What a Beautiful Day

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Low humidity!! makes for a great day and is always so welcome here in Arkansas in the summer time.  I don’t think it even hit 80 degrees today and it was so nice and in the low to mid 70’s last night that we had a fire in the fire pit and sat outside enjoying it without sweating and no bugs! What a plus.


Almost five more hexies finished in the last couple of days for Granny’s Gone Crazy.  It was a nice day for stitching outside again for awhile.  Linking to My Quilt Infatuation.


In the morning I had been working at the machine for awhile and I have enough blocks ready to make two of the big blocks again for Tumalo Trails – maybe today?


That was the extent of my stitching yesterday so here are some of my flowers which seem to grow and produce so much better than my vegetables do!!





It was getting a little dark when I took the photo of the Purple Coneflowers so it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped it did.




I always forget the name of these yellow flowers starts with a C I know that?


That was my day – how about yours?



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  • Gretchen Jun 8, 2017

    Your flowers are looking beautiful. I believe the yellow flowers are coreopsis. Hope you find some time to stitch today.
    Gretchen recently posted…4-Patch Blocks – Rainbow Scrap ChallengeMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      yes that is the name I was looking for!

  • Vicki W Jun 8, 2017

    We are sort of celebrating around here. Mom’s vision is clearing up. She just took a lot longer than normal to heal. I’m taking her home today. She’s very happy to get back home…. Not that I’m not an absolute delight to live with!

  • Sharon Sucher Jun 8, 2017

    I am intrigued by your Bird Blocks. We had a darling quilt made from them at our annual quilt show last week. What pattern/directions did you use? I saw a pattern at the show from one of the vendors; it was an Australian pattern, but sadly I did not purchase it!!!

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      this pattern is from an American I believe, I got her pattern from her etsy shop but after looking it over I just cut the pieces free style now and don’t even use it. Her site is http://patcherymenagerie.blogspot.com/

  • Doreen Jun 8, 2017

    Lovely flowers (both garden and fabric varieties!!). We, also, are enjoying the comfortable temps …..today and tomorrow…..then the weekend appears to be another “heat test”. Haven’t hit the A/C ‘on’ button yet but……….. Happy stitching!!!!

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      we have had to run the A/C at night but this morning the windows are open. A nice dry “chilly” 61 degrees

  • maxine lesline Jun 8, 2017

    Perennial flowers.. you have a cool selection… they are pretty and reliable bloomers.. tough old girls, so to speak. … and that particular shade of lily is great. Trying to talk my daughter into planting day lilies … she is just getting a big interest in gardening now that she is retired… and is generous with herbs from her raised bed. Is the William Morris book a good one? I read a lot about him years ago… and had a book of needlepoint designs of his.

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      This William Morris book is by Michele Hill my blogging friend from Australia – I think both of her Morris books are out of print, I have had this one for quite some time and looking for fabric to make my second quilt from her book – she is thinking of writing a 3rd

  • Deb Jun 8, 2017

    Even LOWER temps here …..I see many days coming soon in the 90’s according to the forecast so I was in heaven the last two days where the mornings were chilly and the high only went to 65!
    Your flowers are gorgeous and that fire pit shot looks so nice and cozy!
    Deb recently posted…A busy weekend & a little appliqueMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      it is so nice for a couple days and when you know it won’t last you enjoy it all the more it seems.

  • Nicolette Jun 8, 2017

    Lovely flowers, the real ones and the hexies! No humidity here, except the one falling from the sky! The temperatures are nice, but lots of rain. We‘ve had some glorious Summer days already, though it’s still Spring!
    Nicolette recently posted…my Australian Dutch ConnectionMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      I will enjoy these couple of nice days while I can – the humidity and 90 degree temps will be back before you know it! thanks for stopping by

  • Liz Jun 8, 2017

    Beautiful pictures. Today in SC it’s gorgeous and cooler. Lovely.
    Liz recently posted…ProgressMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      I guess we are all being blessed with a couple nice days and low humidity – watch out for the high temps to come back

  • Debbie Jun 8, 2017

    Coreopsis? Lots of varieties…we can even grow it in Alaska. What treat to have such mild temperatures for a day or two during the summer.
    Debbie recently posted…Shared JournalingMy Profile

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      yes I believe they are Coreopsis – now I wonder what the common name is for them – that I would probably remember better. Yes a low humidity day is so nice and we might have several!

  • Dottie bishaw Jun 8, 2017

    Love all the beautiful pictures of your flowers, so pretty! Your firepit looks so cozy and inviting. Glad you are having nice temperatures. Here at the beach it’s a nice day again. One could get used to life at the beach, lol! I managed to almost finish my third basket, hand projects are so much fun to take with you anywhere. I really like your scrappy blocks, so full of color and your hexies so bright and pretty.

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      your beach days are nice I bet. Yes small hand projects are great to take when traveling.

  • Clara Jun 8, 2017

    Beautiful flowers! My hydrangeas seldom bloom blue—I usually get white or pink. I guess my soil is not acidic enough to get blue hydrangeas. As mentioned from other commenters, your yellow flower is probably coreopsis (it’s sometimes called tickseed). I love my coreopsis; it is such a reliable perennial. 🙂 I had never heard of crinum. I looked it up and see that it is a lily—yours looks so delicate and pretty. Love to see your garden tours. I also love your green-painted cinderblock garden. That is such a clever idea!

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      Crinum is mainly in the south I think and it is an old type of bulb you usually have to order them. The bulb is huge! A friend of mine years ago had the chance to dig up all the plants in a yard that was going to be turned into a day care and they wanted no plants in it – there was a huge area that had these green leaves that this flower is at but it was towards the end of fall so no flowers – the bulb had been in the same place for over 50 years! it took 4 people to get it out of the ground and then she had to figure out what it was and shown how to break it apart – I think she had close to 75 pieces of it in the end and she gave me 10 of them – I have divided them up several times over the years since then and now have them in several areas of my yard – you can not seem to kill it!

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      I forgot to mention Clara that I have a lot of natural acid for the soil from the pine trees that I have – a lot of them and all that rain wash off I’m sure reaches them

  • Kristie Jun 8, 2017

    Oh your flowers look beautiful! It’s nice to have a evening fire when it’s not too hot.

    • Karen Jun 8, 2017

      yes we do not get them very often! tonight a little warmer but still nice and only 77 and dry!

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