Tumalo Trails and Plants

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First thing I did yesterday was lay out sashing for the Tumalo Trails outside border – after moving furniture around that is – I wanted it all laid out so I wouldn’t put the same color/pattern next to another.  Decided this would work and got busy sewing.


Now all that is left is the final border- a lot of scraps to go through for that.  This is now sewed and pressed, measured and ready for the final.   This is now 95.5 inches.


Close up of one area.


Now this is where having a lot of pre-cut scraps cut in pieces and stored in boxes comes in very handy – for most of this quilt I have grabbed one of these boxes and got to work using up scraps that have been sitting in them for at times what seems like years and years (and probably has been).



I knew I had some 2.5 x 5 inch pieces already cut someplace – in one of the boxes as I didn’t have enough to start it’s own box and I found them – I had about 60 pieces so I got my 5” squares out which I have a box almost full of and then got the die cutter out.

I pulled these apart a little so you could see what I did – I lined up 5 inch charms on the strip cutter which cuts 2 at a time – fits perfectly – I line them up about 4 to 6 in stacks and run them through the cutter.


In no time I flat I had as many as I need (I think) now because I have 95.5 inches this will not fit perfectly but if I take in a seam a little larger than a quarter of an inch here and there it will work out without being noticeable.  I will do the quarter inch first – press them and measure and then see what adjustment I need to do.


We had an isolated rain shower early evening dropping the temperature from 89 to 80 within 20 minutes – I was able to sit outside for awhile and enjoy the cooler temperature until it got too sticky from the humidity once again.  These are my mint plants.  As you can see one almost died and I have two more in hanging pots which are doing ok right now.


Here is one of them.


And the extremely tall sunflower started to open yesterday morning and by evening this is what it looked like.  I am beginning to wonder if I will get even one bud on my morning glories! they have grown and grown and no buds!


Not quite clear but I was taking the photo from the deck as the grass was wet and I didn’t feel like walking down to it and bending my neck back to see it.







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  • Marianne Jul 13, 2017

    Your quilt is really looking good! If I were as organized as you, I might find piano keys easy. However, I am not and absolutely hate making that kind of border. But it is such a good way to bring all the colors and fabrics together to finish a quilt. Can’t wait to see the next steps on your quilt!

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      why do you hate making that kind of border? it is just a matter of laying strips out and sewing together

  • Teri Dingler Jul 13, 2017

    I don’t have that much scraps to work from but do have a scrap box of cuts and a good pile of large pieces to use/bind/cut more from! I did donate quite a bit to a ladies group of quite a bit I knew I wouldn’t use or could do wothout for them to make the pillowcase dresses for missions project and Caps for Christ- our church project making the caps for cancer patients who lose their hair- we donate to the hospitals, cancer centers – free to the patients. A wonderful way to clean out my stash! And make rom for more!

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      I have two more plastic boxes in the cupboard that I need to organize and cut one day – I’m not even sure what size pieces I have I haven’t looked at them in ages.

  • Kim Webb Jul 13, 2017

    Your quilt looks great. One day I hope to organize my scraps into different sizes. It would be great to just pull out a box and start sewing.
    The sunflower is beautiful. I had one in my flower bed this year that came up, but I see that it is gone now. I guess the deer got it.

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      those darn deer – I am amazed at times to what people say the deer eat in their yards – here they loved my peas and green beans – I thought they were done then I have to put a wire fencing around the sweet potatoes – I think they are done now and moved on – they usually leave my flowers alone thank goodness as I have them in too many places to cover and the deer deterrent never seems to work.

  • Mary Jul 13, 2017

    I always enjoy seeing how other quilters organize their stash. Tumalo Trails looks great with the sashing.

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      thanks Mary – I did start boxes of scraps that I shouldn’t have as they are sizes I rarely use but at the time I was just starting to do it and was cutting fabric into any pieces that I could get out of the piece –

  • maxine lesline Jul 13, 2017

    I agree with these comments.. your quilt is just a beauty…. those different neutrals add a lot. And if one wants scrappier .. then sew together smaller scraps to make the right sized
    piece… Victoria F–W uses little pieces to ‘make fabric’.. as she calls it . Picked my first cherry tomato just now…. watering every day… and certainly wish your rain were more widespread.

