that usually comes ripening.

  • Robby H. Jun 30, 2017

    Your Tumalo Trails is looking terrific. Those 2.5″ squares make a lot more sense to me!

    And those tomatoes that might have been picked a little early? You allowed them to be picked at just the right time to inspire the imagination of a 5 year old about where food comes from and the magic of growing it.

    • Karen Jul 1, 2017

      yes that is what I figured too 🙂

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