Tumalo Trails Top Done!

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Six weeks of work – fun – and the top is done – 104 inches square.  Now it is folded up and put in the box with the other quilt tops waiting for the quilting frame to come back out of storage and into the sewing room – maybe the end of summer? I really don’t expect it before that but hope for the end of August at least.    One corner of the photo is cut off but it is hard to get it all in– as it is I was standing on top of the coffee table- I was going to try outside but it was 86 degrees and there was some sun and some shadow and wouldn’t have come out well.


And I made a dent in the scraps!! you know how you use scraps and it seems like you never make a dent in them – well if you cut them in usable sizes and store in boxes you do notice it.  This box of 2.5 inch squares was full!  Half way through I cut another stack to add to the box and this is what is left in it.  I am linking to MCM #80 Cooking up Quilts today and Love, Laugh, Quilt: Monday Making  and Em’s Scrapbag .


This box of 5 inch charms was full!! half empty now.  These boxes are 4.5 inches deep, by 7.5 x 11 I find them at Hobby Lobby for about $3.99 each and use my 40% off coupon when I need another. I think I have about 11 of them – could find something different I’m sure but these are cute and decorative and works for me when using the 40% off.   I think they were originally made to store photographs in but does anyone really do that anymore – we have old ones stored but now store them on the computer and backed up on portable storage hard drives.


So this year – this is what is waiting in line to be quilted – I want all of them hand quilted of course so it will be awhile before they are all done  From left is Williamsburg Beauty top (made last year)and I think it will be for the dining room table as a tablecloth (taken off of course when food it on the table and placemats put out)– Murrieta Stars flannel queen size – Air Ship Propellers queen size (started last year finished this year) – big stitch quilting I think would be nice  it is also queen size and on the floor laying in front is Tumalo Trails queen size – I think I have to stop making more queen tops right now and work on hexies for awhile, both for the Handful of Scraps (one inch hexies)  and the Granny’s Gone Crazy (half inch hexies) – also work on the little scrappy baskets – about 240 more needed and wool applique project which has been neglected for months Midnight Garden – add another to the list – Melanie’s Bird Brain quilt top which has also been neglected – plenty to keep me busy I would think without starting something new.  That is five in progress – I can not start anything new before I finish one or two of these.  Do I get a prize if I do not start another? LOL


The “to be quilted” box is overflowing!


We had a really nice visit with my niece home on summer break – she is an American grade school teacher in Kuwait she takes about six weeks off in the middle of summer to come home to visit family and friends and happened to be in our part of the state this weekend visiting friends so she was able to stop here on her way back to her parents house to visit with us and Melanie and we had a great lunch and visit.  She will be going back in mid-August for her 3rd year teaching there, before that she had 2 years in a remote village in Alaska in the very western area.  That girl loves to travel and has been able to see a lot of Europe and Asia in the last couple years.







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  • Marianne Jul 17, 2017

    Wow – that’s a lot of quilts to quilt this year. I have three waiting, two crib-size and one queen(ish). I think I’m going to send the latter out to a longarmer and do the others myself (one of these days). I am just putting another one together so I may have three to do myself. It needs an appliqued border, though, so it’s a long-term project.

    BTW, I just finished Low Tide and downloaded Riptide right away. Maggie is a very likeable heroine – plucky, kind, interesting. And the Apalachicola area is really intriguing. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      glad you liked the books – I wonder if there will be more? No way I will quilt all of those quilts anytime soon 🙂 I will have a stack of quilts to catch up with for several years now I imagine and will just have to really slow down on making quilt tops – I might have to make small tops which I really don’t care to do as much

  • Kim Webb Jul 17, 2017

    Tumalo Trails looks wonderful and a very nice dent made in the scrap boxes.
    Beautiful pile of tops waiting their turn on the quilting frame as well.

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      yes I have a feeling I will have a quilt top waiting in the box for me to quilt for a long time now

  • Katy S Jul 17, 2017

    Great finish! I love this scrappy quilt. I need to take about a week and chop up all my scraps like this.
    Katy S recently posted…DWMonday ~ Log Cabins…..Again!My Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      I have to get my table top cleared back off – some of the pieces need to be cut and others just folded and put in “color” boxes – I have way to much sitting on top of that table from this last quilt

  • Ruth Jul 17, 2017

    Of course you need to start a new quilt; I’ll be your enabler.
    Ruth recently posted…I frogged the turquoise shawlMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      LOL – well with 5 in the process right now that should keep me going for awhile but yes I wouldn’t be surprised if a new one doesn’t get started at some point!

  • Deb Jul 17, 2017

    I haven’t been visiting blogs for a few days and I said to myself “Watch, Karen will have a finished top ” and I was right!!! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…A Wedding With a Superman ThemeMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      nice to see you stop by Deb – yes another one done! I really have to slow down as there will be no place to stack them after awhile – this is what happens when you do not have a life outside of quilting 🙂 well be glad to start traveling again next year!

  • Roseanne Jul 17, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    Those are great storage boxes – thanks for sharing the tip. I have been collecting 2″ squares for no particular reason. Now that I have a stack I need a storage solution and I think you just gave it to me. ~smile~ Roseanne
    Roseanne recently posted…Pink or White Turnstile Block Quilt TutorialMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      your welcome – the boxes come in handy – I need to start cutting more scraps I guess!

