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Handful of Scraps, quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique

I wasn’t sure if I liked any of the fabric choices that I showed yesterday for La  Passacaglia left over blocks ( well not left over as they are the only ones I made!) so I looked for some more – I will number them 5-7 so look back over yesterdays and then today’s and tell me what you think.  Right now I am leaning towards #4 from yesterday – positioned a little differently so the green is not next to the green and #5 this yellow batik.

5 – a yellowish batik – I really kind of like this one as it doesn’t clash with any of the colors


6 – a blue print with sparkles of gold metallic thread.


7 – yellow with the same metallic thread and print.


Yesterday I got the Handful of Scraps quilt top out – I took the border off last week that was basted in place and will go with more hexies – just because – it will be more work but with winter coming in a couple months (LOL – wishful thinking) it will give plenty of busy work.  I needed a lot more neutrals so the accuquilt hexie die came out to play.  Because I had taken the papers out around the edges after I glue basted it and thread basted it to a background fabric I had to leave an edge on to the hexies so that I will be able to EPP the rest of the hexies to it easily – I will see later if I can take this edge off or leave it on – it would be on the back where it wouldn’t be seen.


I was busy fan folding scraps of fabric over the larger end of this die ( the smaller is for paper) this is for 1 inch hexies but it works just as well for my 7/8th inch hexies that I have papers for.


The hexie on the left is 1 inch for paper size and the hexie on the right is about 1.25 inches for the fabric.


And now I have hundreds to thread baste and start to play with – I will do about 5 rows of neutrals in a rectangle around the quilt top and then about 4 of prints and colors (some already in the top) and then more neutrals and we will see how large it grows to.  This is the project that I will work on for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy and  Quilting is More Fun Than Housework today.


I have so many summer quilts that I have been changing them out frequently to give them all some use – this is one of my very favorites that I have made – all applique all hand quilted.  I do not have as many heavy quilts for winter – I only have the winter quilts on the bed for about 4 months normally so naturally have more light weight quilts. (yes I have many!)

A Traditional Red and Green Applique quilt –


I started this quilt in 2012 I think and finished it in 2014.  I even took some of the applique blocks along on camping trips to finish.  It is needle turn applique – these blocks are typical in red and green quilts from the 1800’s I believe and maybe the late 1700’s?  I did a post on the quilt at this link with photos of all the blocks and the quilting close up.


A close up of the tiny circles


So as you can see I am back to my regular routine and spending a bit of time in the house – it is 80 degrees when I get up or very close to it and it is 90 by noon and up it goes – quite a hot spell for sure – plants are being watered frequently – hope it drops back to the mid 80’s at least  but today even though in the mid 90’s it felt better than the last couple of days as the humidity had dropped – but still too hot to really enjoy it.











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  • JoAnna Jul 23, 2017

    I like numbers 2 & 6. the red & green quilt is gorgeous. The hexies are beautiful also. I’m barely making any progress on Lucy Boston & other projects. I need to hurry up!

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      I made a Lucy Boston and just loved it, wish I had made it larger though – thanks for you input

  • Celia Jul 23, 2017

    Your red and green quilt is absolutely lovely, makes me want to start something else! No.6 would be my choice of fabric for the blocks, your hexagons look good as well.

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      thanks for the input – the problem with asking opinions is that everyone like a different one LOL – I have a feeling I will be looking at fabric for awhile before I decide.

  • Diann Bottrell Jul 23, 2017

    Such a beautiful quilt on your bed! It sounds like fun to be able to change your bed quilts out frequently. It looks like you will have plenty of slow stitching ahead as you add to your Handful of Scraps quilt!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…InspirationMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      yes I have a feeling that Handful of Scraps will take awhile – but what do I have but time and too many quilts already finished – I would have to go room to room to count how many quilts I have in the house – plus how many given away or sold!

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 23, 2017

    I guess I just like batiks, because I like number 5 the best. I just love that red and green quilt! What a work of art! It’s just so beautiful! Love , love it. It might be my very favorite quilt. You certainly have a lot of sewing ahead of you. Enjoy your slow stitching Sunday.

