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Sunday was really and truly a lazy day for me – I read a whole book – (Joe Pickett series #16 C.J. Box) (I have not read them all and assume they are stand alone as this one did not seem to need anything to get into it – I do believe I have read one or two others)  I do that sometimes but usually I stop and sew some too, but instead yesterday other than basting some hexies I read.  I baste 7 hexies – 6 the same color and then one for the center and I clip them together – I will look at my thread cabinet and pick out a matching thread and put it in the box and get busy stitching.


This morning Tumalo Trails was right where I left it Saturday afternoon hanging over a chair – back to work on it today. (the sewing room walls & ceiling will be like this – ceiling done & working on the walls – also a ceiling fan is in place and some of the track lighting with daylight led bulbs – lots of varnish still to be done, some of the lighting, all of the floor plus numerous other things – the room was about gutted).  I am linking to MCM#79 Cooking Up QuiltsEm’s Scrap Bag and  Love, Laugh, Quilt.


Now for some questions??

Has anyone used a flannel design wall that has a grid marked on it.  I have been looking for new flannel to make my design wall again when I get the sewing room back and while I was looking I saw that Kaffe Fasset has a gray grid flannel for making a design wall.  Has anyone used this and how did you like it?  If you haven’t used it but you have used a different one how did you like it.  I saw that Fons and Porter has one but it doesn’t have good reviews from what I saw – one side is plastic and it has grommets at the top that you hook to a wall and eventually could become loose I guess from the weight of quilts the reviews also said that the quilt blocks didn’t stick well to it after just a couple months.  The Kaffe flannel grid comes in yardage that is 44 inches wide so you can buy what you want to make the size wall that you want to make.  I like that it is in gray as when you are making quilts with a neutral background it would show up better.  And I use a lot of neutral backgrounds.  I will be making my wall the same as I did last time (and in the same place – the whole back wall will be a design wall as before) with the flannel wrapped and taped in place around insulation boards which are about 3/4 inch thick – this makes a good surface so you can pin in place if you want to leave something on the wall for a good time and have a fun running in the room – the pieces won’t blow off.  The Kaffe flannel is on the Missouri Star Quilt Company site and maybe others.

Another question for the new sewing room – I am going to have a new cutting table and I need a new large mat – I want a mat that will be about 28-30 x 36  to 40 inches – anyone have a recommendation on a site to order from that has a good mat – would prefer self-healing so it won’t have a bunch of score marks.

Another thing I wanted to ask before I forget is how many of you are using Instagram?  How do you like it?  I am trying it out and you can find me at karenquiltsetc – I just got started so not much there but would like to follow you if you are on it so let me know.  I do not plan on being on it constantly – maybe try to post something once a day if that – I am learning my way around it and no little about it at this point and do not know if I will stick with it.






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  • Marianne Jul 10, 2017

    My brother was here over the weekend and said his teenaged daughters use Instagram so he signed up, too. But he says he’s having trouble figuring it out. My sister uses it, too, so maybe I should sign up. My bro also uses Snapchat with his kids. So much technology to learn these days!

    I don’t have space for a design wall although I saw that grid flannel and thought it would be a good thing to use. I have a double bed I use as my design wall as well as a couple of foam-core boards covered in flannel for a small design wall. Of course, my sewing room doubles as a guest room.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      some of my family too is on Instagram and my grandchildren use it so I would like to see the photos they post – more of the younger kids in my family are on instagram than facebook now

  • Doreen Jul 10, 2017

    I purchased the F&P design wall for our TX place but haven’t had issues with it. I have a large wall that’s part of a hall area, so put up some Command hooks. I like that I can put it up/take it down easily. Not familiar with much else. The Kaffe wall fabric sounds good, though. Like the gray idea.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      the main thing I heard about the Fons & Porter wall was that people were having trouble with the fabric sticking after only a couple months – hope it works for you

  • Ruth Jul 10, 2017

    I don’t post on Instagram, but i read a few favorites.
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    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      it seems like a lot of the on line stores have moved their give away’s to instagram and I would like to be in on them if I can figure out how to enter!

  • Beth Jul 10, 2017

    I’ve had the F&P design wall for over two years and haven’t had any issues with it. My blocks and quilts stay in place until I take them down. My only thought is that I would like for it to be about 6-8″ wider, as I make larger quilts. When I purchased it, I liked the idea of the grids, but found that I don’t really use them.

