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Hmmm what shall these pieces be used for!  I normally do not have extra blocks to use up but several projects that were intended to be large quilts were turned into smaller quilts or the project was decided to not be continued at all!

I have 3 applique blocks from what was going to be the Caswell Quilt but after 7 blocks I decided I was no longer interested in it.  Four of the blocks were put in Williamsburg Beauty but I still have these three left.  I think I will make a table runner with them but I’m not really positive – I really and truly do not feeling like making any more of them.  Possibly a long narrow table runner – alternating with plain neutral print squares or pieced blocks of some kind – maybe a narrow pieced border.  Or maybe they would look better with 3 separate pieces with a border around and on the wall in a grouping?


The other grouping that I have left over – a couple years ago I thought I wanted to make the La  Passacaglia quilt – here is a link to some photos – I lost interest in that one too –  I just had a feeling that I would never finish it.  I have 3 pieces done – I wish I would have left the papers in the back but I wasn’t thinking and I took them all out – it doesn’t look like it will be a problem on the two smaller pieces but on the larger I will need to cut some paper pieces out to glue baste to the back so I can get those pieces shaped right – into the stars they should be.  Again on this I am thinking of doing a table runner with it laid out like this appliqued to a background.  It will use the pieces up and they will not longer be set aside and they should look great as a piece on the table.


The only other “UFO” that I think I have is Love Entwined – I do want to finish this center block at some point but I decided long ago it will not go further – I loved it when I first saw it and and really thought I wanted to make it but lost interest in it so fast I know I would never finish it.  Three bouquets to do and I can call this finished – maybe put a border on it or two – it is pretty I don’t know why I lost interest but if you have see a finished Love Entwined you know there is a lot of work involved (a whole lot of work)  I still have a lot of these colors in my boxes and so I really need to get the flowers done – maybe while I am waiting for the sewing room to be done – can I get myself going to finish it this year???  Here is a link to other Love Entwines and you will see what I mean by a lot of work


I should be back to my regular daily blogging on Saturday it will probably be posted later in the day though then normal.  Hope you all have had a good week — Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts.



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  • Dottie bishaw Jul 20, 2017

    I’m sure the blocks will be lovely whatever you decide to do with them. I really like the three Caswell blocks and think they would be pretty framed and on the wall. Hope you are enjoying your family.

    • Karen Jul 20, 2017

      yes I’m not sure what I will do with them but I would like to use them for something. Family leaves in the morning and I will be back- no sewing done though!

  • Doreen Jul 20, 2017

    “Love Entwined” is to die for gorgeous!! Someday………………….. Your orphan blocks will have a purpose….”someday”…………..

    • Karen Jul 20, 2017

      yes someday is right – I do want to clear the box out though so I really need to do something with them – even if they end up as several long table runners — Lone Entwined – that one block done one day!

  • Chris Jul 21, 2017

    I say go for them all. Definitely finish the Love Entwined to make a wall hanging!!! It’s gorgeous.

    • Karen Jul 21, 2017

      thanks Chris – I do plan on finishing it one day – I should take it with me the next time I travel and take nothing else along – that way i would be forced to finish it!!

  • Clara Jul 22, 2017

    The Caswell blocks are SO pretty! It would be awesome to make them into a wall hanging/grouping so that they could be seen every day. 🙂

    • Karen Jul 22, 2017

      that is what I was thinking – maybe long and skinny – I have more room for that – something with empty squares in between for hand quilting space – I need to look through my stencils and see what I have

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