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I have been told by several readers now that use Bloglovin that my post are not showing up on their reader – I have heard from one that said more than my blog is not showing up so it is not a problem on my end and nothing I can do about it – either contact bloglovin or as another option you can go to the top right side of my blog – next to the Pinterest button is a blue icon with a white envelope on it – click on that and you will be notified by email when I have a new post.  Just follow the instructions.  I am sorry for the problem – personally I use Feedly Reader which I have not had a problem with but I know we all like different methods.

I really need to dig another project out to do more than hexies!  I better get busy and finish the templates so I can get the ends glue basted down on that little applique project I showed the other day.  So no progress on anything but the hexies yesterday – but I did do grocery shopping, cleaned the bathroom, washed the kitchen floor and dining room floor, vacuumed and went and exercised!   When it finally cooled off I went outside and cut the grass at 7 when it was 88 degrees – yes cooled off – Mike working at all hours it falls to me to get the chores done!  All totaled I got close to 12,000 steps in!  Today and tomorrow it will be staying in the air conditioning  for me – heat index by noon is to be near 100 – I might check the garden first thing in the morning and water it in the evening but that will be it.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog.


the sunflowers are getting a bit top heavy especially as the morning glories right next to them decided to use them to climb up.  I spent sometime cutting vines away and in the process as I wasn’t quite tall enough I cut a few of the flowers by accident so they joined the vase on the kitchen windowsill.  And yes that is a sweet potato right next to the vase – I thought I would try to grow a sweet potato vine – it is going kind of slow but it is growing.


Leaning over – not as bad now that I was able to cut some of the vines off. (taken with the phone)


I never noticed the butterfly bush blooming a second time – this one and another in a different location are both blooming again – much smaller blooms but there.


Black Eyed Susan’s after I got done watering them a couple days ago – some of the other plants have been drying up a bit – I’m afraid this hot dry spell caught me off guard – we had been having wetter than normal weather then all of a sudden hot and dry and the ground dried out much faster than I expected.





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  • Carolyn Jul 25, 2017

    Karen, glad to hear from you! I read thru Bloglovin so haven’t seen your posts for a few days, now this one popped up fine today! Glad you are ok!

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      I post just about every day so it you come through a reader just come directly through one of your old links

  • Marianne Jul 25, 2017

    I use Bloglovin too and saw this post. Don’t know if I’ve missed any, though. My reading has been spotty, too, lately.

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      just come through an old link – I post just about every single day – I wonder what is with Bloglovin

  • Marianne Jul 25, 2017

    Just checked, and yes, I missed all your posts last week. But Bloglovin seems to be up to speed today. So glad you had a nice time with family – your grands are really growing up fast!
    I have a pizza box full of orphan blocks. I often use them to make bathmats or backs for other quilts. I just looked in it again yesterday and have 3 Civil War blocks to turn into a table runner and two Christmas blocks that could be used that way, too. Maybe I’ll make it reversible?

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      it sounds like Bloglovin has had a problem!

  • Kathleen Jul 25, 2017

    I know, it’s going to be a hot the next couple days but it looks like it will be nice for a few days. Looking forward to that so maybe we can get some things done outside. Garden looks good, still no blossom on morning glories?

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      still no blossoms! someone said it takes 120 days, I think I planted them the end of April or early May at this rate they won’t bloom until the end of August LOL – I’m about to rip them out -well that would be hard to do – I guess cut them off at the bottom and let them dry up 🙂

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 25, 2017

    You certainly had a workout yesterday with your 12000 steps! The sunflowers are so pretty in your vase. The hexies are growing too. I am half way with my little baskets now, 150 done and 150 more to go! I work on them in the evenings while watching some shows. It’s so hot and dry here now that I have to really watch and water my plants before they dry out. I went out early in the morning and did some work and came in all wet and soaked from the heat and humidity. I’m ready for fall already lol!

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      I haven’t done much work on the baskets lately – I need to prep some more – I don’t know if I will do 300 – I might alternate 4 patches or plain blocks in between – I always figured I might lose interest in this one.

  • Susan Riley Jul 26, 2017

    I too have missed many many posts; you just think that nothing was posted! Did what you suggested-thanks. Susan

    • Karen Jul 26, 2017

      I had no idea that there had been a problem with a reader being down – I had noticed that less people were coming to visit all week through my stats page though but didn’t know why!

  • Marsha Cooper Jul 26, 2017

    Your sunflowers look just like ours. They started out as giant single flower but somehow over the past few years have changed to still being giant, but having several heads on each stalk. I have no idea how it happened, but I still love them every year.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday — Vacation Was NiceMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 26, 2017

      I got a packet of mixed sunflower seeds that I planted – I think I planted a small handful in 5 holes. I was surprised at the mixture of color – the ones I show are the tallest and so yellow but there are some smaller ones hidden from the view that have more orange to brown petals. I just assumed it would be a big blossom on each plant. I am going to try to dry the flower heads and save the seeds for next year

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