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Yes I know – you all knew I couldn’t NOT start a new project right?  LOL – really all of my projects right now need to be finished by hand – my poor fingers need a break – especially my thumb on my right hand which is aching a bit lately from all the projects – a little applique, EPP you name it and it is a project being done by hand.

Luckily I realized I needed to get busy and make a quilt for a raffle in October for my daughter’s work place – they are always short of funds and need more – the public library!  I have made quilts for them before – I think this will be the second or third time – I think I will make it full size.  First I checked with Melanie to see if they wanted to do a raffle this year – she checked with the boss, sure thing they would love it.  Then I picked out a pattern that I knew I could do all the cutting from my dies for 12 inch blocks – I found one that I liked that has a pattern evolve from 4 – 12 inch blocks set together – and of course you can repeat, repeat, repeat making a full size or more (or as little as a baby quilt)

Yesterday I was busy getting the fabric pulled that I decided to use and it needed to be pre-washed  and/or soaked – I had used this fabric before for a quilt for my grandson and the scraps had been put in a scrappy quilt and it had bled in places so it had to be done.  I was lucky quite a few years ago with a purchase of two bundles of the same fabric – someone messed up the order and they sent me 4 fat quarter bundles and when I let them know about they told me to keep it.  So I had 4 large fat quarter bundles that I had originally ordered on sale at almost two for the price of one.  I am still using it up!

I am talking of this colorful bundle of fat quarters called Dimples – the other stack of polka dot neutrals will be used also  but not the black piece.  And if I don’t have enough of the colors here – I have one more bundle!

fat quarter bundle Dimples and polka dots

At first I thought I was ready to start and had things all out on the table and then remembered the bleed from the scrappy quilt some had went into.  Halt – better get those fabrics treated first!!

AccuQuilt and Fat Quarters

Out to the workshop I went to find my big pot – got water to boiling, added fabric and my Retayne – first the blue and greens, then the red and oranges, then the yellows and browns.  Group by group they were treated and soaked, rinsed thoroughly and then dried, starched and pressed.  Each group had bleed!

fabric treatment - stop the bleed

so now everything is ready to start cutting today.  I’ll show the blocks after I get going.

AccuQuilt and fat quarter bundles

We were lucky and had rain two times yesterday – first thing in the morning and then again in the late afternoon.  Two and a quarter inches all totaled.  I shouldn’t have to water the garden for awhile now as the temperature and the humidity is to get much better – I am ready for sure.  Yesterday morning after the rain I went down to the garden and got tomatoes and cucumbers – the red tomatoes are from a couple days ago and have been in the basket while – the others were picked though as they seem to ripen faster in the house this year.

garden tomatoes

Sunflower heads to be dried – I thought I would save some of the seeds to plant next year for flowers.  These are too big for the dehydrator though so for now they are sitting on a plate – I might have to try drying these in the oven on a very low setting – anyone try that?    The sunflowers in the garden were planted about an inch or so deep and they have held up well – I will need to be digging some little holes to drop seeds in next year and there are plenty of places to do that around here!

sunflower heads to dry

July’s Craftsy Class Sale has started – today through Sunday at midnight.  Over 500 classes under $20.  Good time to take a look!!

Thanks to all that order through my links on the sidebar for Craftsy and AccuQuilt – I do appreciate it.




(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Liz Jul 29, 2017

    You are so organized. Can wait to see the new project evolve.
    Liz recently posted…Last Weeks BlocksMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 29, 2017

      thanks Liz – I’m going to work on it more today

  • Deb Jul 29, 2017

    The amount of bleeding is amazing in those fabrics!
    Have never dried sunflowers so I can’t help there…usually the little goldfinches feast on them all through late summer and early fall.
    We had a thunderstorm and normal amount of rain here yesterday afternoon, all piled into my son’s van to go to another area for a hibachi dinner ( Brent’s birthday dinner ) and about 5 minutes away there was a creek coming up to the road….those yards and houses all flooding and then when we got to the restaurant and he checked facebook he could see that it was like that all over …water rescues, the whole bit .it just missed our area.
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life : the park, flowers and a baby bunnyMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 29, 2017

      glad you didn’t have the flooding at your houses and that you all are safe – so much rain out there. We had a bit yesterday and it was much needed and no rain puddles in the yard, it all soaked in.
      it was mainly the darkest of the purple , burgundy, and the red that bled so much but I figured I would just do all of them and then put color catchers in the wash as well – hopefully this has gotten most of it out – I rarely pre-wash!

