Hexies and Plants

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I had enough hexies thread basted yesterday to sew one row together –


Just laying down next to it – I think I will put 5 rows together first then attach to the body – then do the opposite end and then the sides.  Linking up to Em’s Scrapbag & Love, Laugh,QuiltCooking Up Quilts.


I decided I liked fabric #5 the best.    Thanks for all your opinions – it is hard to decide sometimes isn’t it.  This is a Hoffman Bali Batik – I purchased a large amount quite a few years ago from Hancock’s of Paducah I used it for background fabric on a quilt called Twisted Stars and had about 4 or so yards left and have been using it up over time  I think I am down to less than a yard now. (back when it cost about $8 a yard  and I got it on sale for $6!! – I think they are now $11 to $12 a yard)


Now before I go any further with it I need to make some freezer paper templates and glue baste the ends of the pieces down so that I can applique nice and easy and it always goes faster that way – I have come to the conclusion that if you ever EPP a project and loose interest do not take the papers off the ends – one day you might eventually go back to it and have a finish of some sort and it comes in handy to have the papers in.  Luckily I found a pattern on line and enlarged it on the printer and have the right size pieces.  I was surprised to see some templates to print off as I really didn’t think it would be allowed but someone changed the original pattern some what and put her own instructions and pdf files on line to print for free – it is a different layout so I guess that makes it ok.  The original pattern was from a book published by Quiltmania and it was quite pricey – I had bought it and templates and I believe I did a trade of a fabric kit in exchange which suited me fine.

The sunflowers have been attracting the bees – I see them every day and usually more than one at the garden.  That might be helping the rest of the garden as I now have about 5 cantaloupe growing and some cucumbers (no many but a few)


The roses have been few and far between on this climber – they have been very poor this year.


Although in this photo you can not see all the tomatoes the plants are covered in green tomatoes they are just being very slow to ripen and I get two or three every 3 days or so.  There are six plants of various varieties in this bed, 1 more in a different bed and then 3 more in another – too many!









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  • Deb Jul 24, 2017

    And when the bees are done with the sunflowers the goldfinches will come! Gorgeous closeup 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Scrappy Granny: Quilting Finished & on to the BindingMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 24, 2017

      And fall!! I hate to say I am looking forward to fall already but with the heat of the past week I am 🙂

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 24, 2017

    Beautiful pictures of your garden Karen. The sunflower one with the bee is so bright and pretty. You did a lot of work on your hexies, it’s really looking good. I’m glad you went with number 5 , it’s going to be so pretty. I’ll be so glad when the heat is gone, toward the end of the week the temperature is going to be over 100.

    • Karen Jul 24, 2017

      our weather might actually get better next week – we will see how it changes by then, but this morning and nice and I have been on the porch with the Ipad listening to the birds and enjoying it before it gets hot

  • Rebecca Grace Jul 24, 2017

    Your garden is just as beautiful as your quilts are, Karen! I love your hexies. Are you just stitching them randomly into rows, or did you plan it out first?
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Bear Paw Progress: Mitered BordersMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 24, 2017

      I assume you mean the neutral colors in the hexie rows I am starting? I am doing pretty much random but I have a lot more of one print then the others so I am trying to make sure about a third of the row is using that one – I had intended to make all the rows first and then attach them together but to keep too many of the same print next to each other I decided to start attaching directly to the first row.

  • Deb G Jul 24, 2017

    I love the picture of the bee on the sunflower! I’m ready for fall too, tired of the heat and humidity in the last few weeks! Just an FYI, not sure you can do anything about it, but your blog posts have stopped showing up in my bloglovin feed. The last one it shows is from the 17th.

    • Karen Jul 24, 2017

      someone else told me also that Bloglovin is having a problem but I believe it is from their end as other blogs are not showing up on this other persons bloglovin reader also – she sent them a letter – you might need to also — nothing I can do about it on this end.

  • Karen, Tu-Na Quilts Jul 25, 2017

    Hi, Karen, It’s been a few days since I’ve popped in because I’ve been busy writing and making things for the 12 days of Christmas hop and what do my eyes see but that beautiful hexi quilt laying on the floor again! I had to read about a week back to see why you took off the borders that took you so long to put on. Seems to me I was giving you a hard time about going the border route anyway. It will be a real beauty. I am sooo glad you decided to do this. I mean it was nice with the borders. But now it’s going to be gorgeous!!! Now don’t go taking off any hexis to revert to borders again until you talk with me first.

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      LOL – I just wasn’t happy with the way it was going – sometimes you get an idea in your head and think it will work and then decide no it isn’t! better to take it apart before I went any further – right! I’m not into Xmas in July so have been kind of skimming all of you that have been doing that – kind of hard to think Xmas with humidity and heat I think 🙂 – maybe that is why I never get anything made for Christmas!! I have been thread basting hexies and have two rows done – will do 5 I think before I attach to one side.

  • Emily Jul 27, 2017

    Cute little row of hexies. Your garden pictures are lovely. Don’t blame you for looking forward to fall. The heat has been horrid.
    Emily recently posted…Tuesday Tutorial ~ Star WeaverMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 27, 2017

      the humidity here makes it ten times as bad I think – I can usually deal with dry heat ok but the humidity zaps my strength!

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