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      our rain was just in one little area last night – we actually didn’t need it have had plenty of rain this year. I have seen how Victoria does her fabric and while I like it in somethings I don’t like it as much if I am planning hand quilting as it is even more seams to go through – I have done a couple things like that though.

  • Isabella Jul 13, 2017

    Tumalo Trails is looking great. I am anxious to see how you are going to quilt it.
    Isabella recently posted…Keepsake Quilting SALE!!My Profile

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      it well be awhile before I get it on the quilting frame – I decided such an old fashioned looking quilts deserves to be hand quilted -only problem is I tend to feel that way about most of my quilts LOL – this will make 4 waiting in line!

  • Sandra B Jul 13, 2017

    Karen, your Tumalo Trails is awesome! Looking forward to seeing the addition of the piano key border….will finish it off nicely!
    I am getting ready to make a piano key border, myself, to border my X’s blocks. I hope to have this quilt top done by the end of this month…..then, I think I am going to start a Tumalo Trails quilt .. Yours has really inspired me to go ahead and make one of my own!!
    We are sweltering, here in Virginia! Heat index was over 100 degrees yesterday…UGH!! We are forecast to continue like this for another few days, I’m afraid…. And we need rain badly….we may have a storm on Saturday…

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      the heat index here daily is around 100 now with the humidity being so high – I was outside on the porch and down to the garden for a little bit and here it is 9:45 and I am back in the house – it is too humid to enjoy the porch this morning – no breeze at all – I will start to layout my strips for the border one border at a time so I won’t need to move furniture to take a photo!

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 13, 2017

    Your sashing is looking great Karen and really pulls all the colors together. Send that rain this way, we’re going to be 96 today and 97 tomorrow, lol! Your pictures of your scrap boxes are so pretty. Loved all your pictures, especially the mints and sunflower. Maybe your morning glory vines just need to get a little older. I once grew a hyacinth bean vine that grew so much but didn’t bloom until the end of summer and than was covered with bloom. Have fun sewing the borders and keep cool, hair appointment for me today.

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      I have no idea when the morning glories should bloom I have never planted them before 🙂 I will leave them be for now. Hot and humid here too it says it is only 83 on the porch but that is in the shade and the humidity is horrible this week

  • Susan Jul 13, 2017

    Love the border – it fits perfectly! Good choice!

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      thanks Susan – on to the next border – one down 3 more to go

  • Diane Jul 13, 2017

    Love your quilt and impressed by your organization. Enjoy following your progress.
    Morning glories like poor soil and full sun, never feed them or they will be all leaves. They take 120 days from seed to bloom and I remember as high summer bloomers. They tend to self seed, if they come back next year maybe they will bloom sooner.

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      wow – that means these might not bloom until sometime in August – we will see what happens thanks for the info – I have never had them before.

  • Karen, Tu-Na Quilts Jul 13, 2017

    I wasn’t so sure about putting those sashing’s between the blocks but I have to say Tumalo Trails is gorgeous!!! Great job! How’s the sewing room coming along? Do we get a sneak peak at the work that’s already been done?

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      I know several of you were not sure about the sashing but because it was in the original pattern I really thought it would work out just fine and I like it. It is hard to get a photo of the sewing room right now with all the tools and stuff in there but I will see what I can get and you all will just have to understand the mess 🙂 I will be doing a clean up in there on Monday as our WI daughter and grandkids are coming for a short visit on their way to NM and sleeping on air mattresses in there for a couple nights so tools will be put away in one corner and the floor cleaned up but not done

  • Lynne Nicholson UK Jul 13, 2017

    I wonder whether morning glory is like nasturtiums and prefer poor soil. When i grew nasturtiums i had best flowers in the poorest soil and the couple i had in my veg bed to distract the butterflies from my salad leaves didn’t flower.

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      another reader said that it takes them 120 days to get flower buds so if I get none in August these are duds 🙂

  • Lorraine bujnowski Jul 13, 2017

    I am loving Tumalo Trails. I checked on the pattern in B. Hunter’s book and I noticed that she used 1 1/2″ squares. Did you use 1 1/2″ squares or larger ones?

    • Karen Jul 13, 2017

      I used 2.5 inch squares because I had a whole box of them from pre-cut scraps and because I had just finished making a postage stamp quilt in the winter that had 1.5 inch squares – I was kind of tired of those tiny pieces 🙂

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