  • Barbara Jul 29, 2017

    Love the almost solid look of the fabrics you are using and the intense color. Can’t wait to see the quilt. Right now I am making a wagon wheel quilt using a color wheel and doing triads in each block of almost solids/color on color. It’s turning out beautiful thanks to the color wheel. I want it to be king sized so I have a lot more 15 inch block to make. I’m about half way. Your garden is so boutiful1

    • Karen Jul 29, 2017

      for a little garden it is doing fairly well – but if I don’t pick the cucumbers when they are small little critters get them or bugs maybe? I’m not sure which. I have 5 or 6 little cantaloupe growing now too but this is extremely slow as they should be finished now! and here they are just starting.
      Color wheel quilts can be great.

  • Thimbleanna Jul 29, 2017

    Haha — you’re so funny. Yes indeed — a new project for you LOL. I love the fabrics so it will be fun to watch you make this quilt — in lightning speed, I’m sure LOL!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Back from Break …My Profile

    • Karen Jul 29, 2017

      well I don’t know about lightening speed but I would like to be done by mid-October for sure – will machine quilt straight lines

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 29, 2017

    I knew you couldn’t wait for long before starting a new project, lol! It’ll be good for your hands to rest from hand quilting. Your new project looks like it is going to be very colorful. I’ll be excited to see you working on it. The tomatoes and cucumbersee look so good. I just love the pictures of the sunflowers, although I’ve never heard of drying seeds with heat. I usually just leave the seed in the sun to dry out. Enjoy your weekend and your new project.

    • Karen Jul 29, 2017

      I assume if I leave the sunflower to dry in the heat outside the birds will get the seeds or I won’t get to plant the seeds where I want them to be planted – I don’t want them to all fall in the same spots.
      No hand quilting going on right now without the frame up – it is EPP and applique for now – the wall hanging will be hand quilted probably but not at that stage yet

  • Belarmina Jul 29, 2017

    Karen estoy impaciente para ver tu nuevo trabajo
    me gustan las telas que elegiste
    Esos tomates parecen muy buenos
    buen domingo

    • Karen Jul 29, 2017

      I am cutting fabric for several days then I will make a block to show

  • JanineMarie Jul 29, 2017

    I like that quilt already, and I haven’t even seen the pattern! It should be popular for a raffle.
    JanineMarie recently posted…Summertime PotpourriMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 29, 2017

      I do like the pattern and the fabric – fairly easy to make – when I get done cutting fabric I will do up a couple blocks and show

  • Janice Holton Jul 30, 2017

    So you’re going to keep us in suspense, eh? I love watching to see what new projects you come up with. I’m glad you’re giving your fingers a rest!
    Janice Holton recently posted…Labels, Baby Quilts, and Vintage Singers!My Profile

    • Karen Jul 30, 2017

      I don’t really mean to keep anyone in suspense it is just the colors of the print out aren’t as I am making so it would look a little different

  • Sharon S Jul 30, 2017

    I have never used Retayne before, I usually just wash my fabric in the washing machine. Do you have to use boiling water with the Retayne? I have never boiled my fabrics either. Maybe that’s a better way.
    I love sunflowers, but the birds usually get the seeds before I can bring them in to dry.

    • Karen Jul 30, 2017

      for some of the colors that have a heavy bleed I have boiled the water, then I turn it down to simmer, put the fabric and retayne in it and let it go for 20 minutes then I dump it out and rinse several times – just thought I would try it – I have had good luck with soaking in hot water also but usually have to do it several times with the retayne I hope one time was enough

  • Melanie Goad Jul 30, 2017

    We’re so excited that you are making another quilt for us, Mom! We’re planning on having it on display when we park the bookmobile at Fall Fest–a big chunk of the county will be there and have the opportunity to buy a raffle ticket!

    • Karen Jul 30, 2017

      I’m pleased to do it Melanie – as you know the quilts are stacking up in the house and I really need to pass one on again to someone else and it it can bring in a little money to the library that will be great!!

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