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what to do with some of the blocks – I have taken out the La  Passacaglia quilt blocks and trying to decide what to do with them – one by one I will begin to get these left over project blocks used up.  Right now I am thinking a table runner for these three – but what color fabric for the background – let’s have opinions 1-4 which do you think looks best?

1 – a light color batik IMG_2706

2 – a mottled gray type color – black will not work out good because of the dark navy blue outline on the big piece.


3 –  a greenish aqua color batik – but then the small “star” on the left blends in a bit


4- a different batik made up of greens and yellows – the piece could be laid out in such a way that the green “star” is more on yellow then green.


our dear daughter and grandchildren headed out yesterday morning for the next stage of their trip.  It was so much fun seeing them and do wish the weather had been cooler!  It has been in the 90’s here for over a week – Arkansas summer has arrived.

Jessica brought me rhubarb from Wisconsin – I have poor luck with it – it just gets too hot to grow well – I had asked her seeing as she was bringing a ice chest full of cold drinks with her for along the way to chop up some rhubarb and put in a zip lock bag for me – she did – but she also dug up 3 large chunks of roots for me to try to plant again – here it all is in a 5 gallon bucket for now – I will see if I can keep it alive until fall and plant it – it will be easier to keep watered and in the shade for now keeping it in the bucket.  I really need to think good and hard this time on where to try to grow it again – it can not be in afternoon sun – it just gets too hot – I tried a place last time that had some morning sun and was not in afternoon sun for more than an hour or so – but after 3 years of struggling to grow it died and didn’t come back this year – it too was from Jessica’s patch – we will try one more time seeing as she brought it.


Our granddaughter Ciera 15 on the left, then Jessica and Melanie – Aniya is standing in the back.  She came over every day with Melanie to visit and claimed she wanted Ciera to be her big sister – she is Melanie’s husbands niece’s daughter.  She has become part of the family Melanie spends so much time with her.


Our grandson Utah, now 17


Fun in the water.


A swimming hole about 20 miles north of us that is shaded in some places and quite pretty and not at all busy in the middle of the week – but even so with the heat we didn’t stay very long – it was just too hot!!  The water actually felt warm when you first walked into it and didn’t feel cool until you were almost up to your knees then it drops off a bit.  None of us other Mike swims well and he hadn’t gone along so we didn’t go out deep.  I actually only walked out once to my mid-calf and then found a place to sit in the shade – I’m not a water person and never learned to swim.


Of course the card games were happening and they taught me a new one “BS” – it was entertaining.


And yes a “small” fire started in the firepit for marshmallows – it did burn down quickly – this when it first got started and no more wood and twigs were added – we were crazy as it was to let a 5 year old Aniya insist she needed to do marshmallows but Ciera was a good sport and went along with it.  (it was near 90 degrees!)


Almost burned out but the marshmallows were still toasting up good!






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  • Barbara Jul 22, 2017

    I am partial to the green fabric.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun things planned while your guests were there. Our town has a huge Coast Guard Festival one of the two and a half weeks our children and spouses will be here but we are planning things for the other days. Grandson arrives Monday night.

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      I think I will pull a few more fabrics for backgrounds before I decide and try a few more. I wish we had a festival while they were here, would have been nice other than the heat it just really tires me out quickly. Have fun with your family.
      Karen recently posted…Back To The BlocksMy Profile

  • Gretchen Jul 22, 2017

    It was nice you got to spend time with your daughter and grandchildren. They really grow up fast! I would choose the gray back ground for the table runner. I think the dark blue stood out from the gray. Have a good day!
    Gretchen recently posted…Star Dance BlocksMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      I kind of like the gray too – I’m going to look for more to see what else I have before making up my mind. Yes the visit was good – now back to routine!
      Karen recently posted…Back To The BlocksMy Profile

  • Liz Jul 22, 2017

    I like the first background. Very pretty!

    The kiddos are almost grown.
    Liz recently posted…More BlocksMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      yes the kids are growing up fast! I am going to look for a few more pieces of fabric background before I get started – no rush

  • Deb Jul 22, 2017

    The photos show a great time was had by all! 🙂

    I have the same weather as you here in PA. right now. It was still 90 at 7:30 last night.

    I think that I like the green background the most.
    Deb recently posted…Gardening & Back to QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      I woke up super early this morning and it was 80 degrees at 4:30 AM – it didn’t even cool to the 70’s!

  • Doreen Jul 22, 2017

    I don’t really care for any of those backgrounds….how ’bout a purple?? Looks like some great visiting….including the (exuberant?) bonfire!!! LOL!!!!

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      the blue “star” has a bit of purple to it’s color so don’t think that would work – I’m looking at some more pieces and laying them out today – well post 3 more colors – thanks for your input – after looking at the colors on the computer I didn’t care for the mix all that much either and still deciding LOL – the bonfire didn’t last long – Ciera and Aniya had collected so many dry sticks from the ground that it really burned fast – thank goodness – it was too hot to enjoy being outside all that much

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 22, 2017

    I like the first one because it really shows up the blocks well and is such a pretty color. What beautiful girls and handsome young man you had visiting you. It’s so nice to have a break and enjoy your family isn’t it? It’s suppose to get to 100 today and 102, 103 later in the week. Your ninety sounds like a cold front to me, lol!

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      I hate it when it gets to the hundreds! I woke up very early this AM and it had only gotten “down” to 80!! and now already on it’s way back up quickly – I had the garden work done and water plants in pots by 8:15. I am very undecided on the background fabric LOL – I picked out three this morning as none of them called out to me that much

  • MaryLou Jul 22, 2017

    Here are my two choices – first the mottled gray because it lets the green show
    second choice is the green but it sorta blends with the green in the block..
    What a nice visit you got with family and love the swimming place you all
    went to…hot n humid here too…that is my 2 cents worth…

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      thanks Mary Lou – I have three more picked out to show tomorrow – on today’s I kind of liked the last one and move things around so the green piece would be more on a yellow area

  • Vicki W Jul 22, 2017

    I think I like the last with a slight edge to the green. That’s my opinion for what its worth!

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      it’s worth a bit 🙂 that is the one I am thinking of too but I have three more picked out that I will show tomorrow

  • Belarmina Jul 22, 2017

    Karen que guapa familia!!
    para tu camino de mesa elijo el tercero verde ¡¡¡ me encanta el verde !!!
    buena semana

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      I love green too – I have picked out three more fabrics to show tomorrow to see what I can be happy with

  • Bea Jul 22, 2017

    My vote is for choice #1. Wonderful photos of time spent with family, priceless.

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      thanks for your input

  • Katy S Jul 25, 2017

    I like the first one. It will be beautiful! Fun times with the kids! They are also beautiful.
    Katy S recently posted…Folding FabricMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      that post was from a couple days ago – the next post has more choices and I picked #5

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