Tumalo Trails

scrap quilts

All of the blocks are now sewn in place – I thought I had enough sashing strips cut for all around the quilt but I didn’t – so I need to cut more neutral strips and then go all the way around the quilt with them – then measure and figure out the size of the piano key border.

Getting the last row organized before I sew.


Moved the coffee table and love seat against the wall so I could lay out what I have done.  90.5 inches square right now.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today and My Quilt Infatuation.


Other than that one row I got no other sewing done.  I finally got back to exercise yesterday – I had taken a couple weeks off as I had a bit of a pinched nerve in one hip that spread across the lower back as well and I was letting it ease out before I got back to exercise – back to it and of course felt worn out – just can’t jump back into exercise at this age can we.  I only did 15 minutes less than I had been doing – I guess I should have started with only 30 minutes!  Well or won’t I exercise today? we will see how I feel by early afternoon which is when I normally drive to the fitness center and do my stuff – too hot to walk outside!!   You really have to get up and going early in the morning if you want to walk outside around here – It will be in the mid 80’s by 1 in the afternoon and that is too hot for me.

Thanks for all your ideas on yesterday’s post.




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  • Gretchen Jul 11, 2017

    Tumalo Rows looks very nice. The piano key border sounds great. Happy sewing!
    Gretchen recently posted…Still Quilting the BorderMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      thanks Gretchen – as soon as this quilt gets done I need to get back to work on others.

  • Teri Dingler Jul 11, 2017

    I can’t wait to start mine! It it beautiful! And I just “followed” you on instagram of which I mainly have to follow the grandkids. I seem to like Pinterest best! Have fun posting pictures!

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      thanks Teri – my granddaughter post photos on instagram too and that is mainly why I got on it – don’t know how much I will use it thought.

  • Ruth Jul 11, 2017

    I can’t even imagine sewing a 90+ inch quilt. Never mind Wonder Woman, you are Super Sewer!

    Upper 80’s here today. Summer has arrived. Now I’m ready for fall. Hah!
    Ruth recently posted…I frogged the turquoise shawlMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      🙂 I have no use for small quilts – I have a few scattered around but really do not use them all that much – it is the bed size quilts that get used – I normally make most of my quilts about 105 x 105 to allow for shrinkage and then they fit the bed good.

  • Lorraine bujnowski Jul 11, 2017

    I am loving your Tumalo Trails quilt. You have put it on my to do list.. scrap quilts are the best.

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      lol – well it is a nice easy quilt to make!

  • Liz Jul 11, 2017

    Your top is looking great. Back issues are not nice. I have arthritis in my low back for years.
    Liz recently posted…From Sunday QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      at least it only lasted a couple weeks – have arthritis stuff too so combined it can be bad at times but usually clears up after awhile

  • Kaholly Jul 11, 2017

    Oh, Karen, it’s just gorgeous! Exercise, humph. I took a massive blow to my ribs in Jan., and tried to start back into exercise mode last week….figuring it’s been 6 months. Wasn’t in the cards, and I suffered for it. I’m not too keen on this aging thing going on, lol!
    Kaholly recently posted…Round Robin ExchangeMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      thanks! I love this quilt. I know what you mean about an injury – it seems like it takes forever to get back to “normal”

  • Isabella Jul 11, 2017

    This quilt top gets more beautiful with each stitch you take.
    Isabella recently posted…Dutch Windmill Pattern is Now Available!My Profile

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      thanks – I hope to get the rest of the sashing on sometime today – I have the pieces cut now to buckle down later and get it sewed.

  • maxine lesline Jul 11, 2017

    Having your exercise place close is a winner… actually I would call it Physical Therapy.
    Wish we had the cooler weather that you have.. 100 here today and tomorrow.. feel sorry for roofers and lawn people.

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      yes we like our exercise place-we have been going to the same place for over 25 years

  • Kristie Jul 11, 2017

    That quilt is gorgeous! It went together rather quickly. Scrap quilts are my favorites. Any ideas yet what you will work on next? 🙂 Hope you can get back to your regular exercising.

