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Thanks for all the compliments on the finished quilt top in yesterday’s post.  I must admit I did no sewing yesterday!  We are getting ready for a quick visit from our daughter and grandchildren from Wisconsin.  This was not a trip planned very far in advance and they will only be here for about 2 or 3 days they are making a stop on the way to another destination.   They should be here this evening unless the driving was too much and they decided to stop along the way for the night.    So I was busy getting more grocery’s in the house and doing laundry while Mike was cleaning up the sewing room and stacking tools and things on one side of the room so air mattresses can be laid out on the floor.  When he got done with his part I was sweeping and vacuuming all the dust up and then did a wet mop clean up as well before the air mattresses will go down.

I decided seeing as the house was going to be full it was time to clean up the stacks of fabric laying on the cutting table and get things put away – I’m not sure when it was this clean!


While I was digging around in the closet looking for the air mattresses I thought I would take a photo of the two boxes of scraps that still need to be cut into useable scraps – I bet I have enough for 2 or 3 more quilts in here!  It is crammed tight – if I take the lids off fabric will pop out like a jack in the box.


I had to water the garden last night and took another photo to show how much the sun flowers have grown.  The flowers on that tallest plant are above my head and I’m a little under 5’7” I think the tallest section is over 7 feet tall.


Didn’t have a lot to pick but I do have a handful of zucchini and one that is shaped rather weird – but I’m sure it will taste the same.


I have a post I am scheduling in advance as I know I won’t be on the computer much this week – taking a little time off but I did want to share some blocks that have been sitting aside for awhile and I want to try to figure out something to use them for  – well not be made into big quilts but something small. I think I will have it posted on Thursday.  I will be back on Saturday most likely.  Have a good week everyone.


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  • Barbara Jul 18, 2017

    Wow, your sewing area is so tidy and clean. All of my children and grand children will be arriving beginning Monday, so I will have guests, in increasing number over the next 2 1/2 weeks. So, this weekend, I need to clean my sewing room, get the quilt blocks off the spare queen bed, remove the box of fabric from the night table in the spare bedroom, tidy up the bedrooms and bathrooms and give the house a good going over. I won’t get any sewing done with guests here. I plan to sew until Friday morning when the big job of getting ready begins.

    • Karen Jul 18, 2017

      sounds like me – I don’t really plan on any sewing this week – it is just hard to grab anything to work on in a small house with 3 more people in it and I know our other daughter plus two or three will be in and out as well – hopefully it will cool off in the evenings enough that we can be outside too but it is suppose to be 90+ all week so we will see on that. have fun!

  • Deb Jul 18, 2017

    You garden as well as you quilt! Love to see it all growing and the sunflowers are striking and dramatic.

    Enjoy your family time! 🙂
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    • Karen Jul 18, 2017

      thanks Deb

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 18, 2017

    There’should always so much to do when guests come, what with the cleaning and the cooking! Your garden is looking great and I look forward to seeing your blocks. Enjoy the time with your family, I will look forward to reading your posts again.

    • Karen Jul 18, 2017

      thanks Dottie it has been awhile since we have seen them – doubt any sewing will get done – maybe some hexies basted?

  • Sandra B Jul 18, 2017

    Enjoy your time with family, Karen….hope it cools off where you are…here in Virginia, we are getting warmer…101 forecast for Friday! I am sure you are tired of hearing me say I am ready for fall!!

    • Karen Jul 18, 2017

      it is just going to get warmer here! I wish we would get a cold front and have it be 80!! instead it will be near 92 by evening and humid

  • Belarmina Jul 18, 2017

    Karen ¡¡cuanto orden!!
    mi cuarto de costura esta siempre……un desastre
    disfruta de tu hija y nietos
    eso es lo mejor!!

    • Karen Jul 19, 2017

      thank you – we are having a good visit

  • Kathi Jul 19, 2017

    I love how organized you keep yourself… the main of my table stays cleaned off for use … but I just inherited a cool ruler keeper from my bestie… to use it I have to clean off the back edge of my cutting area… so more clean up needs to happen before I start much more… I need to stay focused like you are to get it done! lol
    Love how your garden produces for you… I am glad you have moderate temps and can keep a garden up as well as quilt… I just quilt and take walks on the beach mainly 😀 Have a blessed week my friend!
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    • Karen Jul 19, 2017

      although it is mainly in the 80’s it is very humid and I do not spend time outside much in the afternoon at this time of year – it is just to hot because of it, even sitting out in the evening is hot

  • Kaholly Jul 19, 2017

    Expecting guests is the perfect time to tidy up the sewing area. And take stock. It won’t stay tidy for long! Enjoy your visit!
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    • Karen Jul 19, 2017

      thanks, we are enjoying the time – I wake up early so just waiting for others to get up

  • Marianne Jul 19, 2017

    Have fun with the family! We will be here when you get back.

    • Karen Jul 19, 2017

      thanks Marianne!

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