A Very Busy Day

Baking/cooking, Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), gardening, Handful of Scraps

How I got done with everything I wanted to do yesterday is beyond me – although I did skip exercising and that was ok because I got in 8,000+ steps anyhow.  I did keep grabbing my eclipse glasses and would go in and out getting a view of its progress.  We didn’t get the full eclipse but enough to satisfy me.  Besides canning, sewing, a run to Wal-Mart for more jars & a new toaster, I also got the grass cut in the evening and more walls varnished in the sewing room – wow I’m tired too just thinking of it – and I had to run out to Mike’s work to pick him up because the truck wouldn’t start!!  Which means I am without a car for a couple days I guess unless I play chauffeur and drive him back and forth so I have some wheels.

On Sunday night I got work done on the Handful of Scraps but didn’t get any of it done on Monday.  Working on the 3rd row before I get started on the sides but I will need to baste more hexies before I get started on that.

handful of scraps

The Morning Glories continue to open and close very quickly – barely open 12 hours I think.

morning glories

More Marinara Sauce made.

marinara sauce

Six racks of Oregano drying – when these racks are first loaded it looked like too much on them so a lot of drying was going on here the past 6 hours.


And some sewing was happening with the scrappy baskets – Fall Harvest quilt – all the side blocks will be cut down to half square triangle – I find it easier to just cut square and trim them later – the left side is the side with sewing going on – the longest strip was a big accident  – I turned the pile of blocks by accident and all the baskets were sewn on upside down or sideways – something – because no matter if I turned it or what it wasn’t going to work so some ripping is going on.  The first five rows are sewed together the next two the rows are ready to sew to those five and I will continuing taking the long row apart today and hopefully get it back together again at some point!  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.

Fall Havest




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  • Marianne Aug 22, 2017

    I’m impressed that you peel all those tomatoes – that’s what’s keeping me from buying a bunch and processing them into sauce. I am thinking of making some apple sauce this fall, which will necessitate some peeling, but I need to clear my freezer a bit before I do.

    My brother from Wisconsin is visiting and brought his mending with him. Ugh! So yesterday I put two new zippers into his pants. In line at Joann Fabrics, I was chatting with ladies about what we were doing, and they all offered their sympathies when I held up those zippers. I also explained to him how to use stitch witchery to fix his hems, but then found he doesn’t own an iron!

    • Karen Aug 22, 2017

      peeling tomatoes isn’t hard – you take the top of, cut on X in the bottom of the tomato and then place the tomatoes in boiling water for a couple minutes until you see the skins loosening and then place them in ice water – the skins slip off easily and I place them in a 8 cup glass measuring cup as I work to make sure I have enough and crush them with my fingers as I am working. I plan on getting apples for making applesauce sometime when they start to come out at the markets and yes that is work for that I will need to sit down for sure – I have an apple peeler that cores also but I can never get the thing to work right so will most likely be doing it all with a knife.
      I would tell my brother to buy new pants or find a tailor LOL

  • Teri Dingler Aug 22, 2017

    Oh no! I hate to rip apart but do it still from time to time! Ha! I love your portable design wall. Would love a pic of the frame only!

    • Karen Aug 22, 2017

      the frame? you mean for the portable design wall? this is a flimsy set up I bought it from Keepsake quilting a long time ago – it has supports and you are suppose to be able to have it standing in the middle of the room if you want but everyone I know who has ever had this kind says they topple over easily from a slight bump or even if a fan is too strong – and it does! I always lean it against the wall

  • Mary Aug 22, 2017

    You definitely accomplished quite a bit yesterday.
    I know the feeling about the car situation. I am either a chauffeur or carless for the rest of the week. I did a lot of running around yesterday just in case I didn’t feel like driving anyone today.
    Here in NJ we didn’t have a full eclipse either but I enjoyed running in and out of the house catching glimpses of the eclipse throughout the afternoon.
    Sorry to hear about your basket blocks. I think we have all been there too.

    • Karen Aug 22, 2017

      yes we all know our seam ripper well don’t we! I doubt I will feel like running him around so I can use the car for a couple hours

  • Barbara Aug 22, 2017

    So if you cut the squares in half, will they be on the bias? If so, I wonder if stitching a scant 1/4 all the way around the quilt to stabilize it before cutting on the bias would work. I have had issues with bias, you can tell.

    • Karen Aug 22, 2017

      I don’t really have that much issue with bias. Sometimes I stitch around but not always, just depends on what I feel like at the moment. I have almost always done it this way. I will be putting a sashing around the quilt also so sometimes you can sew that on first and then cut the excess off

  • Deb Aug 22, 2017

    You most certainly DID have a productive day! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Quilting, Family & FootballMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 22, 2017

      I feel worn out this morning!

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 22, 2017

    I feel worn out just reading all the things you accomplished yesterday, lol! Boy, you really wake up when you are piecing and realize you’ve sewed it all wrong, huh! I know I certainly do and I do not like to rip at all! Your tomatoes are really producing aren’t they? I love that picture of the morning glories! Enjoy your day.

    • Karen Aug 22, 2017

      well I must admit I’m kind of worn out too! I think today other than a little house cleaning and laundry it will be sewing and that is it (although I say that now and will have a burst of energy later today!)

  • Elaine Aug 23, 2017

    wow you have been busy! We have had a really productive year in the garden too, lots of courgettes (Zuiccini) Apples, berries etc – the combination of rain and sun has been perfect. Would you mind sharing your recipe for tomato sauce? for the first time we seem to have more tomatoes than we can eat 🙂
    Elaine recently posted…Down the Rabbit Hole – All Caught Up (Almost!)My Profile

  • Roseanne Aug 23, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    WOWEE – you were a busy girl yesterday. We had mostly clouds yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to see the eclipse, but I saw it on the news. Maybe I can catch it 2024! The baskets and hexie quilts are coming along great – both look like you will be finished with them in no time! I look forward to seeing them complete. ~smile~ Roseanne
    Roseanne recently posted…Pinwheel Rail Fence – John’s Quilt FinishedMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 23, 2017

      thanks Roseanne – yes the quilts are coming along nicely and almost to the point of border work for the baskets – the hexie quilt will be quite some time before that is finished!

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