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Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Handful of Scraps

I checked the quilt yesterday after it had been sitting over night and the ripples were gone, just a couple small ones here and there so it should work out ok for the next border.  I spent some time squaring up and then getting beige fabric out of the box to see what is next.  I might do a piano key border with all the beige colors and then put the vine over the top of it.  Lots of beige to work with and the vine and whatever else I put in will dress it up a bit.  It might look plain at first but you need that sometimes when doing applique too.  You want the applique to stand out – not the background.

Fall Harvest/border

Melanie came over for supper and it was such a nice night out that we sat outside with stitching while talking.  I brought my box of hexies out to thread baste more and found this one yellow mixed in with the pieces so thread basted that to  and stuck it the box with the colors when we came back inside.


One long row of hexies are now on this side of the Handful of Scraps quilt – two more rows and then some color.  Linking up to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Midweek Makers  and My Quilt Infatuation .

Handful of Scraps

From last nights weather report it sounds like the hurricane will not come to my part of Arkansas, we still might get a little bit of rain on Thursday or Friday but it is looking more and more like we will get none at all which is just fine with me as we have had a rainy summer and the ground is wet enough as it is.





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  • maxine lesline Aug 30, 2017

    Just looking at your stack of neutrals is easy on the eyes… and your “maybe” border sounds lovely… I’m a sucker for wandering vines appliqued over blocks.. After all the Houston news, our tornadoes seem fairly tame..

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      Yes I know what you mean after seeing all the photos of flooding and the horror stories my rain amounts and a tree down now and then seem minor in comparison. I need to decided the size to cut the strips and figure out how many I need – I think I will do 2.5 inch seeing as I have a strip cutter for that –

  • Diann Bottrell Aug 30, 2017

    Love how your basket quilt is coming along! I’m glad you got the first border to work. I hadn’t read the post about how you got the ripples out, so went back and did that. What a good idea! Did you end up tea-dying this one to even out the color? It’s so pretty and calm!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Monday Minis UpdateMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      after I made the four patches I saw that some of the colors were too light so I pulled those 4 patches out and tea dyed those and it worked out great. I could have let the dye go a little longer or made a little stronger but I think it will work in the end

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 30, 2017

    Your neutrals will look so lovely under your vine. Glad you had a nice time with your daughter on the porch stitching away. The hexie quilt looks so pretty on top of the stars quilt. It’s a beautiful sunny day in this part of Texas, hard to believe that just four hours away is such pain and suffering. Prayers for all, our hearts are with you.

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      busy cutting strips this morning, hope I have enough! well need to count soon and see what I have

  • Kathleen Aug 30, 2017

    Making great progress and looking fantastic. Good to hear that your area will not get as much as they first thought.
    Kathleen recently posted…Busy Hexagon DayMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      I am too the ground is still wet from the last rain and the grass needs to be cut every 5 days this summer instead of once or twice for the month after July 4th is gone – usually we are quite dry in the mid to late summer

  • Karen, Tu-Na Quilts Aug 30, 2017

    Great progress on your projects. So glad to hear that not much rain or none is coming your way. You could send some up here as we are in a drought. Our corn in the garden did get some 3 inch long cobs but the plants weren’t even 3 feet tall and that’s with watering.

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      sorry you are not getting the rains, I wish we had less so much rain this summer and the fall forecast just came out – wetter and cooler than normal – I can take the cooler but could do without the wetter

  • Sandi Aug 30, 2017

    I’m loving your basket quilt!! Looking forward to more updates. Hugs,

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      thanks Sandi – been cutting strips off and on all day for the border – hope to be sewing tomorrow

  • Belarmina Aug 30, 2017

    Karen me gusta el borde que piensas con tantas bonitas telas y aplique.
    intento imaginar!!

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      thanks! I hope to get more done this week

  • Susan Aug 31, 2017

    Great selection of beige fabrics – a piano key would look nice on your basket quilt. Love the container of hexies! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers
    Susan recently posted…Midweek Makers #87My Profile

    • Karen Aug 31, 2017

      been busy cutting strips and sewing all day – just about got it ready to add to the baskets for border – it will work out

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