    I’m on Instagram (@cookingupquilts) and I love it. There’s so much quilty inspiration there. My only problem with it is that it could be a time suck for me! LOL

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      yes if I get started with instagram I have to limit my time – I like reading blogs more so do not think it will be too difficult. My wall is wider and longer than the F &P wall which is one reason I am not really looking at that one right now – I mainly make big quilts so would really like my whole wall covered – I have trouble with sticking things on a wall straight so when i saw the grids I thought that would be handy for me

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 10, 2017

    I’m only on Facebook, and that’s enough for me. I just don’t have time to do anything else. My design wall doesn’t have grids on it, I guess it would help to have them. A day spent reading is a very good day I think. Your sewing room will be so beautiful with all of that wood! A busy day ahead in the garden today, which I love.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      I try to limit my time on the computer and so far have managed ok – I’m not that much of a phone person so it might not even be something I am interested in but thought I might give it a shot

  • Bonnie in Va Jul 10, 2017

    I have some gridded flannel that I use when I want to transport a quilt in process. I NEVER trust that blocks will stay on it when I’m moving them around and rolling it up — I pin everything to it when moving. I like the Martelli mat. Sign up for their emails and wait until they go on sale. I’m pretty sure I got mine at 50% off. Although I like Olfa mats the big ones have gotten really pricey even with JoAnn’s coupons. So the other mat I bought is a Fiskers. I haven’t had any issues with it but on the other hand it isn’t my major cutting area. Right now it is totally covered with piles of projects so not much cutting gets done on it. Hum, maybe I should clear up those projects… nah…let them sit. Good luck with your decisions.
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    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      I didn’t see any place to sign up for a newsletter but I did have the Martelli company already bookmarked – there mat is pricey but the right size. Whatever I decide on a design wall will always stay right there on the wall as I make it in three pieces to fit the wall and then there will be a “frame” around it to assist in holding the flannel in place as after awhile it tends to sag. I have a portable wall for if I want to take it anywhere – but I never do as i do not belong to any groups right now so that is not a problem.

  • Wanda Jul 10, 2017

    I have 2 different brands of table top size cutting mats and 2 styles from one of the companies. After you have used an Olfa mat you will find that nothing else compares to it. It is cushioned as well as self healing. You will find you can cut longer with an Olfa mat without pain or fatigue. It is too bad they don’t make more sizes. Back to my big mats, even though one said it is self healing, if you use the same lines over and over it becomes a dull groove and not clean cuts.

    Gridded flannel: 45″ isn’t wide enough to wrap around your 48″ design walls. I buy 108″ wide flannel and rip it down the middle and wrap it around my design walls.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      for the flannel wall I will be making it in 3 sections butting it up against each other to make it look like one wall – it is how I did it last time and it worked out fairly well. I used really long lengths last time and cut a 2 1/2 yard piece I believe and taped to the back side which is what I will probably do again this time. I just thought the grids might help me keep everything fairly straight as I tend to go crooked after awhile. I have an Olfa mat that I love – it is close to the size I want for the new table and I probably stick with it as they are so pricey

  • Isabella Jul 10, 2017

    Karen, I recently signed up for Instagram too (createdbybella1). I find that with everything that I do throughout the day, I never can find extra time to post to Instagram. Also, I’m not sure what the purpose of Instagram is, a message is a message, dos it really matter through which means it is received?
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    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      LOL – and now I am following you – yes I do not know if I will be using it much – my grandchildren are on it and I mainly signed up on it so I could see their photos

  • Isabella Jul 10, 2017

    With that said…I am also now following you on Instagram, lol. If they had a feature where I could receive messages directly to my eMail box I would probably participate more with it.
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  • MoeWest Jul 10, 2017

    I used T pins to hold batting on foam insulation board. I like the pins better than using tape.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      I don’t think the T-pins would work on the thick insulation boards I use but thanks for the idea – I do use T-pins to pin backing fabric to the carpet to pin baste quilts though and to pin my quilts to the 3 roller quilting frame – neat pins

      • MoeWest Jul 10, 2017

        My insulation board is about 2″ thick and I put them in at an angle.