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      I love my red and green too and so glad my applique mojo did not disappear while making it – that is what happened by time I got to Love Entwined and the Caswell quilt – I had made several big applique quilts in a row and just lost interest – by not doing much of it for a couple years I hope I will stick with it when I start a new one hopefully in the fall or winter. I prefer the batiks right now also for the table runner but still undecided. Thanks for the input!

  • Connie Robison Jul 23, 2017

    I like number 5 best, it brightens all the blocks
    Connie Robison recently posted…ColorationsMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      that is what Mike and I are thinking too

  • Julie in GA Jul 23, 2017

    I like #5 best, #7 would be my second choice.
    Gorgeous red and green applique quilt! I like switching my quilts around too.

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      right now I am pretty sure the choice will be #5 – I like it the best right now too and so does hubby – thanks for your opinion!

  • Rebecca Grace Jul 23, 2017

    Hmmm. If it was me, I think I’d go with a solid background that would let the batiks in the blocks sparkle. I do love batiks, just not ALL batiks. But I’m sure whatever you choose will be lovely. I am also a huge fan of red and green repro appliqué and yours is just stunning.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Why I Should Have STARTED With a Pressing PlanMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      the blocks are not batiks but Fossil Ferns – kind of a look of batik’s but not – I love my red and green – one of my favorite quilts

  • Sandy Jul 23, 2017

    I like #4. Your red & green quilt is so beautiful — Did you ever consider entering it at Paducah?

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      I do not enter quilts – I do not pay close enough to detail when I make them and the quilting is not all even stitching either – I do a tiny whip stitch on applique not a blind stitch – they look for all of that kind of stuff – and to top it all of the quilt is not quite square and would most likely be noticeable if hung but not when laying on a bed.

  • Kathi Jul 23, 2017

    5 is my favorite for your background Karen… I love your borders removed from Handful of scraps… I felt it needed something… but I guess it needed a step back to nothing and we shall see what you do over the winter then 🙂 I love to be outside here in the mornings also! I have a bubbler in our Florida room and listen to music and chillax there with the sound of the water fountain… lovely! I totally am in love with your red and green quilt too… enjoy and hope you have had a happy weekend! So much going on for you right now it seems 🙂 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Slow and Loving Stitches Here!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      thanks Kathy – yes the hexies needed something – sometimes you think you know where you are going and then do not like it – better to change before more is added right! I love being outside in the morning and I wish we would get a break from this heat so I can enjoy it again!

  • Sandra B Jul 23, 2017

    Karen, I am also picking choice #5 for the background. Looking forward to seeing which one you go with!
    Your red and green quilt is amazing! I have had the book which contains the pattern for the quilt you made for years…every now and then I get out the book and look at it…I hope to eventually make something from it, but it will be a while, I am sure before I do!! I have a couple of other appliqué projects that I would want to make first, and I keep seeing scrappy quilts that I keep moving higher up on my “to do” list!! Too many quilts …..not enough time!! Thanks so much for sharing your quilt!!

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      the blocks for the Red and Green quilt are actually from two different books one by Jeana Kimball and another by Marsha Radtke – it was nice to combine blocks from two books and make it into one quilt with it looking like it was probably all from one. I am choosing #5 – I decided I like that one best and it is just for a table runner – not a work of art!

  • Belarmina Jul 23, 2017

    Karen sigo con el nº 3 verde.
    Tu edredón rojo y verde es maravilloso
    buen a semana

    • Karen Jul 23, 2017

      I will be picking #5 – but it kind of has a little bit of green in it 🙂

  • Bea Jul 24, 2017

    I agree with you, #5. Your applique work is so neat and beautiful. Your red and green quilt is amazing. I am in awe of your applique talent. I like applique but I am not at your level of expertise. Your work is truly inspiring.

    • Karen Jul 24, 2017

      thank you Bea – I do love applique but haven’t done much of it the last couple years – I have one quilt that I am planning to do though and on the look out for the right fabric for it.

  • Katy S Jul 25, 2017

    I like the yellowish batik best. That appliqué quilt is incredible! Wow!
    Katy S recently posted…Folding FabricMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 25, 2017

      thanks – I guess you must read through Bloglovin too – just so you know in the future I blog daily (or just about) so if something doesn’t go to your reader just come visit anyway through an old link in your reader

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