  • Ramona Jul 17, 2017

    Beautiful finish! And even better that you used so many scraps.
    Ramona recently posted…A Dilema…My Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      yes I’m glad I used so many up – I still have two plastic storage boxes full of scraps that need to be cut

  • maggie Jul 17, 2017

    congratulations on a wonderful finish. The box emptying gives me hope. I really like your quilts.
    maggie recently posted…A Crumby quiltMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      I never notice much difference when the fabric is in large bins but you do notice the use when you put it in smaller boxes!

  • Vicki W Jul 17, 2017

    The quilt turned out great. That’s quite a stack of quilts you have waiting!

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      yes I figure 3 or 4 months for each one and then when we start traveling again that will cut into the quilting time.

  • gayle Jul 17, 2017

    You’ve got wonderful things in that ToBeQuilted box! How will you ever be able to choose what will be first?

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      I’m not sure – I might pick the smallest first or the one that I feel I will put the least amount of quilting in

  • Karen, Tu-Na Quilts Jul 17, 2017

    Wow. The piano key border was perfect. Congratulations on a great finish. Don’t stop making tops. You need to keep doing a variety of things so your hand doesn’t get stiff and sore from all that hand quilting you’ll be doing.

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      LOL – yes I know I won’t stop – I can’t control being creative!

  • audrey Jul 17, 2017

    Good for you making a dent in your scraps! The quilt top is wonderful too. The border adds the perfect touch. It’s lovely to have quilt tops out in front of us, but wowsers, do they ever stack up some times! Can’t wait to see some of those finished up!

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      these stacked up because I hated quilting big quilts on the hoop – I tried and found it so uncomfortable! I will just need to slow down on the tops for awhile

  • Susan Jul 17, 2017

    So excited when I saw the post title – immediately jumped to the page to see the top – it’s gorgeous! Well done a great scrap quilt!

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      thanks Susan – this was a fun one to make

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 17, 2017

    Yay, it’s done! What a beautiful and colorful top, I love it. My gosh, you have a stash of lovely quilts to hand quilt, how very nice! I was just reading about each quilt and my head started to get dizzy thinking about all that hand quilting. But knowing you, you’ll get them done once you have your sewing room back! Maybe you just might have to buy more fabric since your scraps are down, lol! I’ll enjoy watching you when you hand quilt again.

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      I really have enough scraps to make 10 more quilts (or more!) as long as I keep the neutrals supplied! I will get back into my routine of quilting in the evenings again rather quickly I’m sure – I have missed it.

  • Isabella Jul 17, 2017

    The quilt is simply beautiful!
    Isabella recently posted…Weekend Camping TripMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      thanks – I really like it too

  • Beth Jul 17, 2017

    Wow! You made a huge dent in the scraps and made a beautiful quilt. You have such lovely tops to quilt – it would be difficult for me to choose which one to start with! Fingers crossed you get your frame out of storage soon! Thanks for sharing on Main Crush Monday. 🙂
    Beth recently posted…MCM #80 – Star Blossom Finished & Ready for DeliveryMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      yes a lot of scraps were used thank goodness! more to use

  • JanineMarie Jul 17, 2017

    Ooh, so neat to see all of your projects together. Tumelo Trails is gorgeous! Maybe we need to start an online contest. Who can hold out the longest to start a new project before the WIPs are finished? I have one WIP to go after the one I’m working on, but whenever I get to it, I get another idea, and I always have a reason why I have to start the new one. I would lose the contest for sure.

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      I actually have more that I had forgotten about – I should take photos of those as well – they are smaller projects in the works – some left over from other things and one applique that was supposed to be a large quilt but will eventually be a wall hanging

  • Sandra B Jul 17, 2017

    Congratulations on a great finish, Karen! I love this quilt….You know how much I like scrappy quilts!! Looking forward to following along when you start to quilt them, once you get back into your sewing room.

    • Karen Jul 17, 2017

      thanks Sandra – I am looking forward to quilting all of these quilts.

  • LisaS Jul 17, 2017

    Never say never to new projects. Lol!

    • Karen Jul 18, 2017

      for sure – because I know I can’t stop myself

  • Kathi Jul 19, 2017

    I love your Tumelo Trail and all your finishes waiting for the quilting frame/room to get itself back together for quilting… maybe you will have to set up your frame in the living room! lol Mine is in the living room against a wall 😀
    I love the idea of a quilt as a tablecloth when not being eaten at … will be lovely and once you are able to start on those they should move in and off the frame pretty quick… you do have several projects in the works… I have found I like the variety also… I just finished one and mailed it off.. my reward was a bit of fabric shopping at a sale this morning… for the next project to begin piecing… I use some stash and some new when I make something usually.. and I just used scraps only for a project… so I figure I was due a bit of stash enhancement with that fabric I needed to finish my fabric needs for the next project.
    Will see what you decide is reward worthy and when! 😀 lol Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Hand Quilting… A finish and a beginning too!My Profile

    • Karen Jul 19, 2017

      for sure no room for the quilting frame in my living room LOL – no it will wait until the room is done. I add to the neutrals when I can.

  • Rebecca Grace Jul 19, 2017

    OOOH, look at all those goodies you have waiting to be quilted!! Congratulations on finishing another beautiful quilt top, and on your scrap progress! There is no prize for not starting new projects, though. And it will just make all the other quilters suspicious — if you don’t have a million UFOs, you’re probably a spy or something. 😉
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Why I Should Have STARTED With a Pressing PlanMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 19, 2017

      LOL – I don’t think anyone could keep me from starting a new quilt 🙂

  • Emily Jul 20, 2017

    Love the scrappy goodness of this quilt. Good luck getting all those tops done.
    Emily recently posted…Gifted ScrapsMy Profile

    • Karen Jul 20, 2017

      they well get done just not all next year LOL

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