        • Karen Jul 10, 2017

          I would be afraid it wouldn’t hold and I would have a hard time to fix it as we put a wood frame up with screws all around like a picture frame – it helps keep the flannel from sagging – I will stick with my way but glad it works for you 🙂 thanks for stopping by and sharing how you do yours

  • Roseanne Jul 10, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    I love the Pickett series! I have #16 on request at the library. It would be worth your time filling in the holes in his series – they do kind of build on each other – some of the character return, etc. I do have a design wall with grid lines on flannel – I have an article about it on my blog – I think it’s from Fons and Porter. I love it, use it all the time. I just used little skinny nails at the top of the wall pointing up “/” so the grommets don’t slide off. I have a few projects going at a time and it hasn’t fallen and the fabric sticks. I have a big green cutting board from Joann’s with a coupon or a good sale . . . and I use Instagram posting pictures of finished quilts, etc. I use a # (like #homesewnbyus) then you can see all the posts with that one #. I hope this makes sense! ~smile~ Roseanne
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  • Karen Jul 10, 2017

    I really like Instagram, but I don’t bother hashtagging. I just post my photo so friends from different places I’ve lived over the past 25 years can see what’s going on. There is a lot of quilting inspiration there. I like the idea of a photo and brief description, that works for me. I find so many of the quilting blogs I’ve followed over the years seem to be losing interest and the posts are becoming fewer and farther between. This fills that visual gap for me. I’ve never used a gridded design wall, so I’m no help to you there. Karen

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      I’m not even sure what the difference is between just posting a photo and hashtags LOL

  • Celia Jul 10, 2017

    I do use Instagram as well (celiaquilter) to follow a few quilters but am not very knowledgable with it I’m afraid so my posts are a bit few and far between! I’ll look forward to following you as I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are working on. Also as someone else has said, some quilting blogs seem not to be updated nowadays and I’ve found them on Instagram or Facebook instead.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      yes over the last 4 years or so quite a few blogs I used to follow are now only posting on facebook ( I reserve that for family only) or instagram -(which I will have anybody on)

  • LisaS Jul 10, 2017

    I LOVE Instagram! I will go follow you right now.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      great – I will be looking at it later – I have to be careful so I don’t spend too much time on it – I don’t want my phone attached to my body LOL

  • Emily Jul 10, 2017

    Just followed you on instagram. My design wall is flannel and I love it. I have foam core behind it so I can pin things up when they get bigger and don’t stick as well. I think a grid would be nice.
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    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      yes I think to that the grid well be great as I could not put anything in a straight row on the old design wall that I had

  • Deb Jul 10, 2017

    Not on Instagram because I am still using my old iPhone 3 lol and I don’t think the camera is good enough.

    I too am on a reading binge….yardwork, house etc and then when it comes time to relax the choice between sewing and reading seems easy….it is reading! I am just plowing through this author I found, ( Adriana Trigioni ) and when I go through all of her books in the library I’ll probably get back to normal again 🙂

    It is because it is summer. Reading out on the porch in natural light ( when it is not too hot ) is easy on my eyes. In the winter I read much, much less. Or basically stick to a bit of non-fiction here and there.
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    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      I seem to read a lot more in the summer also and I think it is something about sitting out on the porch all morning (or most of it) I don’t sew much out on the porch – once in awhile but the way the porch is long and the direction it is I guess we get a bit of a breeze and I have to watch the sewing too much so nothing blows away. I will have to watch it on instagram – it could suck up too much time – we will see – I mainly got on it a couple months ago because it is where my granddaughter post a lot of photos — have not heard of that author will check it out

  • Vicki Jul 10, 2017

    I love the Joe Pickett books! Glad to hear the sewing room is coming along. I don’t have any recommendations for your questions and I’m avoiding Instragram but think I’m going to have to get on there for my business.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      I avoid instagram for some time but finally decided to try it but hope it doesn’t suck the time out of the day – I will just have to make myself watch it – my granddaughter post a lot of photos there and I wanted to stay caught up with her mainly. I see that my library has most of the Joe Pickett novels on kindle format but waiting list – I will start with the first one and work my way through and just stick with the waiting lists and not buy them