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      I’m trying to hold off on starting another new one and get back to the birds I started for my daughter and the scrappy baskets.

  • Hellen Jul 11, 2017

    What a great idea for a scrap quilt! Lovley quilt.

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      thanks Hellen – I love this pattern

  • Vicki Jul 11, 2017

    I don’t do much walking outside in July and August. I just spent that time looking forward to September and a few comfortable days! The quilt looks great!

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      I know it is just too hot at this time of year to walk outside – for me too!

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 11, 2017

    It’s in the nineties here all week, summer has arrived. I started watering my pots early this morning and did some pruning before it starts to get hot. Your quilt is almost done, I can’t believe how fast it came together. I love the pattern and all your colorful scraps! You are doing a great job. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, so there goes the afternoon. Enjoy your day!

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      hope the dental visit goes ok – is your mouth healing? just about 90 here too and the humidity is horrible. I was going to work more on the quilt today then I did and really don’t have time now to do much with Melanie coming over for supper later

  • audrey Jul 11, 2017

    Your quilt is coming together so well! It’s always challenging to lay out those larger quilt tops for pictures isn’t it? I have to laugh sometimes at myself while I’m moving chairs and pushing furniture back!

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      it sure is – then I either have to stand on top of the coffee table (remember to shut the ceiling fan off first) or stand on the couch (balance on the cushions) to take the darn photo to get it all in!

  • Chris Jul 11, 2017

    The Trail is gorgeous!

    • Karen Jul 11, 2017

      thanks Chris

  • Glenda Australia Jul 11, 2017

    LOL Just deleted my message LOL Hi Karen nearly started to make some of these blocks up last week but managed to stop my self and kept on working on my Diamond Hill blocks LOL I have lots of 1 1/2 inch blocks from making them from beginners and stoppers when sewing by machine, Ive started making them in to 9 patches and when I have to many will then start making these lovely blocks up!!!!! Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…WOW or WIP’s 12th July 2017My Profile

    • Karen Jul 12, 2017

      have fun you should have enough one day to make this quilt if you are using them at the beginning and endings when using your machine.

  • Roseanne Jul 12, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    This is really lovely. I am sure you are pleased with how it is coming together – how could you not be?!! It is just so interesting to look at and to follow the different patterns within the blocks. I love you fabric choices! ~smile~ Roseanne
    Roseanne recently posted…To-Do Tuesday Edition #13My Profile

    • Karen Jul 12, 2017

      thanks Roseanne I do love this quilt and plan to get back to it today

  • Marsha Cooper Jul 12, 2017

    I really love this design. This time I pinned it to my quilts board so that I can keep the reminder that I’ve put this on my list.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday — No Sewing 🙁My Profile

    • Karen Jul 12, 2017

      LOL – I have a list on my boards too of “have to make one day” somehow I never get to them 🙁

  • Teresa Jul 12, 2017

    looking good this was a really fun quilt. it has been a while since I made mine in civil war reproduction fabrics, think I might try it again in brighter colors after seeing yours.
    Teresa recently posted…Guild Show and TellMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 12, 2017

      I have so many scraps and pieces of partial fat quarters to use – I really need to keep sticking to scrappy quilts to use a lot of it up

  • This is so pretty and I am in awe of your precision! Good luck with the exercising…every little bit helps is what I tell myself.

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      thank you so much!

  • Nanette Chopin Cook Jul 13, 2017

    Very nice scrappy quilt I still like the quilt without the sashings, but that is my taste will have a beauty when you finish! I am doing my walk at 6:30 AM each morning and it gives me so much more time during the day to sew and do some genealogy. It is so hot and humid here that even being 10 minutes late in walking at that time is torture. This morning one could cut the humidity with a knife!!! I believe we had a summer like this a couple of years back. I am back in the routine and each day it is easier to take the heat, but not after 7:30! Where is winter?
    Nanette Chopin Cook recently posted…Back to Quilting on RSC 2017, 4th of July, and our Triplets!My Profile

  • Preeti Jul 20, 2017

    Yummy scrappy goodness!!! What is not to love 🙂

    • Karen Jul 20, 2017

      thanks I do love this quilt

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