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One side down and three more to go.  And I will need to cut out a lot more pieces – I sure miss counted the stack of pieces I cut yesterday – I don’t know how I did that!

I laid all my pieces on the floor next to one side so I could get a look at colors and have them mixed up a lot and realized that what I had set aside for one side was about 20 or more pieces short and had to add a lot more to come close to 95.5 inches.  Here I have down what I think I will need.


And here is one side done – I had to take a couple seams at about an eighth of an inch and then one at the end had too much extra by it so I ended up taking in a couple pieces a little larger – maybe I shouldn’t have been sewing yesterday LOL – so now I have more pieces to cut – better get the 5 inch charm box back out so I can mix more colors in on the next end.  Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts.


My AccuQuilt companion set for the 12 inch block came yesterday and here are the 3 sets.  I also have a free on line book with 72 block designs that are for the 12 inch Qube and the companion set – I wish it would have been a physical book though instead as there are no pages listed for each block – no index – the front page has all 72 blocks shown but then you have to scroll through to find them and which die is needed.


These Qubes come with a heavy cardboard box to keep your sets in nice and organized.  Besides an instruction CD there is also another cutting mat in the box that is the right size for these dies.


After I had all my yarn unraveled and rolled back up into balls, I got back started on the shrug again – well it turn out the second time around – or will I get part way through like last time and unravel again – LOL – with me you can never tell – Someone had posted a link to a video on a pattern for a shrug and I watched it and kind of going with it but didn’t care for the pattern enough to make it exactly like it.  I thought I had the measurements right but I think it will be too long – but once I do the folding things for the arms to go through maybe it will be right – I will just continue as I am for now and decide later – good thing of yarn is you can unravel as many times as you like!!


A few photos from the garden





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  • maxine lesline Jul 14, 2017

    The border is a stunner… how cheerful.. it brings all the colors together.. is this called a piano key border? We finally grabbed some of your rain.. so far about 1/4 “.. and hopefully more tomorrow.

    • Karen Jul 14, 2017

      yes this is a piano key boarder – all sides will be like this and the corners are usually made a little different – I’m not sure how I am doing the corners

  • Sandra B Jul 14, 2017

    Karen, the piano key border is looking great! Adds a great finish!
    I think I have changed my mind, already!! Yesterday, I mentioned that I will start a Tumalo Trails quilt next, but I was looking at some scraps I had already cut, to work on Bonnie Hunter’s Carolina Chain quilt, so I think I will go ahead and do that one….it is one of the quilts in the Addicted to Scraps book, and I really like it a lot….so that will be my next project. Even with hand piecing I think it will go fairly quickly (as hand piecing goes!)….
    Well, we are still sweltering in Virginia! Yesterday’s heat index was 105 degrees! Today could top that!! I am so looking forward to fall….it cannot get here soon enough for me!

    • Karen Jul 14, 2017

      yes just a couple months ago we looked forward to summer – now fall would feel great! Do you hand piece all your quilts? I used to!

  • Dottie bishaw Jul 14, 2017

    Your border is looking great, Karen. The colors are so bright and pretty. I really like piano key borders. The sunflower is so beautiful it would make even a grumpy person smile, lol! My mother always planted lots of zinnias and marigolds too. Beautiful flowers and the tomatoes are so big and luscious looking. You did a lot of work on your shrug aleady, such a pretty color too. Have a great day whatever you do.

    • Karen Jul 14, 2017

      the tomatoes look bigger in the photo then they are – I zoomed – I have a lot of green medium to small size – none huge for some reason although the variety says they should be. I always like a piano key border and use them before. The zinnias are from last years deadheads that laid on the ground – I forgot to pick some of them up and some of the marigolds are too but not the one I showed, that is two plants put closely together – they really grew well this year.

  • Sharon Jul 14, 2017

    I really love your quilt and especially the piano key border! I have yet to make this quilt and with that border too. My scraps just don’t look as pretty and colorful as other people’s scraps. You are so lucky to have an Accuquilt. That is on my wish list. Your quilt is looking good!

    • Karen Jul 14, 2017

      thanks Sharon – the scraps are all built up from over the years I have used a wide variety of quilting fabrics over the years and mostly stick to fat quarters and cut almost all my leftovers into usable sizes. I do feel lucky to have the Accu Quilt – it was a xmas present a couple years ago and I have been buying the dies every now and then trying to be careful to only buy those I know I will use over and over

  • Linda Jul 15, 2017

    I have the 12 inch go qube set and there is a book now to use with it. It has instruction charts for all of the qube sizes in it. It is very helpful and easy to follow. ??

    • Karen Jul 15, 2017

      I haven’t used the book yet and just uploaded it the other day – I wish it was in paper though and not just on the computer I like to sit and just look through a book and find a quilting book harder to use on line 🙂 I’m sure I will get used to it though

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