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The last 5 blocks for the Tumalo Trails are done!!  This quilt has been flying along.


Then I got them pressed and squared up.  I got the coffee table moved out of the way and a layout done.  The rows are all numbered and stacked up and  I am ready to cut sashing and get started putting rows together this week.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Jo’s Country Junction – Jo has a spectacular quilt top to show today that she has finished.  If you like a very scrappy quilt you will like this and I love the border she added.  Also linking to Quilt Fabrication  and My Quilt Infatuation.


Last night I walked down to the garden and took a few photos of the flowers – I planted a package of mixed sunflower seeds – the colors are supposed to be orange to yellow and the sizes vary.  This one obviously is orange – the plant is about 4 feet tall – more growing right next to it appear to be the same but this is the only one in full bloom right.


These are the morning glory plants with no buds still – I’m beginning to wonder if there will be.  Peaking out of the top is a sunflower plant – about 6 feet tall.  We have had a lot of rain this summer – July usually starts a bit of a dry spell and we have had at least 5 inches of rain this past week!  Ready for a dry spell but have not had to water the garden.  This sunflower has been growing about 6 inches a day!


Taken from the other side – it was beginning to be near sunset and the plant is turned towards where the sun had been.  There are about six buds on this one – well I did toss a handful of seeds in that area so it most likely is more than one plant.


The double blossom lilies are in bloom – we dug these tubers up a long time ago someplace – don’t remember where and brought them home and now we have a lot.  Back in the days when there were a lot less people around our area and there were a lot of empty old homesteads around and you felt like you could stop along the dirt roads and dig up plants and bring them home with you.  Don’t feel like I can do that anymore.


Thank you all that took advantage of the Craftsy and Accuquilt sales this holiday weekend – I do appreciate you all ordering through my links.









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  • Gabriele Stabel Jul 5, 2017

    Wow, Karen, another super quilt. I like the tumbalos so much. I’ve never seen an orange sunflower before.

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      thanks for stopping by Gabriele – hope you are doing fine.

  • Marianne Jul 5, 2017

    Your garden looks great! With all the rain we’ve had, flowers are doing really well, but some farmers are having a lot of trouble. A few sunny days have helped. Paul’s sister’s morning glories and hosta were eaten by a woodchuck (ground hog) or something similar, but my hosta (which I sprayed with deer away) are massive.

    Your quilt is turning out really great – I may have to give that pattern a whirl myself. Right now I’m putting together swap blocks and stacking them in a pizza box for storage. Have to clean my sewing room tomorrow for weekend company.

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      I do not know why there are no blossoms on the morning glory though? certainly a lot of leaves!

  • Ramona Jul 5, 2017

    I have never seen a double lily like yours. It’s beautiful. My morning glories aren’t blooming yet, either. Your Tumalo Trails quilt is going to be so pretty. Have fun sewing the top together!
    Ramona recently posted…Tote BagMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      I wonder how long the morning glory grows before buds form, have never planted them before.

  • Sandra B Jul 5, 2017

    Karen, your Tumalo Trails blocks look amazing! I have enjoyed following along on the progress….looking forward to seeing the sashing ….
    Still hot and humid here in Virginia…some areas nearby got rain yesterday, but none for us….they say we may get some today….hope so….

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      nice to hear from you Sandra – I hope our rain is done for a week or so at least!

  • Charlotte Jul 5, 2017

    This quilt is beautiful! It reminds me of the Jacob’s Ladder pattern. Sure is a good way to use scraps too. I’m enjoying the rainy days. 🙂
    Charlotte recently posted…The Use of More Scraps…My Profile

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      It is a variation of Jacob’s Ladder just using 9 patches for something different – I got it from one of Bonnie Hunter’s books.

  • maxine lesline Jul 5, 2017

    A double lily ! This is amazing… I did not know there are doubles.. taking a pic to show to the gardener in the family. When a quilter’s quilt is zooming along.. it is the best of times… all coming around as hoped.

  • Isabella Jul 5, 2017

    The colors and layout of Tumalo Trails is fantastic. This quilt is going to be gorgeous when finished.
    Isabella recently posted…Happy Independence Day!My Profile

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      thanks Isabella

  • Janice Holton Jul 5, 2017

    Karen, I really, really like this quilt of yours. I tend to lean toward traditional and this one has that down home feel to it. Went together fast! What color sashing did you decide to go with?

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      it is going to be scrappy neutrals – I got one row put together and will be on the post in the morning

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 5, 2017

    Wow Karen, you have been busy! This quilt is just moving along so fast, it’ll be finished in no time. I really like this quilt and am so glad I have the pattern, I surely have enough scraps for it. The picture of the sunflower is so beautiful, I love that color. Maybe the morning glory isn’t mature enough yet. I’ve never grown morning glories before. Had a wonderful day with my daughter, but so glad to be back home again. The double lily is simply beautiful. The older varieties are always so lovely I think.

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      this quilt is moving fast isn’t it – surprising in a way. glad you had a good day with your daughter

  • Patricia Jul 5, 2017

    Your quilt is so very pretty! Your colors, fabrics and design are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
    Patricia recently posted…Philippians 4:1 Part 1/2. Baby Quilt. To Do Tuesday. Patrick’s Strength.My Profile

    • Karen Jul 5, 2017

      thanks Patricia! I love scrappy

  • Kathleen Jul 5, 2017

    Wonderful quilt and the lily is lovely.
    I had planted morning glories once about 15 years ago and I am still finding them growing everywhere. they became an invasive weed, pretty but weed all the same. Just a heads up.
    Kathleen recently posted…What’s happenedMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 6, 2017

      thanks for the warning – do you remember if it took a long time for yours to flower?

  • LisaS Jul 6, 2017

    That day lilly is amazing! I’ve never seen a double bloom like that.

    • Karen Jul 6, 2017

      I think these are more of an older lily variation then you see around now – most of my bulbs other than Iris’s come from digging up in old homestead areas and I have had them in my yard for 35 years now.

  • Andrea Jul 6, 2017

    I love the tumalo trails. The blocks and layout look fantastic. Have a great day! –Andrea

    • Karen Jul 6, 2017

      thanks Andrea – I love this scrappy old fashioned looking quilt too
      Karen recently posted…More on Tumalo TrailsMy Profile

  • dawn Jul 7, 2017

    love your quilt! so so awesome

    • Karen Jul 7, 2017

      thanks Dawn

  • Susan Jul 10, 2017

    Tumalo Trails is wonderful – my kind of scrappy! Thanks for sharing it and your fast growing garden on Midweek Makers!
    Susan recently posted…Bend and Sisters RecapMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 10, 2017

      thanks for dropping by Susan

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