  • JanineMarie Jul 10, 2017

    I use a quilt batting stitched to a curtain from a discount store for my design wall. I have it hanging from a curtain rod so I can take it down for guests. It’s not great, but it works for me. I got my cutting mat (olfa) from Joann using a big coupon. I am on Instagram. I joined to see pictures of my grandkiddies, but I do post things. I have my account separated into a public account for my quilt stuff, but I keep the part under my own name as private because I don’t want my grandkids pictures going everywhere. Lots of people are extremely organized and gracious, and always comment on everyone’s posts. I can’t manage to do that. I just can’t keep up, so I mostly just “like” posts. I also limit my following; otherwise I’d be on it so much, I’d never get any sewing or other things done.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      yes I will need to organize my time and only check in once awhile – I am already on the computer enough as it is without being on my phone all the time too

  • Judy Zoll Jul 10, 2017

    I purchased a mat and a couple of rulers from Alex Anderson at Paducah this spring and I highly recommend them. Working together they hold the fabric in place with no slipping. I am not sure what size they come in or what their normal price is as they had show prices. I do know that all mats are not created equal, some of them are harder on your cutting blades.

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      I have not heard of her mats and well search and see – thanks for the info

  • Janice Holton Jul 10, 2017

    Hi Karen, Here is a link to a post at Smiles From Kate about her design wall. She used the grid flannel and is very happy with it. Of course, yours will be bigger than hers. I read every single one of your comments because I am going to be needing all these things for my quilt room too when it is time. I do use Instagram very lightly. I don’t really leave comments. Just look at the pretty pictures and like them. My instagram name is colorcreatingandquilting I usually don’t post more than one picture each day and sometimes not even that much. I hope you will let m know if you find a good deal on a large cutting mat. I’m in the market too!
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    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      thanks! I will check that link out and just followed you on instagram.

  • Nanette Chopin Cook Jul 11, 2017

    For my design wall I covered it in batting! Still there and have not replaced it since 2009. I clean the threads off with the masking roller. I believe it is the cheapest and best way to go.

    I have a regulation cutting table and I have the same one that Quilt shops have – the thick opaque with lines that is 40″ x 68″. I have never cut on it, but use the large Olfa cutting mats from Jo-Anns and use a coupon.

    Do not use Instagram. Took me awhile to use Facebook (sometimes) and Twitter (very little).
    I am sure you will be able to find something that pleases you with all the suggestions.
    You room will look so pretty when finished!

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      I have never used batting for a design wall I would be afraid it would sag but you say you have for a long time so it must not have! I use the lint roller with flannel and it can last a long time too. Have never used Twitter – I’m on media enough without starting that one too!

  • Marsha Jul 13, 2017

    Hi Karen. I came over to your blog because you left a comment on my blog
    I always try to see others blog is they comment on my blog. I love the quilt, Tumalo Trail, you are working on. Is it your own design, a Bonnie Hunter? I haven’t seen it but have lots of 2.5″ pieces to work with. I’d like to make it also.
    I use Instagram and leave a photo or two everyday I think. I like it because it’s a quick drop of the photo and a comment about it then I can scan to see others that are there if I have the time. Otherwise, I check them later in the day.
    I love writing my blog but putting up the photos and writing a post is much more time consuming than Instagram, so I put more photos on IG. Working 5 days a week this summer and finding it hard to get a lot of sewing done. Good to have the extra $$ for big items things we were needing. We are RVers and live in an RV full-time. No room for a design wall. Sorry I can’t help you there, but wanted to say how much I like your newest quilt. IG name: @quilterinmotion
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    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      thanks for stopping by Marsha – I will check you out on instagram. The quilt I am making is a Bonnie Hunter pattern but instead of using the little 1.5 inch squares that she did for the quilt I am using 2.5 inch squares as I had a whole box of them cut so changed other dimensions to go with that. I always like to check out blogs of quilters where I see they have RV’s as we have a small motorhome that is not getting used right now for various reasons the last two years but when Mike finishes his contract job in Feb/Mar we will most likely start to hit the road again – we only do it it part time though – it is a small motorhome not meant to live in full time we go 4-8 weeks at a time.

  • Kate Heads Jul 29, 2017

    Sorry I’m so late to the party. I have the Kaffe Fassett design wall as Janice said, I have had blocks of 15.5 inches on with no need for pins, I love it.
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