It was a Lazy Weekend

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I really didn’t do much sewing this weekend.   I have been reading a lot it seems, I finished one book and moved on to another.  When hot weather comes I seem to go into reading mode.

I was busy yesterday for about an hour at the machine with the box of 2.5 inch squares to keep me company and I was busy chain stitching along.  I have 5 big blocks left to make for Tumalo Trails and in each block are 5 – 9 patches.  I have enough done for 4 of those big blocks and I will see if I can get the last lot of them done this morning and then start sewing those patches together – I have them in sets of 3 blocks each right now.  How I normally do this is count out about 45 squares of various colors/prints and then start to chain two together, When I have about 15 or so of these done then I cut a lot of them off from the back and start to chain the 3rd in the row, count them off and stack them up enough for one big block at a time and continue on from there – it really is mindless sewing and goes quickly.


It has gotten quite humid and I try to get outside in the morning and maybe early afternoon and then back to the house for the afternoon and the A/C.  Today I will see if I can get the 5 big blocks finished.  Then it will be time to cut strips from the die cutter for the sashing.  And talking about die cutters – how do you all store yours (the dies) so you can easily see what you have? I know they have a rack available on the site to order which I think I will get when the sewing room is done (long way to go on that) but I am thinking of  also doing up some kind of chart that I can put in the sewing room with the shape drawn in and the size (and number of the die) maybe that way I can easily remember what I have?  Right now I know I don’t use it to the fullest potential that I could be.  Linking up to MCM #78 Cooking up Quilts and Love, Laugh, Quilt and Em’s Scrapbag .

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  • Jeanne in Ohio Jul 3, 2017

    I have marked my dies, using a Sharpie, with the size strip or square on both the side and one end. That way, I can see at a glance which one I want. I found a rack on sale. It’s pretty small. It only holds about 5-6 dies (I’m not in my sewing room).

    • Karen Jul 3, 2017

      when I get my sewing room back I need to figure how I want to do this – I think I will be using the shelf under the cutting table for storage of the machine and the dies

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 3, 2017

    I bought a rack for my small dies, it holds ten. I had to buy some plastic storage boxes, probably meant for Christmas paper, for my long dies. I label the top of the boxes so I know what’s inside because they are very heavy dies. This keeps them from getting dusty, since Texas is all about dust! Lol! Your piecing looks so relaxing with your cup of tea! Enjoy today, another hot one today.

    • Karen Jul 3, 2017

      we had more rain over night – almost 2 inches – so far no sign of drought of us – that makes almost 4 inches in the last 5 days I think. I’m going to look at storage racks when the sewing room is ready to use – further into the year of course – and see what I can find. I do not have an excessive number of dies but yes they are different lengths – I did get one of the cubes though and they hold all of those in a box so that will be kept – I think I might use the shelf under the cutting table for this

  • Roseanne Jul 3, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    I agree – it was a lazy weekend. I tried to sew yesterday. Five times I had to rip out the row I stitched. FIVE. And it wasn’t just a little short row naturally. Nope, nice and long with lots of wrinkles. So finally at 6pm I decided that was just about enough – I had wasted the entire day trying to make it work. Today, I am 3/4 done already with little issue. Geez. Enjoy your books! I love sewing when it’s hot and humid. Let those fools who like this weather enjoy it. HAHA ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Karen Jul 3, 2017

      sometimes when I keep making mistake after mistake in sewing I just give up and go to it another day!

  • Vicki W Jul 3, 2017

    When you find a clever way to store your dies let me know. Right now mine are lined up on a shelf, like books.

    • Karen Jul 3, 2017

      🙂 that is probably what mine will be like too – I will need to color code or something with a chart handy!! I need to see what I have so I will use them more

  • Lynne Nicholson UK Jul 3, 2017

    I have the wheeled tote for my accuquilt the qubes (i have them all) sacked on a shelf currently my longest dies (alphabet) live in the mat attachment on the tote. The rest ofmy dies are in two of the accuquilt racks.

    • Karen Jul 3, 2017

      The racks might be handy – I need to look at them more – I do have one Qube and the with that will stay there and I need to mark on the outside what size they are rather then just the photo of what the die is

  • Patricia Jul 5, 2017

    A while ago Karen from Sew Many Ways used an organizer that is meant for pot and pan lids. She hung it on the side of….her cutting table I believe. It looked like a great idea to me! 🙂
    Patricia recently posted…Philippians 4:1 Part 1/2. Baby Quilt. To Do Tuesday. Patrick’s Strength.My Profile

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      I will have to go look at it – I used to follow that blog – she always has good ideas

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